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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge (02 Strawberry Whip, 05 Honey Latte & 06 Peach Milk) & Canmake Candy Wrap Lip (02 Navel Drop & 03 Peach Shower) Review

Hi everyone. When I was trying to decide what I want to review for you in this post, I realised that I haven't talked about any Japanese cosmetics on my blog. I went through my makeup stash and picked out some Japanese products that I love to share with you.

First up, Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge and Canmake Candy Wrap Lip.

The Canmake Nudy Gloss Rouge is described as a range of nude shade liquid rouge that is creamy, adds shine and long lasting. In addition, it contains beauty essence and volumizing complex that helps maintains moisture and gives your lips a plumped look.

There's 6 colours in the range: 01 Rose Macaron, 02 Strawberry Whip, 03 Browny Chocolate, 04 Sugar Milk Tea, 05 Honey Latte and 06 Peach Milk. (source)

I have 3 of the 6 shades. From left: 02 Strawberry Whip (milky pink), 05 Honey Latte (brownish beige nude)and 06 Peach Milk (milky peachy nude). None of the shades have visible shimmer.

This product is met with a lot of mixed reviews on the blogosphere, so I am going to list out what I like and don't like about the product to help you decide if this product is for you.

The pros: The Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge has a very creamy texture that is not too sticky in my opinion. It is also very long lasting, wearing well on my lips for over 4 hours if I don't eat/drink. It is definitely a pigmented product and the colour of the rouge translates well on the lips. I personally like to wear it on its own but it looks really good layered over other lip products to nude out the colour. This product also doesn't have a detectable scent, which is really good news for those who dislike lip products with fragrances. I like to blend it in for a more natural finish but if I can achieve a very glossy finish if I apply a thicker layer. Although I don't think that this product is particularly moisturizing, I can safely say that the Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge doesn't dry out my lips.

The cons: As the name implies, the Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge comes in a nude lips shade range, so it might not work for some skin tones. This rouge also has a brush tip applicator, which makes it really difficult to apply the rouge evenly onto the lips. I like to rub the product in with my fingers to blend it in. Besides that, this product also tend to settle into lip lines if you don't blend it in properly or if your lips are really dry. 

I think the packaging is ok. It's plastic and the writings do rub off really easily, but I don't think that is a major issue. I have had 06 Peach Milk for a while and that is in fact my favourite out of the 3 that I own. 

Sorry for the out-of-focus photo, but I hope you can still see how the gloss looks like on my lips. I applied a sheer layer and blended it out to give it a very natural look. 

The Canmake Candy Wrap Lip is a product that claims to provide vivid colour while being moisturizing at the same time. It is described to have a jelly-like finish that has a light and smooth texture.

The Canmake Candy Wrap Lip has released several new shades since I bought mine. It is now available in 8 colours: 01 Sugar Love (classic pink), 02 Navel Drop (reddish orange), 03 Peach Shower (coral pink), 04 Lady Strawberry (red), 05 Pinkholic Syrup (blue-based pink), 06 Guava Smoothie (medium pink), 07 Hot Marmalade (tangerine) and 08 Pemegranate Jam (reddish coral). (source)

I only have 2 colours: 02 Navel Drop (reddish orange), 03 Peach Shower (coral pink). Both has a clear jelly-finish, no visible shimmer.

For a jelly-finish gloss, the Canmake Candy Wrap Lip is undeniably one that is on the pigmented side. Although it does impart some colour onto the lips, I don't think that the colour comes out "exactly" like in the tube as claimed on the Canmake website. This gloss comes with a standard doe-foot applicator which makes application much easier compared to the Nudy Glow Rouge. The texture is much lighter and not as creamy as the Nudy Glow Rouge. I won't say that this gloss is sticky, but it feels ever so slightly greasy on the lips. This gloss is quite long-lasting, being able to stay on my lips for around 2-3 hours. Once again, I don't detect a noticeable scent. This gloss is more forgiving on dry lips than the Nudy Glow Rouge, plus it also doesn't dry my lips out at all. The packaging is plastic and is really light, but I think it's nice in terms of a drugstore product. I personally really like the design of the tube.

I was wearing the Canmake Candy Wrap Lip Lipgloss in 02 Navel Orange in this photo. The colour is a little washed out as usual. I am saving up for a new camera with a flip-out screen so I can take better photos in the future so please be patient with me!

P/s. Do you like my new hair colour?

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Until next time xoxo 


  1. great review, and yes love the hair!
    could you do a tutorial on those nails?? they look so pretty!

  2. nice new hair colour! peach shower looks yummy! :)


  3. I really like Strawberry Whip in the nude line! Thanks for the review and I love the hair color! (:

  4. wow..very interesting..kiss kiss

  5. Beautiful colors! Visit my blog :)

  6. i really liked the shades of the nudy glow rouge.

  7. love all the nude shades! you are so pretty!

  8. The packaging looks really cute! I hardly use glosses, I use lip balms more aha >.< Canmake glosses have nice shades though! ~

  9. i like nude lipsticks, but yeah... some just don't go well with my skin tone!
    i love your hair color!

    can u help me win a contest and like the leather satchel FB page and my satchel Design?? xx

  10. Nice review! =) I've been wanting to try out these lip glosses but I didn't pick any up while I was in Hong Kong ='(

  11. This pink is the prettiest one:)

  12. Nice review!

  13. great review! I haven't tried it :)

  14. Really nice colours. Especially love the nude ones :)

    Indie by heart

  15. Beautiful shades!

    Huge hugs
    Please pay me a visit!

  16. Love the new hair colour - I have wanted to do ombre for the longest time. I plan on doing it when my hair gets longer. Those Canmake glosses look so pigmented. I love the looks of Peach Milk. I remember when I was in Singapore, I wanted to purchase a Canmake gloss but ended up getting a Majolica Majorca one instead.

  17. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  18. really great colors. i have a vey hard time wearing nude shades though in my opinion. i know they are really popular in japan especially paired with a bit of a tan and smokey eyes, but i always just feel so washed out!

    xx rae
    love for schoolgirl

  19. These look lovely! So do your nails xo

  20. love all of those colours! You're really beautiful :)

  21. I really love your nails, how did you do that?


  22. Nice!

  23. OMG I love reading your makeup review so much!! You always have a big variety of makeup reviews. I always wanted to try some jap makeup products except there are too many for me to choose from. I am glad that you do jap makeup reviews too, this way at least I know some jap brand! And i love your nails so much!!!

    ps. Regarding your lost wallet, it's such a horrible way to start the weekend. Hopefully the person who took it only wants the money and not your IDs. And don't worry, this week will be a better week :)

  24. i love your hair :3 and omg i miss having access to buy can make products! i love how they're so cheap yet work so well :)

  25. I think Canmake's products are generally very creamy in texture and quite pigmented. I have one of their lipsticks and the lipstick looks like gem... I try not to destroy the pretty gem-like look haha.

  26. Very pretty hair! I haven't tried Canmake products, but the colours in the swatches are gorgeous, especially in the Nudy Glow range :)

  27. I like the navel orange color on you in the last two photos! So pretty!


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