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Friday, September 7, 2012

Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée Autumn 2012 Cream Cheek Base Review

Hi everyone. I was planning to write about the Dior Golden Jungle collection for this post but I fell in love with the Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée Fall 2012 Cream Cheek Base in #101 Vermillion (I know, the name is so long) that I have to let it jump the chewylove blogpost queue.

Famous for their macarons as well as delectable cakes and pastries, Ladurée has since ventured into the cosmetics market with the launch of Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée in early 2012. The brand's products includes base makeup, cheek color, lip colour, eye shadows, brow palette, mascara and accessories (source).

I think that Ladurée cosmetics are only available in Japan at the moment but the internet tells me that Europe will get it in fall 2012 and US will eventually get it as well (source). My best friend got it for me when she went to Japan for holiday. If you are reading this post, I LOVE YOU!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVELY GIFT.

Ok, enough of me talking. Now the product.
I am sure a lot of you already know that I have a weakness for pretty packaging. Look at this box, isn't it beautiful. If you think this is gorgeous, wait until you see the actual product.

This is officially the prettiest piece of makeup that I own. 

I have the Autumn 2012 "Symphonie d'Automne" limited edition cream cheek base in 101 Vermillion.

 Here's what the colour looks like. It gives a a very natural and pretty reddish flush.

First of all, the packaging of this product is absolutely gorgeous. Although it might not be very travel friendly since it's rather bulky, the elegant and feminine design is definitely appealing to the girly girl side of me. The packaging is made of plastic so it's very very light but the fine details give it a very luxurious touch.

The product did not fall short in the quality department. The texture feels like a light balm when it first touches the skin but when you blend out the product, it will dry and meld into the skin to give a very natural flush. I like to blend my blushes out into a natural flush but this product is definitely pigmented and if you want the colour to be more prominent, just don't blend it out so much. Being a cream product, it stayed on surprisingly well on my skin. I wore it for 7 hours (including a trip to the gym) and it only faded a little. The product has a very soft scent (I think it smells like rose water), which will not be detectable once you apply the product.

All in all, I am very in love with this product and I cannot wait to try out more of Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée makeup.

My face of the day #fotd wearing the Vermillion cream cheek base.

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. This is so pretty, I love the packaging :)

  2. You got a really lovely blog :). Thanks for visiting mine ^^!!

  3. omg this is to die for, i love ladurée!!
    i recently received a ladurée scarf for my birthday, it's also originally from Japan. they're so innovative. i wish it was easier to get my hands on things like this!

  4. What a cool looking packaging ^^ The colour looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. Soooo gorgeous!! Wish I knew someone going to Japan to get me one!

  6. ah you are so lucky to have received this! how typical for only Japan to stock this wonderful line of cosmetics >_< totally dying over how pretty the packaging is haha.

  7. Wow, this cheek base has the prettiest, unusual packaging I've seen yet!

    And the colour looks so naturally pretty too~

    I'm totally envious of your amazing make-up collection ^_^

  8. I never knew that Laduree also has make up, the package looks so cute and the color is beautiful!

  9. OMG This is soooooooooooo pretty!! I've read some reviews about the laduree make up line which is über beautiful!! unfortunately they are not yet available in Europe.. I hope they're going to be available here soon!
    I love your blog btw! ;-D

  10. The packaging is freaking gorgeous! I can't wait til I can get my hands on it! The colour looks great on you too!

  11. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!

  12. so cute I could almost eat it. What great packaging x

  13. your best friend says you're very welcome :)glad to see you liked it hun!

  14. This is soo cutee! I really want one noww! <3<3

    Btw,I love your skin. It is flawless!

  15. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!

    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ hugs

  16. The product is so beautiful, and the packaging is so gorgeous :3 xoxo Mina. Follow me on my blog The Style Fever

  17. love the packaging of the product!! looks great!

  18. You always have the cutest makeup!! I am so jealous!!! The blush colour looks great on you :)

  19. Ladurée is so good ! Their macarons too !! <3

  20. the packaging looks like perfume! its so pretty tho! <3

  21. omogosh that's so pretty and fancy *O* it touches the girly girl side deep within of me too! *SWOON* i have yet to try their macarons but i definitely hope to do so in the near future! ==+ it looks super red but on you it looks more of a natural orange flush. nicey nice. i hope they start selling it outside of Japan soon!

    alex @

  22. that's such pretty packaging!

  23. aww lovely packaging!! n the swatches are so pretty!

    thanks a lot for your lovely comment:) wanna follow? i'm your new follower!!

    Rikki xx

  24. OMG it's so pretty! Wanna get it too > <

  25. the packaging is so PREEEEEEETTYYYYYYYYYYYY!! ♥



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