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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Project 366: Week 15, 16 & 17

Hi everyone. Another 3 weeks have passed and that means it's time for a new Project 366 blog post. I always have so much fun putting these posts together and I hope you guys enjoy reading it too.

 #99 Suki fell asleep using the remote as her pillow. I really wanted to change the channel but I couldn't bear waking her up because she looked too cute snoozing away. 

#100 Hot and stuffy tropical weather and my skin is not a good combination. My skin has been breaking out so I bought this Naruko Tea Tree Targeted Treatment hoping that it would help.

Well, it doesn't do anything dramatic but it does help to reduce the swelling and redness ever so slightly.  

 #101 Sukiyaki dinner with the family. Yummy~~~

#102 My new friend, little blue bear. He was the main character of this DIY post here.   

#103 I found this in one of my bags when I was cleaning my room. A Marimo (seaweed ball) keychain that I bought in Hokkaido. I miss Japan T^T. 

#104 I saw these sushi magnets in Daiso and I thought they were the cutest thing ever. How cute do they look on my pink mini whiteboard that I brought back from Melbourne (I know it's silly for me to bring back such a random item, but it's a piece of my old home).

#105 I thought Hiro was upset because he was hiding his face.
#105.5 A complete change in mood 2 minutes later. Sometimes I really wonder what goes through this little guy's head. 

 #106 One of the photos I took for my Chanel Summer 2012 review post (link). Didn't end up using this photo in the post because I conveniently blocked out my cheeks and lips, and I was reviewing cheek and lip products -.-" 

#107 A blushing little blue bear with my little seals.

#108 & 108.5 A restaurant named Hungry Hog that reminds me of Melbourne for some reason. Takeaways here comes with a smiley face :) 

 #109 & 109.5 Mochi, soft serve ice cream and Green tea float.

#110 I haven't had a cellphone charm for the longest time and when I saw these owl cellphone straps at a little boutique, I had to have them. Don't you think these match so well with my pink phone case? 

#111 I have been wanting an Ikea baby carrot for ages and I finally had the chance to pick one up.
 #111.5 And then I was home for less than 5 minutes and Hiro stole it from my shopping bag.
 #111.9 Bonus photo (I try not to put more than 2 photos for a single day but look at him~~). 

#112 The perfection lumiere foundation gives such an amazing finish to my skin. I am loving it!!!!!

*update* The foundation does slip off in extremely hot weather when my skin gets extra oily/ sweaty.

#113 My Chanel Hydramax Active lipbalm ran out and I got this as it's replacement (much more affordable for sure). This works very well to hydrate my lips although the texture and smell is not even close to the Chanel one. 

#114 Tadahhhhh!! My makeup table. Storage units are from Ikea and Daiso. 

#115 Do you know what fruit this is? Hint: It's not actually green but a deep maroon colour, my camera made it look green for some reason.
 #115.5 Answer: It's some fresh juicy Lychees. 

#116 Trying a new mask that I got from Sasa recently. It made my skin really supple and bright. Loved it!!

#117 I finally mastered the 5-strand braid after endless trials. See, as long as you don't give up everything is possible ^-^ 

 #118 I really think Hiro is ultra photogenic. He looks so cute no matter what he does.

#119 Hidden Mickey dinner spread. I made Cajun chicken quesadillas, avocado and tomato salsa and Borg's pastry for dinner.
 #119.5 Side view. I was hoping for the cheese to ooze out but that obviously did not happen, oh wells...

This is it from me so far. 
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Until next time xoxo


  1. Ahhh all the food looks so good! And I love your braid :)

  2. your dog is so adorable ^^ these are some neat things you have here :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wowo really cute pictures in this post! your puppy is qite cute

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page

  4. you have a flawless skin *envious* hehe :P
    Sukiyaki, Mochi, ice-cream omg i drollled :))
    the puppy is so darn cute *hugs it*

    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  5. Tea tree is really good for skin and scalp :) My sis bought tea tree oil for her hair/scalp, and man, the smell is sooo strong, it causes me
    to sneeze O.o lol
    What does the Sukiyaki dinner consist of? jw :)
    Hiro is sooo cuute and loooove the decor of the resturant ♥, mochi looks soo good, soo cute owl charms ♥
    Oh! the fruit, I HAD NOO IDEA WHAT IT WAS CALLED! I call them spiked balls lol, my dad brought some home from the grocery last wk, and i was curious bout it, I tried it
    and wow the taste is soooo prettty! LOL It tatses just like the smell of a pretty flower! What an interesting taste and gezzzz I was suprised to find
    a huuge seed inside! O.o I'm soo glad I saw this post, I now don't have to wonder bout the name of the fruit. :D Totally gonna read up on it! lol
    Love the dinner that you made, the quesadillas look sooo yummy! ♥ haha u made me hungry -.-


  6. cutest post ever, love your dog! What a great inside into your life :)

    Couture Caddy

  7. Suki and Hiro are totally adorable!
    And those sushi magnets are a must-have :)
    Wow, your make-up table is amazing! It looks so organised too...unlike my dressing table, lol.

  8. 111.5 is my favorite! Hiro is sooo cute. And you have so many cute stuff too!!! xx

  9. I love your dog so much!! I love how Hiro always have a stuffy on his hand when he sleeps!! Soooo cute!!! And your skin look absolutely fab with the lumiere foundation on <3

  10. Nice photos you have here! Your dog is so adorable, so cuuuute. I also love your charms and keychains. X

  11. You dog is so cute! My cousin has the same breed and I love it to death eventhough it doesn't belong to me hehe

    Too bad the Naruko product didn't work. I find Naruko products a hit or miss

  12. Hiii :D

    Thanks for your reply on my questions to this :D
    Oh ok @ Sukiyaki :) Yea, Lychees are pretty good, I love how the outside of the fruit has a tough kinda look exterior with the spikiness of it all and then when you peel it off, the inside is soft and delicate and when you taste it, it has a pretty flavor! Oh, didn't know they come in cans, they are not as good?

    Oh and thanks for your comment on my wrapped in merino post, lol, I'm such a nerd for world record stuff, so had to join :D lol


  13. I really like you blog dear!
    Keep posting, you do it great! :)


  14. I love Chanel make-up!

    *Sheinside giveaway on my blog!*

  15. Awww, your dog is so adorable :) Love your little plush seals and sushi magnets too! So cute. I need to really organise my makeup, I wish Muji could ship to Australia affordably.

  16. Nice blog,your dog is so cute:).
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).

    Happy blogging.

  17. that sukiyaki looks so yummy! wish i could have some now as i'm so hungry!! hahaha. i think hiro wants to play peek-a-poo! u have such cute dogs!!! btw, u look adorable with braids ^^

    //collar necklace giveaway on my blog//

  18. I'm loving the food!:) and the chanel makeup! followed and thanks for the comment!:) xx

  19. I love the blue bear, he is adorable

  20. you are amazing! have a great style! wow! so stylish! what about follow each other! please, check mine, and if you like it, we col follow each other! what do you think! a big kiss fron Italy!
    miriam stella

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

  21. Great photos! You have so many cute plushies and knickknacks ^^ Lychee is one of my favorite types of fruit, especially in the summertime :)

  22. i love your plushies and the cellphone strap looks amazing :)

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog and what a cute blog you have here! I am following you now :)

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  24. Nice photos! You're so pretty :)
    Love your chanel makeup, and phone strap..

  25. what a lovely post!! We gave our bunny rabbit the same ikea carrot toy for Christmas last year but it seems like she was threatened by it... a bunny threatened by a carrot.. who would have imagined ;)

  26. wow your makeup table is amazing! you must have a lot haha, it really trumps my tiny collection. your dogs are soo cute too!

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog btw, I really appreciate it :)

  27. Oh my goodness! Your doggie is soooooo cute!!! It's munching on your carrot toy! Hahaha

    Those owl phone charms are really cute - I think they would suit your pink phone case =)

    Love that your storage looks so structured!

  28. All the food looks so great, makes me rather hungry!

    Huge Hugs
    Please pay me a visit!

  29. why is Hiro so adorable!? lol
    I would love to pet him :)
    you have naturally nice skin :)

  30. Thanks ♥

    You're so cute & your dog adorable :3
    Love your blog ♥

  31. the puppy is sooo cute! I wouldn't want to wake it up either. so adorable! I like cell phone charms.. I find they are so cute. Unfortunately they are not that common here.

  32. you have so many sweet things! love your posts :)

  33. Hi! Would you mind if I ask where did you buy your owl handphone charm? They're so lovely.


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