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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MAC Naturally, Shop Mac Cook Mac, Vera and Chen Man Haul and review

Hi everyone. I am super late in posting up this post but better late than never I guess. I have for you a collective haul and swatches of Mac collections that came out in late February (Naturally) and early March (Shop Mac Cook Mac, Vera and Chen Man) in Malaysia. These are all limited edition collections so I am not sure if they are still available. From my experience, these collections do not tend to sell out very quickly here in Malaysia so it might still be in stock. 

I will try to be more up to date next time >_<

I have not bought anything from Mac in a while because Mac just comes out with so many collections that it got a little overwhelming (and slightly impossible) to follow. But I saw swatches from these collections and there are just some items that I couldn't resist. 

NATURALLY (Winter 2011)
Mac comes out with a nude tone winter collection every year and with neutral makeup looks being my go-to makeup look, I was naturally very attracted to this collection (pun intended).

(Mine came in the Glitter and Ice collection shopping bag -.-". It probably didn't do very well and they still have the bags leftover from Christmas)

This collection is HUGE and since it's not on the Mac website anymore I won't bother listing out everything here. You can check out this blog here for the full product list and colour descriptions of everything in the collection (Temptalia is awesome and I follow her blog religiously).

I purchased 1 Mineralize Skin Finish in Red Head, 3 Mineralize eyeshadow in Summer Haze, Twilight Falls and Daylight, 1 mineralize blush in Early Morning and 2 lipsticks in A Perfect Day and Sweet Sunrise.

Red Head MSF (Repromote). There are four stripes of colour which can be picked up individually if you want to. All four colours swirled together will produce a shimmery rosy peach colour.

Swatches of the individual stripes (champagne colour, light champagne peach, darker champagne peach and pinkish peach) and on the right it's what it looks like when they are swirled together (shimmery rosy peach colour). 

Mac MSF are very shimmery and although you can see the glitter particles in the close-up photo, once on the face the glitter particles are much less visible and look more like a sheen. I have oily skin so this doesn't wear too long for me, probably just around 4 hours or so. My skin tone is relatively fair so the peachy pink does show up on my skin, but if you are quite dark then the colour probably will not show and this will end up looking more like a highlighter.

Mineralize Eyeshadow in Summer Haze, Twilight Falls and Daylight.

These Mineralize eyeshadows can be used dry or wet. I typically am super lazy and do not bother using it wet so I would only purchase the ones are nicely pigmented when used dry. I swatched it wet for you guys to see the difference: left is dry and right is wet. From left, Summer Haze (Beige champagne), Twilight Falls (dark brown) and Daylight (dirty pinkish purple). 

Mac mineralize eyeshadow are probably not the most long wearing eyeshadows that you can get. On my lids they tend to fade past the  four hour mark. But I do really enjoy using Summer Haze as a colour wash and Twilight Falls on the outer corner for definition. I really liked Daylight because the uniqueness of the colour.

Mineralize blush in Early Morning.

Built-up swatch on left and blended swatch on right. I would say this is an orangey coral colour.

The blush is very pigmented and soft, and it blends very nicely on the skin. I have been very into Korean makeup style and orange is very often used, so I am loving this blush. But once again, this blush is not super long lasting on my oily skin. 

Lipsticks in A Perfect Day (Amplified Finish) and Sweet Sunrise (Lustre Finish)

Left: A Perfect Day (the colour is nude that is ever so slightly pink, the photo makes it look a lot pinker than it is but it looks more beige on the lips). Right: Sweet Sunrise (a pale and less opaque pinky nude)

These both makes me look washed out and a little sickly if worn alone because they are both very light colours. However, I like to put a pink lip colour towards the middle of my lips and put these around the outer edge to achieve the "sucking on a lollipop" lip look. 

(Spring 2012)
This is Mac's enormous spring 2012 collection with lots of colours. It also comes in special packaging, which is cute and colourful but I don't tend to keep them. 

There are two parts to this collection. Shop Mac: 3 Eyeshadow Quads, 6 lipsticks, 5 kissable lip colours (repromote, originally out with the Peacocky collection), 3 cremeblend blush. Cook Mac: 3 fluidlines, opulash mascara, 4 tendertones lip balm, 2 pressed powders, 3 nail lacquers, 1 liner brush and 1 powder/blush brush.

Comes in a pink shopping bag.

I purchased 2 eyeshadow quads in Call me Bubbles and Shop & Drop, 2 cremeblend blushes in Restores Dazzle and Optimistic Orange and 1 lipstick in Watch me Simmer.

 Eyeshadow Quad in Call Me Bubbles. Top left: Call me Bubbles (satin finish), top right: Fresh Daily (frost finish), bottom left: Full of Flavour (matte finish), bottom right: Brash (veluxe pearl finish).
Swatches: Call me bubbles (a very light nude), Fresh Daily (frosty orange), Full of Flavour (matte coral) and Brash (frosty copper colour).

I did one pass of each colour in the swatches but the colour can definitely be built up to achieve more opacity. All four shadows have nice pigmentation and texture, even though Call me Bubbles is not very visible in the swatch, it is a good highlight shade. I love orangey shades so Fresh Daily and Brash are my favourites. 

 Eyeshadow Quad in Shop & Drop. Top Left: Sugar Snack (matte), top right: Hypnotizing (frost), bottom left: Power Boosted (veluxe pearl), bottom right: Shop & Drop (Satin).
Swatches: Sugar Snack (very light baby pink), Hypnotizing (frosty mauve with grey tones), Power Boosted (bright pinkish violet) and Shop & drop (dark blackened blue.

I like Hypnotizing and Power Boosted in this quad, these two are pigmented and the texture is smooth and soft. Sugar Snack is a tad light so the pink tone in it is not very visible plus it could look a little but powdery. Shop & Drop is also a little streaky on a single pass but the colour can be built up by packing in on the lids.

 Cremeblend blush in Optimistic Orange and Restores Dazzle.
From Left: Optimistic Orange (even though it is bright orange and scary-looking in the pan, once blended out it becomes a peachy colour) Restores Dazzle (looks like a dark plum colour in the pan but once blended out gives a nice rosy flush).

These blushes blend well into the skin and gives a very natural finish (not powdery and too not shiny). Even though these are creme  blushes, they last very well on my skin. It stayed on for 6-7 hours but even if faded it didn't disappear completely (I had it on for about 10 hours and there were still a little colour on my cheeks at the end of the day).

 Lipstick in Watch Me Simmer (amplified). 
Watch Me Simmer Swatch (bright coral). This lipstick is being repromoted in the Reel Sexy collection so if you like this shade, you can still get it because it sold out very quickly the first time round.

I like this lipstick because my comfort zone in lipsticks lies within nudes, pinks, peaches and coral. This is a very pretty coral colour the texture is creamy. It wears for about 3 hours if I don't eat or drink.

This is a spring collaboration collection with a fashion photographer named Chen Man. True to the love and water theme, this collection features pink and blue colours.

This collection has 3 eyeshadow duos, 1 fluidline, 1 pigment, 1 glitter, 1 brow set, 1 mascara, 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, 1 beauty powder, 1 gloss, 2 nail lacquer and 1 brow brush.

 I only purchased 2 items from this collection: eyeshadow duo in Love Cycle and lipglass in Force of Love. I love the packaging of this collection.

 Mineralize eyeshadow duo in Love Cycle (frost).

Lipglass in Force of Love.

Left half (frosty silvery blue the 1st swatch being dry and 2nd swatch being wet). Right half (royal blue with black). Force of Love lipglass (medium pink).

The pigmentation of this mineralize eyeshadow is good both dry and wet. And typical of mineralize shadows, this will not be very long wearing (about 4 hours). The liglass is typical of Mac lipglasses which means that they are on the stickier side. Force of Love does have some colour payoff on my quite pigmented lips.

The Vera collection was yet another collaboration collection for Spring 2012 between Mac and an artist named Vera. And yes, this collection was huge. There's 3 crushed metallic pigment stacks, 7 pearlglide intense eyeliner, 2 nail lacquers, 2 pearlmatte face powders and 5 plushglasses.

I only purchased 2 items from this collection, which are the pearlmatte face powders in Sunday Afternoon and Flower Fantasy.

The first shade is a cool cotton candy pink (it didn't really showed up in the picture, my camera washes it out), middle shade is a fuchsia pink and the 3rd is a shimmery pearly light pink. On the right is what it looks like when swirled together (very light white-ish shimmery pink).

The first shade is a coral, middle shade is a pale pink and 3rd is a light soft peach colour. When swirled together, it produces a shimmery white with a slight peach tinge. This shade is definitely more of a highlighter shade.

Both of these powders are very shimmery and Sunday Afternoon definite deposits more colour on the cheeks while Flower Fantasy is more suitable as a highlight. 

I received these pink gloves as a free gift when I purchased the Shop Mac Cook Mac collection. Although I am probably not much of a domestic goddess (-__-")

My favourite items in this haul: Call me Bubbles quad and Optimistic Orange Cremeblend blush.. because I am into orange now.

I apologize for this late and long post. I thought since these collections came out a while back I might as well do a collective post instead of a post on each individual collection. 

This is it from me this time. Please follow me on twitter at and/or weibo

Until next time xoxo


  1. Great post! I love everything~ I literally made a list of things I wanted from MAC T.T & the Chen Man collab looks beautiful<3 I'm a huge fan so, this definitely will push me into getting a few products.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Great haul! So much MAC! Love their packaging.

  3. These colors are all amazing! Love it!

  4. Nice haul!

  5. amazing haul.
    I love MAC ;;lucky girl =)


  6. great post!

  7. Amazing post dear I think you should blog more often cause your blog is full of stunning post and inspired with good information love it I only own a mac concealer but definetly have to buy more make up products from mac specially that bright koral lipstick looking forward to your next post

  8. i love MAC so much! and you have soooo many MAC Products *.* gorgeous <3

  9. I have never tried MAC products. Major beauty fail.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. i have ots fo MAC products, and by far they rarely disappoint me.
    it s a good bargain for professional makeup products!
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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  11. I love everything MAC, so envious of your haul!

  12. GREAT photos, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

  13. oh wow, that's a lot of mac goodies!!! i really like the mineralize blush in early morning! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  14. that's a lot. thanks for sharing :)

  15. this is a very interesting post, i love mac products :)

  16. but wooow
    how much did you spend? 1000 euro?
    ahahhhahahah gorgeous!
    cute blog! i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
    sweet italian kisses

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  17. wah~ so much makeup!!! <3 *o* wahh and i love the colors of the MAC products! LOVE THEM TO DEATH (seriously!) i love peachy nudy soft colors~ the vibrant blues look pretty too! i should really stock up on MAC products! i only have a lipstick from MAC and that was a bday gift from a friend XDD

    alex @


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