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Monday, March 26, 2012

Project 366: Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus from posting. Between having a rather busy schedule these past few weeks and malfunctioning electronics, I just didn't manage to update the blog. 

I have for you week 3, week 4 and week 5 of my project 366 posts (of course I haven't given up on it). Since I missed posting about it for a few weeks, I have combined all 3 weeks into this one post. I am going to get straight into it because this post is potentially very lengthy.

#15. This photo is a cheat but unlike photo #8 in Week 2's post here (when I genuinely forgot to take a photo), I was so sick this day that I was literally in bed all day and only managed to sit upright for moments to eat a little porridge. It's either this or a photo of my ceiling. NO MORE CHEATING IN THE FUTURE, I PROMISE.

#16. Still sick and reading a magazine in bed. See that black backpack in the bottom right corner, I have been wanting an Issey Miyake Bao Bao for the longest time but it is only available in Japan. I have searched high and low online and couldn't find it. *sigh*

#17. My first driving lesson. Being weak, having a raging headache and an upset stomach was probably not the ideal condition but thank goodness it was only driving theory lesson or I might have driven straight into a pole. 

#18. Homebound and decided to do my nails. I am super impressed with Chanel's spring 2012 polish (named June) because the colour is a perfect apricot peachy colour and it is so long lasting on the nails. I had it on my nails for over 2 weeks and there were almost no chipping. Although it does require a little skill and patience to work with because of the slightly thicker texture, I love it nonetheless.
#18.5. I then put on Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. I will post a review on that soon so stay tuned for that!

#19. No longer sick and finally able to enjoy food. This dish is one of my favourite and it's called Assam Laksa which is a spicy fish soup with thick rice noodles. This dish is probably not to everyone's taste because the soup might be a little too fishy but I really like it.

#20. The Chewy brood. They always gather at the door to welcome us when we get home, aren't they so sweet?

#21. The latest addition to my toy camera collection. This is a Superheadz Golden half which takes half frame pictures. It is a Hello Kitty special edition too, which makes it so much cooler.

#22. I sometimes get a little lazy with masks but when I am good and use it regularly, I do notice a difference in my skin. These my beauty diary masks are really lovely, the price is very affordable and they come in lots of varieties. I used the chocolate one that night and it smelled so delicious plus my skin looked so supple and bright the next morning. I highly recommend these masks if you can find them.

#23. My dad brought home lots of cakes and sweets. The eclairs are some of the best that I have tried. How am I suppose to lose weight now?? >_<

#24. My brother and I decided to make dinner so we went grocery shopping together. He treated me to brunch and I had my favourite drink: green tea.
#24.5. I baked cheesy scones to serve with the mushroom soup my brother made. I also made pesto egg salad open face sandwich and my brother made spinach cannelloni for main course. So proud of our effort since we only cook once in a blue moon.

#25. Hiro dressed up as a lion. RWARRRRRRR!! 

#26. I love Korean food~~ I had bibimbap(stone bowl mixed vegetable with rice)and it was so good 너무 맜있었어요.

#27. I used to buy packaged coconut juice when I was living in Melbourne because I just crave for it so much at times. Living in a tropical country means I can get fresh coconut juice easily that taste so much better.

#28. I hauled the Mac Naturally collection, Mac x Vera collection, Mac x Chen Man collection and the Shop Mac Cook Mac collection. I was originally planning to write a post on it last week but didn't manage too. Will probably blog about them in my next post.

#29. Studying for my driving theory test. Are road signs the same where you live?

#30. The beginning of my week long torture/ nightmare. There was something wrong with my phone's camera (I use a Samsung Galaxy Note) and I had to take it in to repair. The service centre was packed, and I waited for 3 hours to get my phone looked at. Judging by the amount of people there and the waiting time, I reckon Samsung has lots of room of improvement on their product design and customer service.

And not to mention it took one whole week for my phone to be repaired. Plus they failed to inform me when my phone was ready for collection. Genuinely not impressed.
#30.5. On a happier note, went out to watch the Lorax that night. The plot is quite simple and probably not the most mind blowing but it was a really cute show with a very meaningful theme. I love cartoons and animation so I might be totally biased but I do think it's a movie worth watching.

 #31. Went shopping and had afternoon tea in KL city. 
#31.5. And guess who I saw???? If you are familiar with Asian snacks, this is the mascot of a cookie called Koala March. I ran up to take a picture with it because it was too cute!!! It was super soft and fluffy too. This totally made my day.

#32. Pork belly with apple sauce and mash potatoes. 

#33. Very pricey but incredibly amazing lip balm. My lips are super sensitive and they get dry and peel very easily. This Chanel lip balm has been a life saver because if I apply a thick layer of this before going to bed, my lips will be so soft and mosturised in the morning. I don't reapply it during the day though because I never dip my fingers into potted lip products and I am lazy to take a lip brush or applicator out with me.

#34 & 34.5. Went to a Japanese Kushi Yaki (barbecue skewers) restaurant for dinner. I love fish roe so my favourite dish for the night was definitely the Mentaiko Maki (fish roe rolled in a thin slice of pork). To finish off the meal, the deliciously creamy and melt-in-your-mouth egg pudding.

#35 & 35.5. I was so excited when I saw this product to the point that I can feel my heart beat quickening as I browse through pictures. These are face-lace produced by a very famous makeup artist names Phyllis Cohen. They are lace patterned adhesive designs that could be applied on the skin. Unfortunately they are not available for sale yet but when they do, I will be sure to snap some up and possibly reviewing it here. *fingers crossed that I can get them because I have a feeling that they will sell out very quickly*

I apologize for the poorer quality of some of the pictures. I didn't have my phone and had to use my ipod for some photos so the quality of course do not compare. 

This is it from me so far. 
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Until next time xoxo


  1. I watched the lorax too! It is so fun :D The nail strips looks nice! :D

  2. Thanks for you sweet comment.

    I love these fun photos.

    Where do get that fish soup?
    It look yummyy
    hehe BTW I followed you lovely blog. I hope you can follow me back as well =)

    xoxo <3

  3. It is so sweet that your pets meet you at the door! My dog always runs around the house and meets me at the car and sometimes my cats too if they are outside. The sweets from your dad look so yummy! I want to see the Lorax!

  4. Your nails look fabulous. I love the colors. And all of that yummy food! Delicious.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Your Chewy Pack look adorable<3 I wish I had a loving bunch to welcome me home~ & super cute blog^.^I'm following~



  6. The chanel nail polish looks really pretty! Can't believe it lasted 2 weeks, mine never lasts more than 3 days!

  7. love the june nailpolish, these photos are very nice and pretty!

  8. Great pictures !!

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  9. Oh yummy! The assam laksa looks so delicious! My mum makes something similar at home with big chunks of tuna <3
    And those pastries look so good too~
    Wonderful post! I love looking at all the random photos, they're really fun snapshots :)

  10. i love the nail colour! and the face tattoos are sooo nice.
    following u now!
    hope u'll do the same.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  11. thank you! ♥
    great pics, i really loved that nailpolish :)

  12. I LOVE ASSAM LASKA!!! i haven't had it for soooooo long!! really miss it!

    get well soon!!!


  13. I love the nails. You did such a great job!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. Cute nailpolish! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  15. What fun snapshots! I'm loving all of the food pictures!

  16. LOVE your nails! omgosh, i really wanna get that orange color now! hahhaa! and cute doggies awww~~ gah best of lucks with your driving lessons! i should really learn sometime soon, haha

    alex @

  17. Such a nice post! :) I really like your manicure with those nail polish stripes! :)

  18. I like your post so much! These pictures are really gorgeous!
    I’ve just wrote a new post, tell me what do you think about it!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  19. I like your blog. Amazing pictures!

  20. I love your nails in both pictures and I should try that Chanel lip balm because I also have very sensitive lips.

  21. ooh so many cute pictures! I love the effect of those Sally Hansen strips. they look gorgeous on your dark nails! and ooh I wish I could have that Issey Miyake backpack too, I love the design. Hopefully you'll be able to find a similar one! :D

  22. wow the laksa looks yum! and oh everyone has that issey miyake bag here..

    xx from hong kong :)

  23. Gambateruuu with your driving
    lessons c: Also I hope you
    feel better now!
    The food pictures are making
    me so hungry...


  24. ive been interested in trying those sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips for awhile. a review would be great :)

    ahh i love asian food (well i'm asian afterall hahah!) the fish soup looks really good.


  25. lovely photoss!!

    check out my blog when you can :D


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