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Monday, September 17, 2012

Guerlain Meteorites Miniature Pearl Collection (Travel Exclusive)

Hi everyone. Do you guys enjoy Duty Free shopping? I absolutely love it and every time I hop on a plane, the first thing I do is pull out the travel retail catalogue and check out all the travel retail exclusive items. There's always sets or travel palettes that will make any makeup addict swoon.

I picked up this item (and a few other) when I traveled to Singapore about a month ago and I cannot be more in love with it. So much so that I am thinking of getting a full size version already!!
The item that won my heart was the Guerlain Meteorites Miniature Pearls Collection in 01 Teint Rose. This miniature version is travel retail exclusive.

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the box is..... 
IT LOOKS LIKE A CARTOON MONKEY FACE!! (Do you see it, do you see it?)

You get two mini pots of the 01 Teint Rose meteorites and a mini brush.

The brush is a tiny kabuki brush and it's pink~~ The bristles are not very soft but it's not scratchy. You can feel some texture on your skin when using it though. The bristles are dense and hold its shape well but not so dense that it doesn't give at all. 

This brush doesn't shed a lot but one thing to note is that the bristles at the outer rim tend to splay out quite easily, so you must reshape it well after you wash it.

I have not been using this to apply the product though. It is very cute in my opinion but it is slightly subpar in terms of quality and usability. 

The Teint Rose Meteorites pearls come in pink, lilac, green, white, gold and beige. 

Theoretically speaking, purple can brighten the skin, green and offset redness, pink can offset sallow tones, gold and white can illuminate and beige can even out skin tone. I picked up each individual colour to swatch but it all looks relatively colourless on the skin.

This Guerlain Meteorites Pearls also comes in 02 Teint Beige and 03 Teint Dore. I don't own the other 2 shades so I cannot compare it for you.

 Bare skin.

After applying the Teint Rose meteorites.

This product is not very drop resistant at all. I dropped mine when I took it out of the box and one of the pearls broke. It doesn't look as pretty anymore but works absolutely fine. Just remember to be careful if you are traveling with this!!

According to the official description of the product, the Guerlain Meteorites Pearls utilises technology of white light used in films and photography to erase imperfections and soften features to create and flawless and radiant complexion (source).

Although it doesn't provide much coverage, when used all over the face, it does even out the skin tone and gives a very soft focus glowing radiant look (I think this is the closest thing to soft focus filter in makeup form that I have ever came across). It can be used on certain areas of the face as a highlighter as well. I think that this product will be universally flattering on various skin types and tones, because it mainly diffuses light and give a radiant glow without imparting too much colour.

I have been using this as the last step of my makeup routine and I really adore the effects it gives. This product illuminates my skin without making it look too unnatural or shiny. Even with a heavier hand, this product will not look cakey. It keeps oiliness under control very well too! My skin tend to get very oily about 4 hours after I apply my makeup but this product lasted 4 and a half hours and not too much shininess came through. I blotted my skin at the four and a half hour mark and my skin looked nice and non-shiny for another 4 hours or so.  

My skin is far from perfect and in the following photos, I wore a thin layer of Lioele Beyond the solution bb cream and concealer on my dark circles and blemishes, then the Teint Rose Meteorites all over my face. 

Anyway, after doing some calculations, I will not recommend getting this set unless you want to give out the mini pots as presents. You get 8g of product in each pot and that adds up the 16g for the set. It retails for $72 in Singapore and I think the full size retails for a similar price (around $70-ish), and you get twice the amount of product (almost 30g). 

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. Welcome to the meteorites love gang! I own two of these; Teint Beige from the permanent range and Emilio Pucci one :). You should try the makeup base too.

  2. I love highlighters~ I own one by lioele and it's really great. This one looks really natural and light~ perfect for dailywear. Your face makeup looks lovely ^_^

    Joyce @

  3. i agree that it's not very useful/worth it.. but it looks really pretty!

  4. So inspiring post...thanks darling! :)

    With love,Mia

  5. It's really pretty! But I think I'll pass on this since it seems like it doesn't do much. :/

  6. I am always tempted to buy them whenever i check out the airlines shopping magazines. they are so pretty!!! ^^

    u look cute with the side braid :)


  7. i have been fascinated with guerlain products ever since i heard about them and i love reading reviews about them. :D

    <3, Mimi
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  8. Love your makeup!
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC??


    Ohhh by the way we have a great giveaway on at the moment!

  9. nice review
    and cute pink color

  10. hello! i like your blog! im following you now on GFC if you like my blog, follow me back please! XoXo

  11. I envy your access to so many makeup :))) :* keep it up!

    khai :)

  12. I'll remember the next time I travel.

  13. This make up is amazing! Have it also! Gives your skin such a fresh touch:)

    Will step by soon<3

  14. Too bad it's so expensive! It's so cute and really pretty!


  15. Hi! I was looking at your blog and I like it so much!
    Can we maybe follow each other? Let me know dear <3

  16. Your makeup looks incredible! I love this shade on you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. This is the cutest thing that I've seen today!


  18. Looks cool and that a purplish color????

    Great blog dear :)

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  19. Your make up is so amazing

    Love Storm

  20. Looks Lovely !!
    Very Nice !!


  21. great post.

  22. Wow really nice product looks really cute... Your skin is beautiful~~


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  23. Ciao! I like your blog! If you like,come to my blog to follow with me Milan Fashion Week! Kiss, Paolo

  24. I love duty free! Everything is displayed so nicely too :) And this product looks so adorable and pretty, love the packaging!

  25. It looks absolutely beautiful! The package is so cute. X


  26. Great review!

    Looks really good I will check the brand out !! :P

    Instant follower here !

    I'm working on a questions tag would you help me and leave a question for me ?:)

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  27. I love it! Your skin looks very natural and beautiful!


  28. omgg, the packaging and brush are so cuteeee >___< but so damn expensive,, lol XD

  29. I have this as well but I haven't used it yet! xP Anyway, great review :D

    I was also wondering, would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :):)


  30. Love it :) looks really good, so does your blog!
    just started following with GFC!

  31. The brush looks super cute~~
    and wow the effects of different colors sound great! do they really work like that? :)

  32. Everything looks so cute! I wanna have it :D
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  33. Oh, too expensive for me :( Mina.
    My blog: The Style Fever

  34. I want to see a picture of all your make, I fell like you have more make up, than a make up artist =)

  35. oh my! I definitely want it in my life!

  36. ahh this is so pretty >_< love all the different pastel colours! I think some brands like Etude House have come up with dupes though if you don't think this is worth the price :)

  37. I've always heard great things about the meteorites but still haven't found the chance to buy them. I did see this set @ duty free when I was travelling in June and didn't pick it up. I think it really depends on what you expect to be coming out of the product in order to decide whether you like it or not.. :P It's still such a beautiful product though.. love the colours!

  38. Cool! is pink :)
    Kisses, Den

  39. I love tax free shopping
    at the airport as well
    haha c:
    Nice haul! You look
    so refreshing!



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