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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée Spring Collection 2013 | Mini Face Color Trio Review

Desserts (or macarons to be more precise) and makeup are some of the things that I truly love. As a result, I have always had a very strong affection towards Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée makeup. 

I have only tried their limited edition Cream Cheek Base released in Autumn 2012 (my review HERE) but I have always longed for more.

When I saw the promo images and product lineup for their Spring 2013 collection, I went into makeup ninja mode and hunted the internet obsessively for a way to get my hands on some of the products. (For those of you who don't know, the Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée makeup line is only available in Japan).

After dealing with parcel forwarding services, online payment verification, exorbitantly marked up prices and additional shipping costs, I got my hands on these:
The Mini Face Color Trio is available in 3 limited edition colour selection.

Being the blush addict that I am, I purchased all 3 Mini Face Color Trios in 101, 102 and 103. 

The design of the box. It's so feminine and pretty in my opinion~~ I adore the colour and illustration.  

The packaging is made entirely with cardboard. The outer box is a thick matte cardboard material whereas the inner portion that houses the actual pans is a glossy and very sturdy/solid cardboard material. 

I normally am a bit iffy if high end makeup brands use cardboard material for their packaging. However, the design and quality of the Laduree Mini Face Color Trio's packaging is so well done that I think the cardboard material does not take away the high end luxurious feel. Also, I reckon this product will be A LOT MORE expensive if the packaging is not of this material. 

The ingredients list and information on the outer box. Just in case some of you are interested.

Mini Face Color Trio 101

Left is a built up swatch and right is a blended out swatch. From left: left shade (matte mid tone coral pink), middle shade (baby pink with a subtle sheen) & right shade (shimmery pinkish ivory).

Mini Face Color Trio 102

Left is a built up swatch and right is a blended out swatch. From left: left shade (dusky rose with a subtle golden sheen), middle shade (bright tangerine with subtle golden sheen) & right shade (shimmery white)

Mini Face Color Trio 103

Left is a built up swatch and right is a blended out swatch. From left: left shade (matte peach tone light tan brown), middle shade (matte bright fuchsia) & right shade (shimmery white with a purple hue)

The left and middle shades in all three of the Mini Face Color Trios are gorgeous. The texture of the blushes is smooth and buttery to the touch with an easy-to-work-with pigmentation level (The blush colours apply with nice colour payoff on the cheeks but they are not overly pigmented that you have to be extremely careful when using them). These blushes also applies and blends like a dream. 

The right shade in each of the palettes is a highlight shade with slightly different undertones. All 3 shades have visible shimmer to them, which is not my favourite look. Also, the highlighter shades can look a bit powdery but once they are buffed into the skin, the powdery look dissipates and you will be left with a shimmery sheen. Also, the highlighter shades are on the lighter end of the spectrum so they can look too stark against darker skin tones. 

These blushes also have very good lasting power. Aside from the highlight shade (which tend to disappear on my skin as soon as my skin gets oily), the blush colours stay on nicely for 6 hours before fading slowly. However, there will still be remnants of colour by the 8-9 hour mark. 

All in all, I think that these Mini Face Color Trios are excellent. The packaging is really adorable and the product quality is very good. The price point is also quite similar to a full-size single blush with case & brush (which is VERY beautiful). Although the packaging is not as nice and there isn't a brush or mirror, I am still very happy with the variety in colour that I am getting with the Mini Face Color Trios. 

I was wearing the Mini Face Color Trio in 101. I mixed the 2 blush colours together and applied them very lightly to balance my brighter lip colour.

I used the Mini Face Color Trio in 102 in this look. I brushed on the left shade from the apples towards the back of my cheeks. Then, I layered the orange shade on top. I also used the highlighter on top of my cheekbones.

Here, I used the Mini Face Color Trio in 103. I used the left shade towards the back of my cheeks for some dimension and I used the middle shade on the apple of my cheeks. I also had the highlight shade on my forehead, the top of my cheeks and chin.

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  1. Oh really lovely palettes. The color is really sweet. And the design of the package is really cute!

  2. oh wow I've been wanting to try the L'aduree make up line for so loooooong!
    btw, your skin is sooooo flawless and glowing! me want!

  3. The colors look really pretty on you. I've always wanted to try Laduree makeup, but between the prices and availability I was always deterred. Fabulous review!

  4. OMG I wanna eat it!!! Too bad it ain't food! Yummy makeup that is! :)

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  5. Gahh, swoon! Wish I got to try them. Must see if they are sold on eBay! X

  6. Wow I love the packaging of these products! I never knew Laduree sold make up, only know the brand for their infamous macarons hehe. I love the looks you created.


  7. Wow you went to a lot of effort to get them! I think they look lovely! xx

  8. you look really gorgeous as always! :) i loveee how japanese cosmetics pay attention to such detail even the color pigmentation. looks very subtle, soft, and girly which i like! ^_^ i think i like trio 102 best. i like how you did your makeup in the looks, the change of blush + lipsticks is like change of look~ good job


  9. Normally, I am not this crazy with tracking down products but I HAD to for these blushes~

  10. I absolutely love your make up! You've got the perfect eyes for that korean make up look! Love it!

  11. Wow, the packaging is super cute!! And love your FOTDs!

  12. Gahh! The packaging just kills me! I think I like colour trio 102 the best, and your makeup look using that trio is just lovely ^^

  13. Wow, the fuchsia looks very intense, but it's all very sweet and wonderful :)
    Guess you can wear all of the shades anyway :)



  14. These Laduree products are absolutely adorable, I love the packaging so much! The colours are so pretty and I really love your second makeup look :) How much did these trios cost? I dislike it as well when high end products use cardboard for their packaging though (ahem, Benefit) but this one is so cute it can be forgiven :)

  15. I think these trios cost 6000+ yen in Japan and I got them for $90 each. Very expensive but worth the money in my opinion.

  16. I really like the fuchsia colour too~

  17. Japanese makeup brands always have such gorgeous packaging~

  18. Never heard of this brand, but the packaging is so cute! I think I would buy it for the packaging... hehe~ :X

  19. Wow really cute packaging love it so much! xo!

  20. wow never seen these here !

  21. omg so cute!!! love the packaging. want it so badlyyyy <333


  22. These are so cute! I would love to try them.


  23. Ohh the packages are looking so cute, like usual Looove it!

  24. I was really confused when I first heard about the Laduree cosmetics line. Still is a bit weird to me but I have heard some really good things about the products actually--a very pleasant surprise. The line is not easily accessible to me so I have yet to try anything but I am in *love* with the look of the 102 palette. I usually don't wear such stark white highlighters but I am willing to give that a pass since the 2 blush shades are so gorgeous! Love how they look with your skin tone too! :)

  25. What a great colloboration! Love the packaging and the colours.

  26. When I first saw the Laduree cosmetics line, I was pretty much attracted to it purely by the visuals and packaging. Now that I have tried out a few things from them, I am very impressed with the product quality too. I do hope this line becomes more widely available because I think it's a good and rather unique brans.

    I love the 102 blush palette too ^-^

  27. omggggg this is to die for! so so so envious! looks great on you c:

    à la foliee

  28. they look so dainty and pretty :) nice post!


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