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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 366: Week 6, week 7 and week 8

Hi everyone. Today I have for you another installment of my project 366 blog posts. It's been several weeks since my last post and I have consolidated 3 weeks worth of photos into this one post. 


#36. This photo was taken after a long overdue tidying up of my bedside table. My little friends finally have a place to sleep on instead of being wedged into my book shelf. 

#37. I had a bad hair day so I clipped my hair out of my face. Does it stop me from self-ca (self camera: taking photos of yourself. Yeah, it's actually a proper term that lots of people use)? No...

#38. My little girl was comfortably snuggling up to her grandpa'a shirt. It was way past her bedtime and she has such cute sleepy eyes right?? 

 #39 Lobster pasta in tomato sauce. It's not easy to find authentic Italian restaurants in Malaysia since a lot of the times flavours are tweaked to suit local palates. But this... was about the best pasta I have had in Malaysia. (Thanks to foodie siblings for their never-ending quest to find good food)
#39.5. I love bread pudding!! I wonder who doesn't because who can say no to rich bread that has soaked up eggy and milky goodness that has been drenched in butterscotch sauce while being accompanied by a scoop of cold and creamy vanilla ice cream?

#40. Teaching materials with pictures always makes me feel like a kid again. 

#41. If you have followed my blog long enough, you will know that I have declared my love for Hello Kitty multiple times. I bought this pair of Kitty shoes ages ago but I can't bring myself to wear it out.

#42. Have you tried this Japanese snack called Pocky? If you haven't I highly recommend you to try it out because I have been eating this since I was a little girl. They always comes out with new flavours and the packaging is ultra cute. 
I recently discovered this heart shape special edition one that totally made my day.

#43. I have been wanting to find some new little friends to star in my blog and when I was shopping in Kinokuniya one day, I stumbled upon some sock-doll making kits. You might see these little guys on this blog soon~~~

#44 & 44.5. I took both of these photos during a family dinner. One was a doll and one was a real animal. Which do you think is which?

#45. Room cleaning one tiny step at a time. I reorganised my book shelf and these are books of my hobbies/interests (Makeup&beauty, drawing and photography).

#46. Mochi guarding his apple toy even when he was sleeping. 

#47. I love taking photos with my instant camera. I was organizing my camera stash (see, I was persistent in my effort to clean my room) and I found these cute Instax film that I bought some time ago. Can't wait to use them!!!

#48. I think that small cars in bright colours are the cutest vehicle ever. 

#49. I needed new brushes and since my beauty budget has always been swallowed up by makeup, I decided to give these Real techniques brushes a try. These brushes are very affordable and the quality was surprisingly good for the price. Review soon.

#50. Last day of my Korean class and since not everyone was able to continue to the next level due to timetable restrictions, we had to take a photo together. I have awesome self-ca skills: see how many people I managed to fit into one frame!!! 

#51. Nothing much happened today apart from me dropping my Ipod. The back of me ipod always get very beaten up T^T

 #52. You know what's better than ice cream? It has to be mini ice cream because you still get the satisfaction of having a whole ice cream while saving on some calories.
#52.5. I LOVE IT! Mini Cornetto for the win.

#53. My mom went shopping in Ikea and bought me a little gift. It's so soft and fluffy and I am currently hugging it as I type. Perhaps it can have some "inception" effect of making me adopt a healthier eating habit. 
That ball of fur was my dog sleeping in front of the air-conditioner.

#54. Bao Zai aka Little dumpling. I was drawn to the restaurant because I can't walk away with Bao Zai standing at the entrance. 

#55. Lots of you guys seem to really like Hiro so here is a sleeping photo of him for his fans. I also put his hair into 2 pigtails because his fringe is getting a little long.

#56. Public holiday+ shopping+ lunch at beer garden= bliss.

This is it from me so far. Quick question: do you prefer me to do consolidated project 366 posts like this one and the one before or would you want me to do it in an updated week-by-week fashion?
Let me know!!

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. oooh god! can't get enough of Hiro! he looks so adorable!
    love him
    thank you for the super sweet comment! for sure i'm following you too ;)

  2. thanks for the comment. wow thats a lot of Japanese books you have there!

  3. I have a collection of stuffed animals lining the headboard of my bed. I love all of them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. haha you're learning Korean? the cat illustrations are so adorable haha. when I was learning Chinese there were a lot of really kiddish pictures and cute "conversations". oh and I love Pocky too! I didn't know they had a heart shaped special edition range. I've got to check it out! :O probably can't find it over here though..

  5. ahhh it's all about cuteness!

    I love it!

    Yumyyy tooo

  6. love these photos, are so pretty!

  7. great post!

  8. So many cuteeee photos!!! And the food all looks so good. Yum Pocky!
    I agree with small colours and bright colours being the cutest. I want a VW Beetle hehehe they're so adorable!
    I don't mind which format you do the 366 posts. Whichever is easier for you! :)

  9. How many dogs do you have? They are adorable!! *squishes*

  10. Really cute pictures sweetie! The pocky is so delicious! *..*

  11. i want your doogggyyy!!! its super superr cuteeee!! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  12. Great photos! Your dog is too cute! ^^
    I hear great things about the Real Technique brushes. Haven't tried them myself yet though :)

  13. Great post :)
    Mmm, lobster pasta sounds delish...I'm totally hungry now!
    And I'm so jelly of those amazing HK shoes! I can see how you can't wear them out ^^
    Hmm, I like week by week posts, but it's not necessarily feasible, esp when RL gets in the way~


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