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Friday, May 11, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes Review (Core Collection, Starter & Travel Essential Set+Foundation Brush, Powder Brush, Lash Brow Groomer & Stippling Brush)

Hi everyone. If you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you would have caught glimpses of what I am reviewing today here and here. I bought these Real Techniques brushes off Amazon a while ago and I have finally gotten around to posting this review. Sorry for the huge delay.

For those of you who haven't heard of this brand, the Real Techniques brushes are by Samantha Chapman who is one half of the  famous UK beauty blogger and youtube beauty guru by the name of Pixiwoo (with her sister Nicola Chapman). (more info hereI love watching Pixiwoo's videos on youtube and highly recommend their channel if you like makeup or if you want to learn how to create different makeup looks.

There's 3 brush sets available in the line (the core collection set, starter set and the travel essential set) and I purchased all 3 of them for $17.99 per set.

The core collection set contains 4 brushes (the detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush) housed in a black brush case designed for applying base makeup. 

From left: contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and buffing brush.

I really like this brush for highlight and contour because this brush is not too big so I can apply the product on precise areas on my face. The bristles are also very soft which makes blending a breeze. 

I hardly reach for this brush because I am not a very big fan of it to be honest. I just think that this brush is way too small to apply foundation. I do sometimes use this brush to apply and blend out concealer and it works ok for that.

I have only used this brush for precise concealing (blemishes and what not) and it works really well for that. What I do is that I use this brush to dot concealers onto the mark/blemish that I want to conceal and then blend the edges out with my fingers. This brush will also work well as a lip brush.

This is my favourite brush out of all the brushes that I bought. I love using this brush to buff on foundation/bb cream/powder because it gives such a flawless coverage. The soft but dense bristles really helps to blend the product seamlessly into the skin to give a more natural finish. I sometimes use this brush to apply blush if I want a slightly heavier application too!! 

The starter set contains 5 eye brushes in a black brush case: base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and a brow brush.

From left: deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel point eyeliner brush and brow brush.

 As you can see, this brush is quite big for an eye brush and I rarely use it for that. I love to use this brush to blend in concealer under my eyes, around my nose and around my mouth. I used to use a fluffy blending brush to do that but this brush does a much better job at providing good coverage while blending the product into the skin to avoid a heavy/cakey look. I sometimes use this brush to apply a colour wash onto my entire lids, which is very quick and easy because of the size of the brush.

This is a normal basic eye shadow brush. The tip is quite wide and fluffy so might not be the best choice if you want to place shadow precisely on the lids but works well the lay shadow down on the eyes as well as blending shadow around the socket line.

This brush is excellent to apply shadow on my lower lash line and to apply highlight colour in my inner corners. 

 I prefer using flat eyeliner brush to apply eyeliner but for those of you who are used to using eyeliner brushes of this shape will probably like this brush a lot more than me. The bristle hold their shape well so you are going to have a fair amount of control when applying eyeliner. It is a teensy bit thick though, so it might not work if you like wearing a very thin eyeliner. This brush is also very good for pin-point concealing.

 Nice and simple angled brush that is good for filling in the brows. I use it to apply eyeliner (gel/shadow) and this brush is very good for creating a cat-eye.

The travel essential set comes with 3 brushes also housed in a black brush case (essential foundation brush, multi task brush and the domed shadow brush).
From left: essential foundation brush, domed shadow brush and multi task brush.


 This is a traditional paddle shape foundation brush, which is not my favourite kind of brushes for foundation. I have never used this brush before.

This brush is a little bigger and denser than the base shadow brush. I like to use this brush to apply eyeshadow on the entire lids, contour down the sides of my nose, highlight my brow bone and to blend out concealer. As you can see, this brush is really versatile in my opinion.

Although this brush is named the multitask brush, its functions revolve around face makeup. This brush is good for applying powder (be it powder foundation or makeup setting powder), blush (I have tried it with cream and powder blushes but I prefer using it for powder blushes more because the brush is very dense so it can easily apply cream too heavily) and bronzers.

There's 3 individual base makeup brushes in the line: powder brush, foundation brush and expert face brush. I have the foundation brush ($7.99) and the powder brush ($9.99).

This is an angled paddle foundation brush and it is slightly larger and thicker than the pointed and essential foundation brush, which out of the 3, is the only one that I have used to apply foundation. This is good if you like brushes of this shape, the angled edge makes it easy to get into certain areas of the face like around the nose and under the eyes.

This is a huge and fluffy powder brush, which I mainly use the set my makeup. I like to use a dabbing motion with this brush to avoid moving the makeup that I have got on my face around (I love using this brush for that because this brush is so big!!). I sometimes use this brush to apply bronzer in a larger area around the backs of my cheeks to add colour.

For eye brushes, there's 3 individual ones in the line: shading brush, lash-brow groomer and fine liner brush. I purchased the lash-brow groomer ($11.98 for two).

I recently broke my brow groomer (clumsy me) and I have been looking for a replacement. I also wanted a metal lash comb and I found one cheapy looking one in my local drugstore for around $10, which I think is so overpriced because that lash comb is not of very good quality at all. 
This real techniques lash-brow groomer killed 2 birds with one stone and I have been loving it. I use the brow groomer to comb my unsightly brow hairs into shape as well as to brush through my brows to blend out the colour once I have filled them in. I then use the metal lash comb to comb through my lashes after mascara when I want a more natural flared out lashes rather than the thicker and clumpy effect.

Last but not least, there's 4 finishing brushes in the real techniques line: stippling brush, blush brush, setting brush and kabuki brush. I bought the stippling brush for $9.99.

I use this brush at the start of my makeup routine rather than to finish it. This stippling brush is quite dense, which I really like to use to buff on foundation (again, works well with both liquid and powder foundation). I have a few other stippling brushes but this is my favourite because I really prefer the shorter and denser bristles.

I have been loving most of the Real Techniques brushes that I have. The bristles are made using a material called taklon, which is soft and plush and feels nice against the skin. These are not the softest of bristles of course, but for the price I really can't complain. The brushes are dense and hold their shape well, which allows good control when applying makeup. The handles are also very light weight but sturdy at the same time. I have washed these brushes many times and the shape stays relatively well (a tiny tiny bit of splaying will occur if you don't reshape them well before leaving them to dry). There also has been little if no shedding at all. The brushes are made of synthetic fiber and cruelty free products are always a plus right?

One thing I wish Real Techniques did was to make the brushes in the set available individually because not everyone will find every brush useful for them. Another thing to note is that the dense synthetic fibers makes it a little difficult clean. I tend to wash every brush twice with brush cleanser to make sure that I have them completely clean of residue. Synthetic fibers also tend to take a little longer to dry. 

All in all, the quality of these brushes are excellent for the price. I don't want to recommend any brushes because everyone favours different brushes for different purposes. 

That being said, my personal favourites are definitely the stippling brush, buffing brush, powder brush and the deluxe crease brush. 

This is it from me so far.
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  1. These brushes look so soft and I think I want that foundation brush so much! Ahhh I love makeup!

  2. Very informative post! Those brushes look so soft!!
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  3. Hello bestie! great post as always.. I've seen the brushes somewhere, might have been boots!! Am in the market for a new stippling brush atm so might check em out :)


  4. Brushes are such underrated beauty products - but so key!! Great post :)


  5. very interesting post sweetie!!!

  6. love the detailed post! these brushes look nice and very easy to use!

  7. Thanks for posting this! I honestly just use my fingers for foundation, but nonetheless I should start investing in nice quality brushes! I had a shu uemura one a long time ago and I didn't like it that much.


  8. Real techniques are my absolute fabourite and honestly I think they're better than MAC or sigma brushes. I do wish the buffing brush from the core collection was available separately, but for the price paid I still think it's a good deal xo

  9. I seriously need to buy some brushes! This post came in handy, to remind me of that hehe

  10. Thank you for sharing the brushes as I need to buy more brushes!!

  11. very detail review :)

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  13. looks like a great set of brushes!

    xx from hong kong :)

  14. awesome set of brushes and great review! I love how they tell you how to use them too, I never know! Following you - please follow me back? :)

    Couture Caddy

  15. Nice review! I've been meaning to get some new brushes myself, so this was very helpful.

    Thank you for the comment too! :) I hope you stop by sometime again.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Indie by heart

  16. wow thankyou for the detailed review! I have difficulty finding decent brushes, especially ones that don't leave a lot of stray brush hairs behind. might go check this brand out :)

  17. I've been needing new brushes for a while but never know where to start. Thanks for your reviews!

    xx Nia

  18. Thanks for such a thorough review! I've seen these brushes on quite a few beauty blogs, but haven't had a chance to try them out yet. They always sound so good in everyone's reviews :)

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  20. nice, i never knew the differences between all those brushes in a makeup set but you've given me a clearer image =) thanks hun!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  21. I've been looking for make up brushes !! These seems quite good! may take it into consideration now :D

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  23. Waiting for new post on your blog..kiss kiss sweetie!!!

  24. Waiting for new post on your blog..kiss kiss sweetie!!!

  25. It was helpful reading about the significance of each part of this collection. Good review on how these brushes help in makeup applications.

  26. Thanks for the post. I ended up ordering a bunch of brushes. I hope I like them!

  27. Great review! I have stippling brush, core set and travel set. I want that blush brush so bad! That is my next purchase for sure. I found them on US website that ships Worldwide, in Europe of course. So I paid 17.99$ for core set, the same for travel set, and for stippling brush 8.99$. The site is Use code POK969 to get 5$ off!

  28. Thank you for the review :) I made a huge order of the Real Techniques brushes too and I can't wait to get them next week >_< I'm a new follower <3 Look forward to your future blogposts


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