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Thursday, April 26, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension and Tres Cheek Review

Hi everyone. Today I have for you the MAC In Extra Dimension and Tres Cheek collections review. These collections were released in the US in early April and I saw them in stores in Malaysia on the 11th of April. I was so surprised to find it here so soon, usually we have a huge delay for collections to be released. 

I was extremely excited for the products in these two collections because the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes were frequently being compared to the elusive Estee Lauder Pure Colour Illuminating Powder Gelee while the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows were said to be similar to Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Gelee Powder Eyeshadows. Furthermore, being a blush-addict, I was very much looking forward to the Tres Cheek collection that features 6 gorgeous blush colours.

MAC In Extra Dimension (Spring 2012)
The In Extra Dimension Collection contains 3 Extra Dimension Skinfinishes and 10 Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in a new hybrid liquid-powder formula. 

The Extra Dimension Skinfinishes comes in 3 different shades: Whisper of Gilt (light soft white with shimmery sheen), Superb (soft peachy nude with multi dimensional shimmer) and Glorify (copper with gold shimmer). Mac describes this product as a creamy near fluid formula and claims the wear to be 10 hours (source).

 I purchased one Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the colour Whisper of Gilt.

I did a heavy pass on the left and on the right is what it looks like blended out. Even though it looks like a bright gold colour in the pan, when blended out it definitely looks more like a off white champagne colour with gold shimmer).

First of all, I have to say the texture of this product is indeed a unique one because even though it looks like powder, it feels creamy to the touch(almost a slightly damp texture). The texture is very smooth and when applied on the skin it gives off a very visible metallic sheen. I like how this product looks on my skin, but highlighters don't usually last too long on me because of my very oily skin (by the fourth hour or so, my skin's oil made my whole face very shiny so obviously the highlighter wasn't very apparent anymore). That being said, I really like the look of this highlighter before my skin oiled up.

The Extra Dimension Eyeshadows come in 10 colours: Grand Galaxy (dirty medium violet), Young Venus (pale white pink), Blue Orbit (light iridescent purple, Warm Thunder (dirty silver grey), Modern Pewter (dirty olive gold), Sweet Heat (bright peach champagne), Havana (dirty copper brown), Lunar (metallic royal blue), Rich Core (dirty aubergine) and Dark Dare (charcoal black). Mac decribes this product as a liquid-powder eyeshadow with prismatic reflections and claims the wear to be 6 hours (source).

 I purchased four of the ten shades: Sweet Heat, Havana, Blue Orbit and Lunar.

From left: Sweet Heat (peachy champagne colour), Havana (warm brown), Blue Orbit (light purple with baby blue tones) and Lunar (dark blackened royal blue). I only swatched them dry because I didn't know that they could be used wet (should have known better) but I saw some swatches online and the colours are more metallic and opaque when used wet.

The texture of this is the same sort of dry but creamy texture. I really liked how soft and smooth these shadows feel, as well as how easy it is to blend these shadows. I wore these dry over a primer and these did hold up for six hours with slight fading. I haven't worn it wet so I cannot comment on that.

MAC Tres Cheek (Summer 2012)
Next up is Mac Tres Cheek collection for Summer 2012 that has 6 limited edition blush colours ranging from pink to lavender, peach to bright orange. 

This collection features 6 powder blush colours (all of which are satin finish except Full of Joy which is a frost finish) in Pink Tea (neutral beige pink), Immortal Flower (bright peach), Full of Joy (Lavender), Lovecloud (bright mid tone pink), Modern Mandarin (Red-Orange) and Peony Petal (bright blue pink) (source).

I purchased 4 colours in Lovecloud, Immortal flower, Modern Mandarin and Pink Tea(clockwise from left).

Here's the swatches (left is a heavy swatch and right is blended out swatch):
 Pink Tea (neutral mauvy pink) and Lovecloud (bright pink).

Immortal Flower (I think this is more of a soft peach than bright) and Modern Mandarin (orange with coral tones).

I really love these blushes. I think the colour payoff is good with Modern Mandarin being very pigmented and has to be used with a very light hand. These blushes can be applied sheerly but can be easily built up for a more intense look. All of the shades that I bought are satin finishes and they look amazing on the skin, it gives a very nice and natural glowy look to the skin that makes the skin look so healthy. The wear is also surprisingly good because it went on strong for 6 hours and by hour number 8 they were still on my skin although they are a little faded (and that is on my very oily skin in crazy hot and humid tropical weather). I highly recommend these blushes!!

As usual, my top picks in these two collections. (In the picture, I am wearing Sweet Haze as a colour wash all over my lids with Havana as a shading shade in the outer corners. I then used Blue orbit with a little smudger brush on the lower lashline. I have modern Mandarin blush on my skin applied very sheerly. On my lips I have on Laura Mercier gel lip colour in Clementine).
Blue Orbit and Havana are my favourite out of the ones I have. I love the uniqueness of Blue Orbit and I think that Havana is a very pretty everyday warm brown colour that looks very flattering on my yellow undertone skin.

 I love the soft and smooth texture of this highligter as well as the sheen it gives.

And I love these blushes so much that I have to include 2 pictures of them: Modern Mandarin and Immortal Flower (which looks pink instead of peach on my phone's camera, strange...). All of the blushes are amazing but with peach and orange being my colour obsession lately, I am so in love with these two blushes.

Please excuse the pimple on my nose, my skin has been slightly erratic lately.

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  1. MAc products are really great!

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    I love it!!

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  7. Great post! i used to use pink colors a lot but i am so into orange tone in these days :)
    Btw, the ice-cream picture that I took in Rome was actually pistachio flavor! thank you for asking !
    isn't it so cool that Rome has pistachio mcflurry! it was soooooo delicious!

    Pinkbow Icecream

  8. great review. mac always has the best blushes.

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    - Alice

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    RE : thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Following you now. Follow me back? :)




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