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Saturday, June 30, 2012

L'oreal Colour Riche Balms Review

Hi everyone, I have a quick post for you today. I have mentioned several times on the blog that I like sheer lip colours, so I think it is only expected that I'll get my hands on the L'oreal Colour Riche Balms sooner or later. I mean.. products that gives me the "my lips but better" look are exactly my cup of tea.

Anyways, before I get into the review, I am going to do a little rant first. I bought these off ebay because these Colour Riche Balms are not released in Malaysia. They appeared sealed (with the little piece of sticker) but three of them have been opened and swatched!!!!! I have heard that there are no testers in US drugstores so sometimes people open the product to swatch the colour or maybe it's my seller but I really don't think so because the seller seems to have more than one of the product available.

I feel so disgusted and even though I sanitised the product twice before swatching them, I still feel icky to put it on my lips. To whoever who opens and swatches drugstore products, please stop doing it!!!!! It's so selfish and inconsiderate!!! There's loads of information and pictures available online FOR FREE, so why do you need to do that??? WHY?????

Ok, rant over, now the review.

I have all 8 colours. From left: 118 Pink Satin, 218 Rose Elixir, 219 Plush Plum, 318 Heavenly Berry, 418 Caring Coral, 518 Tender Mauve, 818 Nourishing Nude and 819 Caramel Comfort.

From left: 118 Pink Satin, 218 Rose Elixir, 219 Plush Plum, 318 Heavenly Berry

Leftmost colour, 418 Caring Coral, is my absolute favourite. As you can see, I have used up so much of it prior to the review and I haven't had it for long at all.
From left: 418 Caring Coral, 518 Tender Mauve, 818 Nourishing Nude and 819 Caramel Comfort. 

The first thing I am going to address is the moisturising quality of this product. The name suggests that this product is a balm and lots of reviews online claims that this product is very moisturising, but I don't fully agree to that. If my lips are already dry and chapped, putting this product on will not help to restore all that much suppleness and moisture into my lips. However, if my lips are not dry/chapped, this product does help to prevent my lips from losing moisture. I think that this product feels very thick/ almost oily on the lips, and that is why I think it can help to prevent moisture from escaping. Although the product feels a little oily/thick, it is not to the level where it feels uncomfortably heavy to wear.

In terms of colour, 118 Pink Satin is completely clear on my lips. I would imagine that 318 Heavenly Berry will also be clear on the lips, but I can't confirm that because this was one of the ones that has been opened so I didn't try it on my lips. 818 Nourishing Nude is very close to my lips colour but a tiny bit darker, so it does make my natural lip colour pop a little and give my lips a glossy look.

All the other colours seem to be much darker and would definitely gives some sort of colour to the lips (even though 219 Plush Plum and 518 Tender Mauve have also been opened so I have never put it on my own lips). As I have mentioned before, 418 Caring Coral is my absolute favourite out of the bunch because it just gives a tad of pinky coral tinge to my lips which I really like.

The packaging is cute in my opinion but the plastic do feel a little cheap and light (not complaining though, for the price I think the packaging is not bad at all!). This product do have a sweet/ candy scent but once it's on you will not really be able detect it on the lips. This product wears off very fast, under one and a half hour. The sheerness of it does make reapplying it so effortless and easy so I don't mind pulling it out of my purse and slapping it on every now and then.

Bottom line is, you need to know what to expect and what you are getting with this product. Lots of negative reviews for this product stemmed from the fact that people are comparing this with the Revlon Lip Butters, and I think they are not the same thing. In my opinion, the Revlon Lip Butters are more like lip colours that are light and slightly sheer whereas the L'oreal Colour Riche Balms are just tinted lip balms. Apart from 118 Pink Satin and 318 Heavenly Berry (because if no colour shows up, you are better off with a clear lip balm to be honest), all the colours are worth a try if you like sheer and natural lip colour that gives your lips a sheer and translucent colour tinge.

818 Nourishing Nude, a perfect "my lips but better" colour for me. Perfect for my no-makeup-makeup days.

418 Caring Coral, the most natural pinky coral tinge. I love this~~

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Until next time xoxo 


  1. These look lovely, like the look of the caring coral! xo

  2. I have only one haha..

    Great review doll!

    Hey dear join my giveaway and win an amazing dress

    <3 Una

  3. pretty colors!!! Thanks for showcasing all of them. And thank you! I love bright colors :) I would love to visit Asia. My bf is part Asian so we both want to visit someday! We just need some vacation time! :)

  4. great review! might just pick one of them to try!

  5. OMG you have 8 sheer lip colours to play with, I am so jelly!!!! And i totally agree with you on people who open the product and there's a lot of those people. That's why I always triple check the wrapping before buying the product.

    And I don't think you have a weird past time, if I have as much cosmetics as you do, I would be doing the same thing. Just staring at them would make me happy :)

    Have an awesome weekend liz <3

  6. Eugh can't believe some of them were swatched before!! Gross! These look like a great alternative to the Revlon Lip Butters though, some nice colours!

  7. Adding these to my list of products to try. I love the Caring Coral on you! It's so gross that people open things and try them on!

  8. Caring coral is such a pretty colour!
    I hate that non-tester products get opened and used, and there's no way to tell because it gets put back with all the other products >_< That's why I always go for the back of the shelf, or don't buy if there's no seal/sticker. But I didn't expect it could happen with online buying too!
    Thanks for the swatches and review though!

  9. The packaging looks great, how'd you compare these to the Revlon Lip Butters? x

  10. omg these look so pretty! i've always just tried the revlon lip butters, cuz i heard from some ppl that these were too sheer... but after seeing ur post i actually wanna go out and buy atleast one to try haha~ thanks!! =)

    xoxo <3

  11. Attemptiiing ! Haha I love cosmetics ! Thanks for sharing ;)

  12. oh haiiii! ty for dropping by my blog, i have just followed yours :D
    loving the color rose elixir, keep up the great blogging :D

  13. thanks for sharing this! I can't believe that they were already used!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  14. great review! i love these soooooo much more than the Revlon Lip butters. ugh i hate it when people swatch them on their disgusting hands.. if it's already open, then i'll check it out and then buy a the same product that isn't used. OMFG it makes me wanna barf when people try out an eyeliner at the drugstores! UGH.

  15. Great review hun, I totally want to try these now!! I like the coral as well :)

    Couture Caddy

  16. very beautiful pictures compliments
    and Thanks for passing by my blog ... : D
    I hope you will continue to follow me
    Miriam Stella

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  17. Natural lipstick colors are very pretty for you !


  18. nice post pretty :)
    i love the rose elixir's color <3

  19. These look ideal for a slick of balm with a bit of tint. From the swatches they don't seem all that pigmented, but sometimes that's what you need :) I can see how they might not be super moisturising for those with already dry, chapped lips, but to be honest I don't find the Revlon Lip Butters super moisturising either (at least not uniformly across the whole shade selection). I think the L'Oreal NutriShine by Colour Riche lipsticks are more moisturising but I don't like the glitter in them.

  20. eww to pre-opened products!! did the ebay seller disclose this in the info?..idk

    the lip color looks really nice on you :) I love "no make up make up days" too~ probably is my everyday go to look .. especially in this hot weather (dont feel like wearing makeup on most days if i'm not going out). good to hear these lippies dont smell bad. i purchased one of their lipsticks a few years ago and it smelled awful -_-


  21. Woww~ so many colors! I really like Rose Elixir! Super pretty! :)

    And that's pretty gross that you got used products! :( I just don't understand some people - they can be so unsanitary!

  22. the colours look amazing! deffo have to try these!

  23. I love L'Oreal glosses and shades, might have to try the last coral color :)

  24. They look really pretty, have to try one :)


  25. I must buy one of them. Great colors!

  26. oh i am loving these riche balms i have to go check them out and get a few. 418 looks absolutely stunning on you!

    xx rae

  27. Wow you have so many. They look really good from the photos. I'd like to get something like this.

  28. Eww at the part where somebody actually swatched it! >;(
    But I really like the colours of the lippie! I love the light and sheer colours!
    Thanks for review! ^___^

  29. Ugh I hate that people swatch the drugstore items too. I make sure that I carefully inspect lipsticks before I buy them at the store. The colors you got are so cute though! It's too bad some of them are so sheer.

  30. that coral looks great. I almost bought it but put it down last minute. I just decided to go into more of a lipstick than lipbalm. Great Review! I am your newest follower and I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my preppy blog. I always comment back and would love to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  31. These look lovely swatched hun especially #818 is definitely a MLBB shade on you. I haven't tried these Balms nor the lip butters but I am still patiently waiting for a BOGOF sale hehe.

    I understand how you feel about receiving products already swatched - quite a while back, I purchased an item from the department store, was walking out halfway, opened the box and looked at the product only to find it was almost one third used! I had to go back and get a return as they didn't have any more stock left...

  32. Lovely colours! Will have to sample some xx


  33. check out my blog dear,
    i have an award for you


  34. Ahhh i want them all!

  35. great review, as always! omgosh that sounds disgusting. ew wtf....but it's true. people *DO* open up makeup and use it at's really annoying so it's important to check before you buy. but in your case, there's nothing you can do about it since you ordered it through the internet but ... yea. that's gross :(

    ah, no moisturizing for dry lips? that's disappointing...but all well. at least it keeps in moisture to some extent.

    caring coral is my favorite too~~ i've really been into coral colors lately!

    alex @

  36. it's terrible to hear that you ended up buying used products :( did you notify the seller? since they're opened you have no idea if people just put it on their hands or even on their lips- you have no idea where they've been! hopefully nowhere dirty. at least the colours are really pretty- I like the coral! <3


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