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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review

Hi everyone. As many of you might already know, Etude House is one of my favourite Korean cosmetics brand. There's several reasons for it:one, there's quite a big store in a mall very close to where I live; two, the store has such a lovely interior that I always feel so happy whenever I go in; three, the packaging of the products are so cute and pretty.

So what am I reviewing for you today?? Jjang~~jjanggggg~~ It's the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers. I have eventually collected the entire range of colours so I think it's time to review it!!

Being a blush-addict, it's only understandable that I find these irresistible right?

The blush comes with a powder puff with a bow on it (cute~~~) and it actually works well in applying the product onto the cheeks. Initially I thought it would pick up too much product but since the puff is very fluffy, it doesn't pick up and dispense too much product at one go. It's also very easy to build up colour using the puff too, just pick up more product and pat it on.

Let's take a closer look at the colours~~
Clockwise from top left: #1 Strawberry Mousse, #2 Strawberry Choux, #3 Raspberry Tart, #4 Carrot Cheesecake, #5 Apricot Pudding, #6 Grapefruit Jelly and #7 Rose Sugar Macaron

From left:#1 Strawberry Mousse (matte pale pastel pink, which is so pale that it almost looks like a pink tinged white), #2 Strawberry Choux (matte baby pink), #3 Raspberry Tart (bright magenta-ish pink with tiny shimmer particles)

From left:#4 Carrot Cheesecake (frosty peachy tangerine with a golden sheen)& #5 Apricot Pudding (matte light pastel coral)

From left:#6 Grapefruit Jelly (matte medium pink) & #7 Rose Sugar Macaron (frosty bright pink with purple hue with tiny shimmer particles)

In terms of colour, I think that #1 Strawberry Mousse is so pale that it will only work on very pale skin tone (and I mean PALE). Being matte and so light, this colour can look chalky on the skin. #2 Strawberry Choux is a light baby pink that I think will look good on medium to light skin tones for a natural baby pink flush. On darker skin tones, it might not show up well and can look chalky. The same story goes for #5 Apricot Pudding. It is pale and even on my skin tone, the colour is so subtle and not very visible at all.  

#3 Raspberry Tart is a very cool tone colour, and I don't think it's overly flattering on my yellow undertone skin. This colour is quite pigmented so I think whether or not you will like this colour really depends on your personal preference. 

The frosty colours #4 Carrot Cheesecake and #7 Rose Sugar Macaron are not as pigmented as the matte shades. The matte shades are opaque with 2 swipes but as seen in the swatches, 2 swipes of the frosty shade (left most strip in the swatch) still left me with quite a sheer colour. However, these 2 shades can be built up quite well for more colour to show through.

#6 Grapefruit Jelly is my favourite colour of the bunch! It is a also a very popular colour because this colour is always sold out in stores. This colour is quite pigmented and shows up well on my skin tone and it gives such a pretty flush.

In terms of wear, the lighter shades are the ones that fade the quickest, which is expected because if it's light to begin with, once it starts to fade, there will not be much pigment left on the skin. #1 Strawberry Mousse and #5 Apricot Pudding fades the fastest (also least visible on the skin to begin with) and it will pretty much be invisible on the skin past 3 hours. #2 Strawberry Choux fares better in terms of the lighter colours, and it last just under 4 hour.

The frosty colours #4 Carrot Cheesecake and #7 Rose Sugar Macaron also tend to fade slightly faster on my oily skin, being able to last just under 5 hours. #6 Grapefruit Jelly lasts for approximately 5 hours as well.

#3 Raspberry Tart is the best performer in this range in terms of wear. It surprisingly lasted for nearly 8 hours on my skin.

I have all the colours from the old version (now discontinued) of the Lovely Cookie Blusher as well so I decided to do a little comparison just in case you are curious.

First thing I noticed is that the bows on the powder puff are in corresponding colours to the blush in the old version, which I think is a really cute detail. The new Lovely Cookie Blusher all have a pink bow regardless of the blush colour (cost saving perhaps).

The texture of the blush also feels slightly different. The old version all have a dryer texture whereas the new version feels a lot smoother and creamier (except the frosty shades).

In terms of colours:
Top row, old version, from left: #1 Pink Cookie, #2 Rose Cookie, #3 Orange Cookie, #4 Sugar Pink & #5 Lovely Pink

Bottom row, new version, from left:#1 Strawberry Mousse, #2 Strawberry Choux, #3 Raspberry Tart, #4 Carrot Cheesecake, #5 Apricot Pudding, #6 Grapefruit Jelly & #7 Rose Sugar Macaron

The new #2 Strawberry Choux looks very similar to old #1 Pink Cookie in the pan.
From left: new #2 Strawberry Choux and old #1 Pink Cookie

Both the colours are matte. When swatched, Strawberry Choux looks a lot lighter and Pink Cookie is much pinker.

New #6 Grapefruit Jelly also looks similar to old #2 Rose Cookie in the pan.
From left: new #6 Grapefruit Jelly and old #2 Rose Cookie

Both are matte and Rose Cookie is more rosy and is much brighter compared to Grapefruit Jelly.

In terms of wear, the old version of the Lovely Cookie blusher seems to perform better than the new ones (I am not sure if it's related to the difference in texture). The old #4 Sugar Pink and #5 Lovely Pink are the quickest to fade in the old range, at around 4 hours or so. The #1 Pink Cookie, #2 Rose Cookie and #3 Orange Cookie lasts much better on the skin, being able to last for nearly 8 hours.

 I was wearing new #6 Grapefruit Jelly, even though as usual, my camera and lighting would have washed out the colour. I assure you it looks very pretty in real life.
Little bear was wearing old #2 Rose Cookie ^0^ Don't you think the blush colour looks much better on him?

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Until next time xoxo


  1. So cute. I wanna see your make up collection. :)

  2. the packaging is sooo cute! and the colours are soo pretty c: hmm i've never tried an orange blush before

  3. super cute! and great review :D

  4. I love Etude House products! Wish they were more easily accessible in the US though. The packaging of these blushes is adorable and the range of colors are just lovely. Little Bear and you are wearing it well :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Never tried their products before but the packaging has got me!!! The colours look great too

  6. great review :D so many blushies Omoh~~ you and little bear look fab! XD his too cute hehe

    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  7. i really want to go korea and just go on a massive cosmetic shopping spree


  8. Love it that you have the whole collection~ I used to have #7 I think, can't remember exactly but looks to be closest to that shade. I purchased it in Korea about 5 years ago and I think it was one of my first Etude House purchases. I remember thinking how cute the puff was with the pink ribbon.. My favourite would have to be Grapefruit Jelly, seems like such a gorgeous shade. I love the blush shade on you in the last picture :)

  9. Oooooh grapefruit jelly is my fave too, such a pretty colour :)

  10. My goodness, you must have an incredible collection of cosmetics!

  11. I would love to see the actual Etude House store! lucky you :p
    I'm really liking 'rose cookie' and 'grapefruit jelly' <3

  12. Nice review.
    Thank you for visiting my blog,I`m following you ,hope you will follow back:)

  13. great review! the colours are so cute!

  14. Great review, so detailed and the swatches are great! Would love to try out some Etude makeup products! : )
    And thank you for visiting my blog, I'm following you now! x

  15. These are so pretty! Love the packaging xo

  16. omg, the packaging is adorbs! ♥

  17. Great post!
    Lovely blog, maybe want to follow each other? :)
    Could you hype this outfit on lookbook please?

  18. I've never used anything from Etude but I'm definitely keen to try after looking at all these swatches. Rose Cookie is gorgeous!

  19. Great review! The blushes look SO pretty *_* I wish there was an Etude counter or a store that sells the brand in my area! lol

  20. beautiful photos
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  21. great post:)
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  22. Didn't know about this brand before reading this post! thanks for sharing!

  23. Wow these are so beautiful, thanks for sharing this brand with us!

  24. These are so cute! I love the little puff you get inside them, not sure I'd use them to actually apply the blush though. I tend to gravitate towards pink and peach shades for my blush, so the look of these definitely appeal to me. I'm sure Grapefruit Jelly looks really gorgeous on you :)

  25. good review~ grapefruit jelly looks like a really nice peachy natural blush! looks good on you (even though i'm sure it looks even more vibrant and better in real life) :)


  26. Wow they are the sweetest some of the nicest packaging I have ever seen.

  27. great review .. heads up for the detail :) great blog .. will visit for more review ... love the container of the blush x

  28. omg, how cute are these blushes!!! i love the fluffy applicator. it's so cute. i also like the colors. very girly. and it's cheap tooooo!

    10% off discount code to Vantage Point Vintage


  29. cute post!!


  30. omg you put blush on the bear SO CUTE!! hehe i love these colors and i LOVE etude house! i should try the blush from them one day :3

  31. Cute colours!

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  32. I love how you put blush on your blue bear, she looks so cute!!! I am so jelly of all the blushes you've got, I can imagine you have so much fun trying out the different shades :) have a happy Thursday!

  33. Haha I love little bear's blush! so cute!!

  34. Omg I'm so envious of your collection! I love Etude products; their packaging is always so cute! The colors look really sheer though, for the most part. It's too bad they aren't more pigmented. It's crazy how similar some of the old colors are to the new colors too.

  35. Thank you for the detailed review! I just ordered Grapefruit Jelly and I'm super excited :D

  36. Hi this is a really great review....
    >.< I am too confused to pick the colour, this is such a great help...

    I really love #6 Grapefruit jelly...lovely colour... gonna buy this right away !!!!
    Anyway visit my blog :
    I am a new comer..

  37. Kyaaa thank you soooo much for your lovely review! :D I've been thinking of buying these new blushes, but couldn't figure out which colour was best for me. Your lovely review helped me so much! :)

  38. I am so glad that you found my review helpful! :D

  39. Holy Grail! They look like macaroons! LOL! Sweet blushes <3
    ~Pauline @


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