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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blush (01 Pink, 02 Peach & 03 Red), Heartful Moisture Lipstick (BG401 Baby Beige, CR301 Sweet Coral & OR210 Fresh Orange) and Face 2 Change Dial Gloss (04 Shine Pink)

Hi everyone. I am going to review some Holika Holika products for you today. I have had these items for a couple of months already but I just have too many product reviews to get through, hence the massive delay. (Returning readers might have spotted these in my last Project 366 post HERE)

I have the Love Fantasy Blush in 01 Pink Fantasy, 02 Peach Fantasy & 03 Red Fantasy; the Heartful Moisture Lipstick in BG401 Baby Beige, CR301 Sweet Coral & OR210 Fresh Orange and the Face 2 Change Dial Gloss in 04 Shine Pink.

LOVE FANTASY BLUSH (01 Pink Fantasy, 02 Peach Fantasy & 03 Red Fantasy)
This product comes in 5 shades: 01 Pink Fantasy, 02 Peach Fantasy, 03 Red Fantasy, 04 Choco Fantasy & 05 Star Fantasy.

The packaging: tin material with paisley print. 

The Love Fantasy Blush comes with a puff with a cute pink and purple bow.

I prefer to use brushes to apply blush onto my cheeks but this puff do work rather well to apply the blush. 

From left: 03 Red Fantasy01 Pink Fantasy 02 Peach Fantasy.

*In the swatches, the 1st strip is the top shade, 2nd strip is the bottom shade, 3rd strip is the heart, 4th strip is a heavy swatch of all 3 colours blended together and the last strip is all 3 colours together blended into the skin.

Love Fantasy Blush in 01 Pink Fantasy. From left: (top) light candy pink with silver shimmers, (bottom) satin finish medium pink, (heart) bright barbie pink (shimmer in pan doesn't translate onto skin for the 2nd and 3rd shade) and (together) light barbie pink with a hint of shimmers.

Love Fantasy Blush in 02 Peach Fantasy. From left: (top) pale peachy beige with golden sheen and shimmer, (bottom) peachy pink with silver shimmers, (heart) orangey coral with fine gold shimmers and (together) peachy coral with gold and silver shimmers (more coral tone will come through when the colour is built up and more peachy tone when worn sheerly).

Love Fantasy Blush in 03 Red Fantasy. From left: (top) light pink with silver shimmers, (bottom) satin finish medium peachy pink, (heart) pinkish cherry red and (together) reddish pink with a hint of shimmers.

I am very impressed with these blushes. The texture is soft (can be a tad powdery when you swatch it using your fingers but it doesn't look that way on the cheeks) and the blush is pigmented and blendable. With a light hand, these blushes will add a very natural, glowing flush of colour but the colour can be built up for a more intense look.

All three shades that I have contain shimmers, with 02 Peach Fantasy being a little bit more shimmery than 01 Pink Fantasy and 03 Red Fantasy. After applying the blush, you can see the shimmers on the skin if you look very very closely (I mean kissing-distant close). Otherwise it will just look like a luminous glow on the skin. 

All 3 shades last well on my oily skin. 01 Pink Fantasy is the less long lasting of the three, it stays on well for 4 and a half hour and it will start to fade. By the 7th hour, the colour will be very faint. 02 Peach Fantasy and 03 Red Fantasy's lasting power is much more impressive. The two shades will only fade after 6-7 hours of wear and the colour will still be quite visible on the skin even after 8 hours of wear.

The Heartful Moisture Lipstick comes in 6 shades: BG401 Baby Beige, CR301 Sweet Coral, PK121 Pink Love, OR210 Fresh Orange, RD807 Candy Red and RD808 Kissing Red.

The packaging: pink tube with silver base and white design on tube. So simple but cute in my opinion.

 The tube itself is quite small. This packaging reminds me of the packaging of the Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks that I have been eyeing.

The lipstick itself is in a heart shape~~~ Other than the Paul & Joe cat lippie, this will be the cutest lipstick design that I have ever seen.

From left: BG401 Baby Beige (nude pink with a hint of mauve), CR301 Sweet Coral (coral) & OR210 Fresh Orange (bright orange with a little bit of red)

These lipsticks are really cute in terms of packaging. The little tube plus the heart-shape lipstick are just absolutely adorable. Just imagine that every time you put on this lipstick, you are putting a heart on your lips. Doesn't that make you want to smile??

Although it's named Heartful Moisture Lipstick, these lipsticks are not the most forgiving on dry/ chapped lips as it tend to cling onto dry patches and settle into lip lines. As long as your lips are not dry/chapped, these lipsticks will perform fine. The finish is glossy on the lips, the texture is smooth and creamy and the lipsticks have a sweet candy scent (you won't really be able to detect the scent once the product is on).

These lispticks are comfortable to wear. The texture is not heavy on the lips and the lipsticks are very emollient. My lips tend to peels if I wear lipsticks for long hours but peeling doesn't not happen with these. These lipsticks last for 5 hours on me and they will survive occasional sips of drinks but definitely needs to be reapplied after eating. 

The Face 2 Change Dial Gloss comes in 5 shades: 01 Born Red, 02 Star Coral, 03 Funky Purple, 04 Shine Pink & 05 Plum Pink.

 Face 2 Change Dial Gloss in 04 Shine Pink.

I really like the applicator of this gloss. I just find it to be much easier to clean and I *think* it's more hygienic.

The color: medium yellow base pink.

This gloss is very pretty on the lips and I have been wearing it a lot since I got it. It has also became a permanent fixture in my everyday makeup bag! 

The colour is very pretty and shows up on the lips although it's not as opaque as the swatch. The texture is a bit sticky but I don't find it to be uncomfortable. This gloss wears for 2-3 hours on me, which is similar to the wear time of most glosses on my lips. As I mentioned before, the applicator is a big plus as I find that it's easy to clean thus it feels more hygienic in my opinion. One thing to note is that this gloss has a floral scent that will last for a while after you have it on. So, this gloss might not be for those who are sensitive to scents. 

The same makeup in my Guerlain Meteorites Miniature Pearl Collection post HERE. I was wearing the 01 Pink Fantasy blush and the 04 Shine Pink gloss.

Here, I was wearing the 02 Peach Fantasy blush and the OR210 Fresh Orange lipstick (I dabbed it on and then blended it in with my fingers for a more natural look)

I was wearing the 03 Red Fantasy Blush and the CR301 Sweet Coral Lipstick.

Here, I was wearing the 01 Pink Fantasy Blush and the BG401 lipstick in Baby Beige.

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. Wow all the stuffs look nice!! I only have 1 holika holika product which is the peach girl BB Cream..
    The blush in red fantasy is the prettiest among 2 other shades, in my opinion ;)
    and the heart shaped lipsticks are just adorable!!

  2. The packaging is so cute as always! And the pigmentation of it is quite good ^^ Thanks for reviewing!

  3. The heart-shaped blushes and lipsticks are so cute!


  4. Ahhh packaging is so cute!! Especially the lipsticks! I want them all! ><

  5. these are so cute :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  6. I am not so much a fan of makeup but some of these caught my attention.
    The heart shape lipstick!! OMG, never seen them before. so cool!
    and the ribbon bow is so cute!! packaging is off the TOPS!!

  7. Ooh, I have yet to try any Holika Holika products - although I certainly want to! Haha, I've said it before, but let me just repeat - I'm so jelly of your makeup collection >_<
    The heart shaped lippies are adorable - I like the sweet coral shade the best!

  8. LOVE the heart shaped lipstick!!!! :)

  9. I'm in love with the packaging... don't think it could get cuter than that!


  10. the blushes look really nice!
    i have the coral heart lipstick too c:

  11. GOSH!!! I can't WAIT to try mine after read your reviewwwww laa XDDD hahahahah!!
    blush look so pretty on your skin tooooo :3 :3

  12. Great products, and they are super cute. Love the heart shaped liptstick!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog =)


  13. What a lovely haul !! I love korean cosmestics !! *v* So cute and lovely ! I really like the lipsticks although it's sad that they don't give so much moisture. I also like the lip gloss ! I love lip glosses and this one is so cute !! Thanks for sharing ! I'm following you now ^v^

  14. The packages are so cute!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. they have gorgeous lipsticks! I want to try them all! COuld you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  16. This looks great and I love the packaging! X

  17. These look amazing. I'm a sucker for fancy packaging.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest blog post.

  18. Great packaging! The colors look really good! I would definitely love to try the lip gloss!


  19. I really those products! Its so cute... I love the packaging as well.
    Following you now.. ;)
    hope you'll follow back. Thank you!

    Kisses from VV!!

  20. i want their blushes & lipsticks!!! so CUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEE!!! <333 u are looking adorable as always <333


  21. These are so cute. I love the packaging!

  22. omg how freaking cute is the packaging lol. I love the blushes, although some colours do look a bit artificial. really loving the coral lipgloss <3

  23. Gosh, the packaging of those products are soooooo adorable *loooove* Looks great!

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  24. omg, everyhing is so kawaiiii!!!! especially the lipsticks! :) btw, new follower here :>

  25. Aah, all of the packaging is so insanely adorable! The blush swatches look lovely. ^^

  26. The packaging for the blushes is sooo cute!
    I really like it!

    I'm now following you. Check out my blog at Novella Place and I'd love it if you could follow me back on bloglovin xxxx

  27. Woow really big haul~~ Really nicw reviews many products~~ I want try some of thems...

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  28. omg these makeups look so cute~


  29. the blush and lipstick shades look pretty! and i love the packaging, so cute! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  30. The heart shaped lipstick is sooo cute, amazing colors! All of the colors looks so good on you. Wish the make up had a cute package as there! X

  31. So sorry for the late reply, I've been so busy lately :( but good that I have time to catch up with your post now :)

    Once again, another cute set of makeup to die for!!! I love especially the lipstick in heart shape, that is just way too adorable <3

  32. Everything is so pretty! The blushes look really lovely worn and the lipsticks are adorable - love the heart shape :) The lip gloss looks like a super flattering colour and quite pigmented as well.

  33. I use some of Holika holika products! They are really cute!

    Love ya blog!


  34. omg i must get those cute heart shape lipsticks!!!!!

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