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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dior Golden Jungle Collection Review

Hi everyone. As mentioned in my previous post, here's the review on Dior Golden Jungle Collection for fall/ autumn. 

I would have gotten this post up earlier but something very disastrous happened to my blog over the weekend. I was formatting some folders on my phone and not knowing that my blog and phone are somehow linked to each other, I lost every single photo that I posted on my blog as a result. I then spent hours and hours trying to locate all the photos on my many hard disks and re-uploaded everything one by one. When I managed to re-upload everything, I noticed that many of my blog posts links are broken(that includes links on the blog and on search engines). It was an absolute nightmare.

Let's just hope that nothing of that magnitude will happen again. 

Anyways, sorry for going off topic yet again. Let's proceed with the review.

This is quite a huge fall collection with two Golden Jungle Palettes, four 3 Couleurs Glow, one Dior Vernis Duo, two Dior Vernis, two Dior Blush, one 5 Couleurs Palette, one 5 Couleurs Designer Palette, three Rouge Dior, four Rouge Serum and four Dior Addict Lipsticks (Full list on Dior's website: link). As the name of the collection implies, this collection mainly consists of golden tones as well as hues inspired by the jungle, such as earthy brown tones and various green shades.
I purchased the 5 Couleurs Designer Palette in 308 Khaki Design, 5 Couleurs Palette in 774 Golden Savannah, Rouge Dior Rouge Serum in 430 Gold Beige Serum and the Golden Jungle Crocodile Effects Nails Dior Vernis Duo.

From left: 308 Golden Khaki & 774 Golden Savannah

Golden Khaki 5 Couleurs Designer Palette. 

This palette comes with one dual ended sponge tip applicator and one dual applicator with a sponge on one side and a tiny angled brush on the other end. 

From left: 3 shadow- deep khaki with iridescent micro shimmers, 3 shine- pale gold with gold and silver shimmers, 2 color- shimmery khaki with a hint of grey, 1 base- frosty off-white, 5 liner- blackened khaki (not a solid black and has hints of green in it)

All of the shadows in this palette contains shimmers and this is one thing I don't quite like because I prefer palettes that have a mix of textures. However, I do think that the colour combination is stunning. I normally am not too fond of green on me but I think that khaki is a very subtle way to incorporate green into a look, especially for people like me who is not overly adventurous.

The texture of the shadows are all smooth and the pigmentation is decent. Even for the very shimmery shades (1 base and 2 shine), the colours show up a little on the lids instead of being just a wash of shimmers. The liner is nothing special. I find it to be a little dry and I keep having to pick up more product to get a solid line. The wear of this palette falls a little short for me as well, especially when compared to the Golden Savannah Palette. The liner starts to fade after 4 and half hours of wear and the shadows will fade after 5-6 hours of wear. The colours won't completely disappear but it will definitely look less than perfect past the 7 hour mark. The shimmers do move a little but I didn't notice any falling down onto my cheeks. 

 Golden Savannah 5 Couleurs Palette. 

From left: top left- medium tan with a slight sheen, top right- copper shade with a gold sheen, middle- frosty shimmery pale gold, bottom left- deep charcoal brown with a satin finish, bottom right- blackened brown (looks matte in the swatch but it does contain a tiny hint of shimmer sheen)

In comparison to the Khaki Design palette, I much prefer this palette for the combination of finishes and colors!! The texture of all of the shadows are very smooth and the pigmentation is amazing. The middle shade is very reflective and although I thought it looked super gritty in the pan, it looked very pretty on the lids without making my eyelids looking like a glitter ball. I think that the first 2 shades are warmer and the last the shades are more cool toned, so this might be an issue for some. 

The wear these shadows are incredible too! It only faded very little after 7 hours of wear and by hour 9, it still looks quite presentable. The middle shade remained shimmery still the end of the day and it did not move too much. I used the middle shade on my lower lash line to highlight and it only moved a little bit down (not even past my dark circles area). 

Rouge Dior Rouge Serum in 430 Gold Beige. Left is a built up swatch(peachy coral with gold micro shimmers) and right is a light swatch with 2 swipes (softer peach with gold micro shimmers).

The Rouge Serum is supposed to deliver skincare benefits to make the lips smoother and moisturised while incorporating color onto the lips (link). I think it is Dior's posh version of a tinted lip balm and I do really like this product. Even on dry chapped lips, the rouge serum doesn't cling on too much onto dry patches. About five minutes after applying it, I noticed that my lips are really moisturised and did not look as dry. Even after the product wears off, about 3 hours later, my lips appeared to be much smoother and supple. The colour is not very pigmented on the lips, and I like it like that. It can be built up ever so slightly but don't expect a solid opaque colour. The texture is very light and doesn't feel too greasy or tacky on the lips. The Rouge Serum gives a very healthy luminous finish to the lips that I really like. I don't detect any obvious scent with this product. 


Gold nail lacquer and crocodile effect top coat. 

I have not tried any crackle nail polishes before because I am not too keen on the cracked effect. I am aware that the khaki colour top coat is also a "crackle" nail polish, but Dior was the first to launch a "crackle" polish that cracks in a more rounded and square manner as opposed to the normal longitudinal cracks. So the novelty and the fact that it's limited edition got me yet again. 

I haven't tested this product out yet because I have had gel manicure on for a while now but this is what it looks like on. 

I will update you guys on my thoughts once I have tested it out. 

I was wearing the Khaki Design Palette here. I used the base colour all over my lids and the color up to my socket. I then used the liner to line my top lash line and bottom 1/3 lashline. After that, I patted the shadow shade on the liner to set it.

I was wearing the Golden Savannah palette and the Gold Beige Rouge Serum here. I used the top left shade on the front half of my lids and the top right on the outer half. I then used the bottom left shade to define the outer V. After that, I used the bottom right shade to define my top lashline and line the outer half of my bottom lash line. I lined my eyes with a liquid liner for a more defined look. Lastly, I applied the middle shade on the middle of my top lids and front half of my bottom lashline. 

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. Hi! I also have heard about this collection,
    and I love the golden jungle crack effect! Maybe get then as well :) thanks for the review!


  2. The palettes look beautiful! Especially Golden Savannah ^^ Too bad I'll probably never buy Dior anything until I'm 20 lol c:

  3. I love this collection -- the palettes, especially.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Inspiring and classy blog, love it.

  5. Those are gorgeous Dior palettes!! Very tempting to get! >.<

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is very interesting to see how much makeup adds up.. and I didn't even include the brushes. Don't want to think about that part! lol

    I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :)

    xo - Sheila

  6. I love the nail polish! the eye shadow palettes are nice too! *envy*

  7. I really love all the browns and greens this season - they are definitely my go to colors!


  8. Hey ! i really like your blog you have so great photos!!! Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :)) Greetings from germany

  9. great post honey, i really love dior!


  10. I am so sorry of your blog's crash....
    You know that I was almost buying that palette? Then I have just bought the gold nailpolish!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. All the trouble was definitely worth it! I love all the tools the products come with! Great post!


  12. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  13. These nails look amazing! I would love to try these vernis.


  14. All the eyeshadows have beautiful colours! Ahh such a luxurious brand :)

  15. Christian Dior ! Wow ! So class ! Love the nails ! <3

  16. I love anything sparkly! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    xo Jo

  17. I'm amused by the amount of high edge cosmetics you have! :o The middle shimmery shadow from the golden dior palette looks beautiful! Also digging those nail polishes! ^^

  18. Ooo my friend just bought a purple shade of the CD eye shadow. I helped her apply it and she loved it! Thx for your lovely compliments =)

    <3 Kelly

  19. I like the eyeshadow palette. The color is really beautiful and I see good pigmentation there. You did a great review! :D

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  20. This looks like such a gorgeous collection, and the rouge serum looks like such a lovely colour - it can be hard to get such a nice shade which also moisturises, so it's great that this does both.
    Looking forward to reading a review of the nail polishes, looks like a really pretty effect xx

  21. omg! these photos are great!

    xoxo from rome

  22. Love the eye shadow palettes! And the nailpolishes are beautiful, especially the golden one! X

  23. wow looks awesome! looks so pretty on your eyes. You do such great reviews :) keep it up :)

  24. loving your blog!!

    following would love a follow back!

  25. i like the earth tones!

  26. After seeing some of your cute makeup, dior's packaging does not seem attractive at all but the colour looks great on you though :)


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