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Monday, May 28, 2012

Project 366: Week 12, Week 13 & Week 14

Hi everyone. Time really flies and I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since my last project 366 post. Here's week 12, 13 and 14's photos. 

 #78 One of the photos I took for the Etude House products review here. I have some more Etude House products that I plan to review so look forward to that! 

#79 & 79.5 A collaboration between Pocky (Japanese snack brand) and Mart (a magazine). I still find it so cool that Japanese snacks comes in limited edition variety and how cute is the packaging? Also loving green tea flavour Kit Kat. Yes, I think it's so much yummier than regular Kit Kats. 

 #80 This burger is appropriately named 3 little pigs because: one, it contains ham, bacon and patty hence 3 little pigs. Two, I will probably turn into one of the 3 little pigs after eating this decadent burger.
 #80.5 You know how some people say bacon taste good with everything? I am beginning to think it might be true because strange as it might sound, this bacon ice cream was really quite delicious.

 #81 Decided to paint my nails before bed time so I can take photos for a review. If you want to read that post then click here.

 #82 & 82.5 My baby girl Suki decided to look all cute and fluffy when she is hogging the couch.

 #83 One of those days when everything ran out at the same time. 

#84 If you know me, then you would probably know that lots of little things can make me very happy and excited. One of it is when eye cream squeezes out into the shape of a heart.
 #84.5 Went for a hair cut and got a fro-yo with corn flakes and almonds on the way back. 

 #85 Took a few quick photos before going to yoga class for a brush review, which you can see here. I am also in love with this all black hello kitty frames. Looks like a normal black frame if you don't look closely so I don't feel awkward wearing it in public.

 #86 & 86.5 Went to a lovely Italian restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday with cocktails and good food. It was nothing too fancy but definitely very cosy.

 #87 & 87.5 My siblings and I cooked for my mom as a part of our mother's day celebration. I made a blueberry tart, which I will write a post on soon.

 #88 Mother's day celebrations continued. We took mom to a cafe for brunch. Waited for an hour for a table because everyone else seemed to have decided to take their moms out for brunch too. The food was quite good so at least it was worth the wait.

#89 & 89.5 I was walking around in a random mall and I spotted a shop that sells PeriPera lipsticks. I have been wanting to try these for ages ever since seeing these on several beauty youtuber's channels so I couldn't resist picking some up. 

 #90 Mochi enjoying some alone time under the couch. He got a little annoyed when I found him in his secret hiding spot.

 #91 I got this Travalo (portable perfume atomiser) during my weekend trip to Singapore. Now I can reapply my perfume on-the-go.

 #92 One of my dogs with a very funky hair style. She was due for a haircut so my aunt did this hairstyle to keep her fringe/bangs out of her face. Cute? 

 #93 My all time favourite foie gras sushi roll.

 #94 On my way to Ikea to pick up some storage for my room. The beginning of a VERY long day. I love going to Ikea but I get so tired after going every single time. 

 #95 & 95.5 My mom generously bought me lots of goodies in the form of Dior and Chanel summer collection makeup. Feel so loved!

 #96 I have said it in the picture and I have to say it again: Sorry I forgot to take photo number 96. I spent the entire day organising and tidying my room and I completely forgot. Please forgive me. 

 #97 New stationery. I have been writing lots of notes for my blog posts and if I am going to write I might as well write in pretty colours.

#98 Someone told me that dogs are upset when they hide their face. I wonder what made my boy upset. 

This is it from me so far. 
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Until next time xoxo


  1. Wow the sushi looks absolutely delicious! I'm quite intrigued by the bacon ice cream too, it seems like an interesting combination :) xx

  2. You and your pooch look gorgeous! Yummy food too. Xx

  3. Loving these photos~ & that bottle of Moet looks delightful! I would go to town on it ^.^


  4. Argh, the foodpictures
    are KILLING me! ♥

    I wonder if froyo &
    cornflakes taste good?

    You look cute btw c:

  5. I love how you combine food and beauty!! I love Pocky sticks!! haha and that burger caught my attentiom right away. Chanel perfume is always a winner.

    Couture Caddy

  6. Love your photos! That heart shape form was really cute. And is your dog Mochi a pekingese? :)

  7. wow that burger looks. so. good....... want to have it SO BAD!

  8. Great photos! Really lovely products, and sweet photos of the dog :)
    Yum, all the food ... Drooling here hehe!

    Indie by heart

  9. I love pocky! so yummy! Also I really really want a travalo! Let me know if it works well! Also mochi is adorable!!

  10. Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:

  11. nice stuff! and yumm pokey, those things are delicious!!

  12. awww great photos! your dog is adorable <3

  13. Wow you sure know how to enjoy yourself, delicious food+makeup+dog, you have everything I could have ask for <3!!! Your dog is so so cute!!!!

    And yup I love all the food that others don't, that's how my friends describe me LOL

  14. OmG the pictures are really lovelies nice project sweetie~~
    The nail polish looks really cute *..*

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  15. hi! your blog is so cute! and so is ur doggie =D i followed u, feel free to follow mine too if you'd like! ;)

    xoxo <3

  16. seriously, bacon icecream? haha I've never tried anything like that but if you say it's good, I might give it a go ;) and yummm I love Pocky too! :D

  17. Love the pink Moet Chandon!
    Yummy food haha
    have a good day beautiful xoxo

  18. Mmm bacon ice-cream sounds really weird, but I'd be game enough to try it :)

    Aww, that new Pocky looks almost to cute and pretty to eat!

    Love the black HK frames, I think I want a pair now!

  19. This is such a fun post! You are gorgeous too, can't wait to keep reading! :)

  20. Daaaanggg, girl! Look at that burger. It is as big as you are! :) I bet it was deeee-licious.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. Love all the photos! The LM polishes all look really cute. The colors are perfect for warm weather. And lucky you to get so many Chanel and Dior goodies! I really wish we had those flavored Kit Kats and Pocky over here in the States. We just have the regular old boring flavors :(

  22. I loved reading this post!!! you have so many interesting reviews and the food pictures are so delicious!!

  23. really nice photos, your dog is so cute! love her hairstyles :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  24. wow! your mum bought u so many chanel & dior cosmetics!! *envy*



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