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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nature Republic Apple Dome Blusher (#1 Pink Apple & #2 Coral Apple), 4D Flower Powder (#2 Lucid Pastel) & Mango Bebe Lip Scrub Review

Hi everyone. Have you heard of a Korean cosmetics brand called Nature Republic? I didn't know that this brand is available in Malaysia but I stumbled upon the store when I was walking around in a mall. Needless to say I went in the store and picked up several items on impulse that I will review for you now(these unplanned purchases left me so broke T^T).

I purchased the Apple Dome Blusher in #1 Pink Apple and #2 Coral Apple, the 4D Flower Powder in #2 Lucid Pastel and the Mango Bebe Lip Scrub

Let's take a look at the Apple Dome Blusher first. To be perfectly honest, I was attracted to this blush because Goo Hara's picture is on the packaging. She is a singer from a Korean girl group called Kara. Hara and Nicole are my favourite members in the group so I *must* pick this up since I am a big fan.
From left: Apple Dome Blusher in #1 Pink Apple and #2 Coral Apple

This blush is dome-shaped and it is a very convenient product to use because it can be tapped onto the cheeks and blended out using your fingers. No tools required are always a plus right? If you like to reapply your blush throughout the day, I think this will be great because you don't need to take a brush/ applicator with you.

Swatches (leftmost swatch was 2 swipes of products, middle was 4 swipes and right was what it looked like blended out)
 #1 Pink Apple (medium blue-base pink)
#2 Coral Apple (coral.. obviously)

The fact that this blush is designed to be used without any applicator is a big plus for me because when I am in a rush or feeling lazy, I can just pop this on my cheeks and blend it out with my fingers, which just makes everything much easier and quicker. This blush blends really well without looking streaky or patchy at all. Although the packaging is made of plastic, it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. The packaging might a tad too bulky though.

The texture of this blush feels like a balm in the pot and when applied onto the skin and blended out, it dries down to a powder finish (no shimmer/sheen). This blush is really comfortable to wear because the texture feels smooth and light on the skin. This blush lasted ok on my oily skin, staying on for 4 and a half hours before starting to fade (the weather has been crazy hot so my skin is a little oilier than usual). 

The next item that I picked up was the 4D flower powder in #2 Lucid Pastel.

This powder has 4 colours (pastel pink, pastel green, pastel blue and pastel yellow) but it is mostly a clear powder when applied onto the skin.

 Bare skin.
After applying the powder. As you can see, the powder is clear but it did have some tiny micro shimmers.

I think this powder is pretty to look at and it also reminds me of the Givenchy Prisme Libre loose powder (which I don't have so I can't compare them). The powder is very finely milled and the texture is very smooth and light on the skin. As I have mentioned, the colour is practically clear with a little brightening quality. There are tiny micro shimmers in the powder but the shimmers are not visible once applied. The shimmers do add some luminosity onto the skin though. I really like using this powder to set my makeup because I think it helps to create a bright and luminous complexion. In addition, this powder does control oil quite well. One downside to this powder is that it has quite a strong floral/baby-powder like scent, but once applied the scent will dissipate quite quickly.

The last thing I picked up was the Mango Bebe Lip Scrub.

The texture of the product. Light creamy base with tiny exfoliating particles.  

This is the first lip scrub that I have tried and I have to say that I am really liking it thus far. I think that this product is very effective in nourishing dry lips and the exfoliating particles are great in removing dead/ dry skin on the lips. The exfoliating particles are not too sharp/rough, so it feels quite comfortable massaging this product on the lips. I like to wipe the product off using a damp cotton pad and my lips felt so soft and smooth after. The scent of the scrub is quite apparent and you can definitely smell it when you have it on your lips. To me, the scent smells like some sort of fruit candy (not so much mango though, more like peach in my opinion). All in all, I am more than happy with this product and I think I am now hooked to lip scrubs~~~

I was wearing the Apple Dome Blusher in #2 Coral Apple in these pictures. I think the colour was captured better in the 2nd photo.

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  1. thx for the comment dear :)
    really nice post! love the coral apple blusher :D

  2. Those blushes are so cute! what fab packaging!

    Couture Caddy

  3. I love that blush!

    I just want to invite you to join the RIRE giveaway on my blog

  4. Never heard of these products, but I LOOOVE THE PACKAGING! SO CUTE AND NEAT! ♥
    The blushes look like lip balms. There are these american lip balms that are similiarly packaged like that :)
    I think the colors of the blushes are really nice and cute on your skin tone! ♥
    I love that the finish becomes powder, how interesting!

    And OH MY GOSH!! I LOOOVE THE PASTEL POWDER! I'd soo want that! LOL
    I loove the pastel colors, and loove when you apply it, it's pretty clear, like there's not much differnece to the actual skin, cept the shimmer. :D
    So cool, sounds like this powder is magical :D lol. I want it. -.-

    Hi Liz! Thanks so much for your awesome comment on my landscape painting post! meant a lot to me :)
    Yes agree that the lychee fruit has a fragrance, that's the word for that fruit :D
    And yea fresh fruit is always better ;)

    Oh following you on twitter ^^


  5. Hi sweety :)
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  6. Are you Korean? If so, so am I! haha. I love nature republic products, too bad we don't get them here in the states.


  7. LOL nature republic!!! i have this story...when I was in Taipei and saw the store, i noticed how similar the font was to "banana republic" that i took a picture of it thinking it was a rip of banana republic...and then my friend goes, "you know nature republic is an actual store". ahhaha i fail. XD

    but this is the first time i got a preview of their products! loving the cheek stain though the powder looks amazing! i love how it goes on invisibly. and oh man, thanks for reminding me -- i need to buy a lip exfoliator! unfortunately there aren't any nature republic stores around my area ;x

    alex @

  8. oh this's so cute! nice colors <3 maybe, I've fallen in love with them as you do :p
    followed your blog! I've always wanted to learn make up..I think your blog will be a good resource!
    you're pretty with the make up <3 love it
    please visit mine if you have time

  9. That powder looks neat - I hear green is good for offsetting red if you ever get breakouts or red areas on your face! :)

  10. ahh I totally love Korean cosmetics!! never heard of this brand but the packaging has already gotten to me. the Apple dome blusher looks really pretty on you! :)

  11. I've not tried a lip scrub before but I want to try the one from LUSH. The blushes really intrigue me - I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. They seem convenient to use and I like how they're not super pigmented, so you can't easily overdo it if you apply it directly to your face :)

  12. nice post, thanks for sharing dear
    i love your blog,
    following you now

    hope we can follow each other


  13. I'm really impressed with the powder. It truly evens out the skin tone very subtly.

  14. i like so much this blog every time better!

  15. nice colors!! thanks for sharing!

  16. oh i've never heard of that brand before. but the blushers are so cute! i also like the colors. they're not too dark.

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  17. i love dome blush as it's so user-friendly! no need to use blush brush, best for travelling too!

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  18. Cute colours!

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  19. Great post! Personally, I'm really impressed! I love the way you write your blogs!

  20. I love how cute the packaging for Asian beauty products always are. The dome blush is a great applicator and looks like it would travel well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. i really want to try the lip scrub and the dome blushes! those shades are pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  22. I have never heard of this brand but it sounds and looks pretty good.

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  24. Love your posts!

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  25. How cute are those domed blushes! From the first few pictures, I thought they were larger, but they are super cute and small on the palm of your hands! They seem easy for application too :) I don't currently own any blushes like that, I like the concept. Coral Apple is a shade I would definitely love to wear :) When you apply the product on your cheeks, does it smudge/remove your foundation base hun?

  26. How much did the blush cost ? Was thinking of buying also ^.^

    1. I bought these a while ago so I don't really remember how much they were exactly. I think it's around RM35.00 or so.

  27. oooh I think this might be my favourite post of you !!! I never heard of those products !! So cute !! *-* Will you be posting more from Natural Republic?


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