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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chanel Spring 2013 Printemps Precieux Makeup Collection Review

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I last posted something hasn't it?

The truth is, the past month has been a whirlwind of madness on a personal level as well as on a larger scale (regarding Malaysia's 13th general election). Lots of unresolved stress and negativities lingered in my mind and as a result, it just didn't feel quite right for me to be sitting around and talking about makeup. 

However, the world keep spinning, life goes on and I have a backlog of spring collections to review. First up, Chanel Spring 2013 Printemps Precieux Collection.

There are only several limited edition items in this collection so most of the items featured in this review should still be available for purchase.

This collection contains (source- LINK & LINK):
  • Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder
  • 3 Le Vernis Nail Colour in Fracas (LE), Emprise & Accessoire
  • 4 Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Fantasque (LE), Precieuse (LE), Envoutante & Captivante
  • 2 Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in L'Eclatante & Le Favorite
  • 2 Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss in Merveille & Attirance
  • Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in Raffinement
  • Ombres Contraste Duo in Sable/Emouvante
  • Joues Contraste in Frivole
  • 3 Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-lasting Eyeliner in Or Rose (LE), Beryl & Santal 
  • 2 Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer in Rubellite & Pallisandre
I have the Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder, Les 4 Ombres Quadra in 39 Raffinement, Joues Contraste in 76 Frivole, Rouge Allure in 114 Precieuse, Rouge Allure Velvet in 43 La Favorite, Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 102 Beryl & 100 Santal and the Le Vernis Nail Colour in 569 Emprise & 571 Fracas.


 The dust pouch for this powder is slightly different. It has a flap that is secured by an elastic band and there is a small pocket for the applicator.
On the left is a normal Chanel dust pouch. On the right is the dust pouch for the Poudre Signee de Chanel.
This powder comes with a sponge-tip applicator instead of a brush. 
This powder has a pinkish beige base and it gives a golden sheen with very fine microshimmers. 
The Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder is not only pretty to look at but it applies and looks really nice on the skin as well. The texture is beautifully fine and very smooth. When applied, it gives a gorgeous glow and luminosity to the skin. The sheer nature of this powder prevents this highlighter from looking overly frosty. The shimmer particles in this powder are very fine, though still noticeable to a certain extent. I cannot comment on the wear of this product because I have very oily skin, which tends to make any highlighter I put on my skin disappear (typically after 3-4 hours after I applied my makeup). 

The mini face brush that I never bother with.

On the left is a heavy swatch and on the right is a blended out swatch. Frivole is a semi-matte burnt orange colour.
Frivole is an excellent product! It has a great fine and smooth texture as you would expect from a high end brand like Chanel. The blendability and pigmentation of this blush is amazing as well. This blush can be blended out for a more natural and subtle application or it can built up to a more intense payoff if desired. On my oily skin, I typically get about 6 hours of wear time with this blush before I notice fading.

Standard Chanel packaging.
This quad comes with 2 sponge-tip applicators.
p/s The photo might seem a little underexposed but the color appears most true to pan like this. I tried adjusting the exposure setting to be brighter or use other lighting but the eyeshadow will reflect on the light so it will look lighter than it actually is.  
Swatches from left: top left- dark brown with a mauve tinge & silver shimmers, top right- beige with a sheen finish, bottom left- warm brown with a slight sheen & shimmer and bottom right- semi matte deep brown with a hint of plum.

Consistent with the high quality of the rest of the collection, the Chanel Raffinement eyeshadow quad performs excellently in terms of texture and pigmentation. The non-american version of Chanel eyeshadow palettes tend to underperform in relation to its American counterpart, so I am extremely pleased with the performance of this palette.

All four shades in this palette have a nice, smooth texture and great colour payoff. All shades apply and blend very well on the skin (though the darker colours can have a teeny bit of fallout so remember to tap off the excess). This palette also has a tip-top wear time as it lasts for 7-8 hours without a primer. 

The Chanel Raffinement quad is a beautiful neutral palette that I have been really enjoying. My Naked palettes have definitely taken a backseat ever since this palette came into my life. Although the colour selection is nothing exciting, if you are seeking for a high quality neutral palette, this is one that is VERY worth considering.

Twist-up style pencil with a sharpener at the end. (Please ignore my chipped nail polish >-<") 
 From left: Santal (deep chocolate brown with a subtle shimmer and sheen) & Beryl (pale pinkish lilac with a subtle sheen)

Once these liners set, nothing much seem to have came off with rubbing.

After wetting my hands and wiping the liner dry with a tissue, some of the product did rub off. The line was intact but the colour intensity diminished slightly.

I dabbed some cuticle oil onto the liners and when I patted a tissue on them, it held up quite well.

 As per the norm with most eyeliners, once the product has been in contact with oil, it will rub off completely.

The texture of the Chanel Stylo Yeux Weterproof is ok. It's definitely not a super creamy and soft formula but I don't think it's very hard and stiff either. The not-so-soft texture meant that it required several passes for a very intense line. Although the texture is not on the soft and creamy side, it applies fine on my lids with no tugging or rubbing. 

On my oily lids, the wear time is ok. It tend to smudge a little after 3 hours but that can be cleaned up quite easily. The fading starts to get noticeable after 5 hours though. On the waterline, these lasted for about 2-3 hours depending on how watery my eyes get.

 The gorgeous and super sleek packaging.

Swatches from left: Rouge Allure Velvet in La Favorite (bright cherry pink with a velvet/semi matte finish) & Rouge Allure in Precieuse (peachy beige nude)

I have never ventured into the realm of matte lip colours because I am very afraid that it will dry up my lips and make them look like shriveled up plums. The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in La Favorite was pleasant for the first couple of hours but my lips started to feel tight and dehydrated thereafter. Some online reviews suggest putting a balm underneath or a gloss on top but I find that doing so will take away the velvety finish and to me, that would defeat the whole purpose of a matte lipstick. 

Dehydrating properties aside, the La Favorite lipstick has some pros to it. It applied very evenly onto the lips without looking patchy or accentuating lip lines. Pigmentation is also lovely as a single layer will give you opaque coverage. I can wear this lipstick for around 5 hours (MAX!!) before feeling the need to take it off and slather on lip balm since I am very iffy when my lips feel dry.

In terms of formula, I much prefer the Rouge Allure. The Rouge Allure lipstick in Precieuse glides onto the lips and it has a very smooth/creamy texture. Precieuse last for around 5 hours on me and this formula is quite ok in terms of its hydrating properties since my lips do not feel dry as I wear it. 

Chanel nail polishes have a long and thin brush.
2 coats of Emprise with Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat. Emprise is a creamy pinkish beige colour with barely there shimmers.
I have one coat of Fracas on my thumb and pinky finger; two coats on my middle and ring finger with Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat over it. Fracas is a creamy fuchsia with very subtle barely there shimmers.
Chanel nail polishes are one of my favorite formulas and Emprise & Fracas are no exception. Emprise tend to streak a little bit but it evens our to a smooth and opaque finish with a thin first coat and a thicker second coat. Fracas applies smoothly and evenly. It is very pigmented and you can definitely do with just one coat. There are shimmers in both of these polishes but they are very very subtle. The shimmers do get more noticeable in sunlight though.

The wear of both of these polishes are quite consistent with my other Chanel polishes. Tip wear starter to show after 4 days and chipping will start to happen after that. I can get about a week's wear before my nails become too unsightly.

Eyes: Chanel Raffinement Eyeshadow Palette (mixture of bottom left and top left shade all over the lids, top right shade patted onto the middle of my lids and bottom right shade to blend out eyeliner on top and bottom lash line)
Santal Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof on my top waterline & top and bottom lash line.
Beryl Le Stylo Yeux Waterproof on my lower waterline.

Face: Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder on my forehead, nose bridge and chin.

Cheeks: Chanel Frivole Joues Contraste.

Lips: Rouge Allure in Precieuse all over the lips and La Favorite Rouge Allure Velvet patted onto the middle of the lips and blended out.

Eyes: Raffinement Eyeshadow Palette (bottom left shade all over the lids, top left shade blended in from the lash line up and on the lower inner and outer bottom lash line & top right shade on the middle of the lower lash line)

Lips: Rouge Allure in Precieuse

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Until next time~ 


  1. i personally think that the blusher is nothing amazing.. but great review for the other items!

  2. i've missed your posts! i can only imagine everything that's going on. glad to see you back. i love that Fracas nail lacquer. the color looks so pretty on you. i was wondering about the lipsticks. they swatched beautifully on your arm, but I don't like dry matte lipsticks either. i love the eyeshadows and eyeliner. overall, it looks like a really good collection. the highlighter is probably dupable for a cheaper product but everything else is lovely. thanks for your review. always appreciated.

  3. oh what an amazing haul!! you literally bought the entire collection,didn't you ? ;))

    the highlighter looks soooooooo pretty!! the collection came up to germany around 3 months ago I believe, and the highlighter was such a hit! sold out every where..

  4. I got these a while back but this review took me a little longer to do >-<" I think purchasing this collection would explain why I am so broke right now....

  5. I think highlighters tend to be more "dupable" since most tend to give a very similar effect on the skin. The actual compact is very pretty though, so it really depends on how much worth you attribute to aesthetics and packaging :P I cannot stand it if my lips feel/look dry, so I have never looked into any matter formulas. From reviews I have seen online, the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet is already not the most drying formula out there >-<

  6. Thanks for your comment ^-^ Different people tend to have different preferences~ That is why I love blogging so much because we can all share our thoughts and products reviews online.

  7. OMG super awesome haul!! I want!! But Chanel makeup here in Melbourne costs a bomb. -.-"

    Btw, the 13th GE was madness! I didn't expect it to be that crazy messy!

  8. All of the colors are so pretty *-*

  9. Beautiful! I have oily lids actually >.< Glad you mentioned it!
    You really have amazing makeup hauls ahahaha. Love it :)

    Hope you can support and join this new giveaway on my blog too dear! I'd really appreciate it if you can participate and help spread the word. Really quick mechanics for dear friends like you (^_^)

  10. Wow! That blush and powder look gorgeous. I love peachy blushes since they flatter my skin tone the most. Thank you for the review! :D

  11. I bought my first Chanel nail polish but I returned it since it chipped the next day! Shame :( But that highlighter and blush looks lovely! Hopefully my next Chanel product is a foundation!

  12. chanel products are always so classy and elegant! ^_~

  13. I am glad you're back ! I especially love the nailpolish!

  14. Wow what a Spring haul!!! I have the Illuminator and the Raffinement quad and love them both!! Unfortuantely the Beryl liner didn't work so well for me. Boo. I'm quite loving Emprise polish...maybe I need to get it!

  15. Alba - Petit and Sweet coutureMay 17, 2013 at 8:55 AM

    lovely colors!!!


  16. girl you always get your hands on the most amazing hauls!! love the look of the highlighter surprisingly! i don't even really have/use highlighters

    à la foliee

  17. To be honest, I was expecting the Beryl eyeliner to have a much better texture (especially for the price)!! Such a shame since the colour is quite unique in my opinion.

  18. I am happy to be back too ^-^

  19. Which colour did you get? I have quite a few Chanel nail polishes and I have never experienced that before.

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog ^-^

  21. Makeup is my weakness >-<

  22. I can never understand the pricing of makeup in Australia. It's so ridiculous!!!!

  23. wow, what a lovely collection! thanks so much for sharing this! the blush is so pretty!!!

    ah yes, i've heard about the recent malaysia issue. i hope everything is ok over there!

  24. welcome back !!!! i wonder r u malaysian ????

    by the way !!!! good post and i really wanna hav them all

  25. Oh so jealous of all your Chanel products! The lipsticks are such lovely shades and the eyeshadow quad has such gorgeous neutral colours. And Emprise is such a pretty pink beige nail polish, I'm so jealous of your amazing haul!

  26. I love Chanel products but not the price tag >_< This haul left me so broke. LOL

  27. Thank you for commenting and yes, I am Malaysian.

  28. I have quite a lot of review posts to do at the moment but I will do the Liebster post when I am done with those ^-^

  29. thanks for stopping by :) great reviews! loving the lipsticks!

  30. The Raffinement quad is super lovely! I admit to being tempted by it but it retailed for $99 here and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on it. It looks gorgeous on you though in both looks :)

  31. Although it's a really pretty quad, I don't know if I will get it if I had to pay $99 either >-<


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