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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Skinfood | Black Egg Pore Primer, Black Egg Pore Foundation & Black Egg Pore Finish Powder Review

Hi everyone! What is your number 1 skin concern? For me, it's definitely my chronically oily skin and my visible-even-on-low-res-camera enlarged pores. I have tried various skin care products that CLAIM to help refine and minimise pores but to be honest, I think those products are more of a psychological thing because I have not found any that actually works. 

As a result of my skin type/condition, I naturally gravitate towards pore covering/ mattifying base makeup and avoid anything that has the word luminous or glow in its name like the plague. 

One day, when I was browsing in my local Skinfood store, I stumbled across these:
From left: Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation in #1 Light Beige, Black Egg Pore Primer & Black Egg Pore Finish Powder.

A range of products that is targeted to conceal enlarged pores and give you boiled egg like smooth skin (plus with super cute food-like packaging)? These went straight into my shopping basket.

It felt like I was opening a pack of snacks when I tore the outer packaging.

 The egg shape product packaging.

From left: Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer, Black Egg Pore Foundation & Black Egg Pore Finish Powder.

There is also a Black Egg Pore Gel Base in this range but I didn't pick it up because I already have similar products in my stash that I am trying to use up.

The description reads:"A pore smoothing primer that immediately turns into a velvety matte texture to effectively conceal enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white".

To use:"Apple a small amount evenly on target areas to smooth out enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Make sure to smooth the primer following the direction of the pores".

 This primer comes with a pump. Although I personally think that one full pump dispenses a little too much product for a single use.

One full pump of the primer.

The Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer is a fluid clear gel that feels a little greasy when you first smooth it over the skin. This primer takes several minutes to dry down into a velvety finish. Once dried, it is dry to the touch and it does level out the pore ever so slightly to give the skin a smoother surface for foundation. I am not sure if it will do anything for fine wrinkles though.

I think that you need to be very careful with not applying too much of this primer. Firstly, it will feel really heavy and sticky on the skin if you put on a thick layer. Secondly, if you have too much of this primer on the skin, it will bunch up into eraser dust-like bits when you blend foundation on.

Also, I don't find that this primer helps with controlling oil. I do not notice any difference in duration before my skin gets oily when I applied this vs a normal non-mattifying primer (Beaute De Kose Ultimation Makeup Base UV & Laura Mercier Foundation Primer).

This primer has a slight soapy floral scent and you can still smell it for a bit after applying it on the skin. 

I find this primer ok. It's nothing magical but it's not one that I hate. It makes the skin smooth and it fills in pores slightly. Since it doesn't really control oil, it wouldn't really prolong the wear of my foundation too much. 

The description reads:"A pore smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on the skin and turns into a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white".

To use:"Using the enclosed brush, apply an even layer in an upward and outwards motion".

The Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation is available in 2 shades: #1 Light Beige and #2 Natural Beige. I purchased this foundation in #1 Light Beige.

What it looks like when you open the top lid. This foundation comes with a little kabuki brush.

The brush clicks into a slot in the container so it will not roll around and make clanky noise if you decide to put it in your makeup bag. It also won't roll around and make the inside of the lids dirty.

 If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you probably know my negative sentiments towards mini brushes/applicators that comes with products.

However, I have to say that this mini kabuki that comes with the Black Egg Pore foundation is actually quite good. The bristles are densely packed and very soft, so it blends the foundation out really nicely. It also doesn't feel scratchy or uncomfortable against the skin. In addition, the softness of the bristles means that this brush won't move the skin too much. 

Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation in #1 Light Beige. 

 Before blending.

After blending.

Bare skin.

With the Black Egg Pore Foundation. It did a good job of covering up the scar on my arm.

Bare skin.

With the Black Egg Pore Foundation. I did not blend the foundation in on the left so you can see the foundation better on the skin. This foundation does not cover redness too well.

The first thing that I want to talk about this foundation is the texture. The description says that it's a mousse texture but I don't agree to that. To me, this foundation has a creamy, butter-esque texture (not saying that it's greasy, just the texture). Once blended onto the skin, this foundation dries down quickly to give a matte finish to the skin (almost like you have powder on).

Since this foundation dries down a lot on the skin, this will absolutely not work on people with dry skin. I think that even those with normal skin will need to ensure that your skin is well moisturised if you want to use this foundation.

Also, you have to be very careful when you apply this foundation. Be sure to buff this foundation on in very very thin layers and you need to work this foundation into the skin well. If you put too much on or you don't blend it in well, you are getting yourself a one-way ticket to Cakeyville. 

This foundation has light-medium coverage, so it will be fine for minor discolorations/ imperfections. If you have very prominent spots or redness in the skin, I don't think this foundation will cover those too well. I also don't think that you can build this foundation up much either since it tends to get cakey quite easily. This foundation does cover up pores really well, so it does what it is supposed to do.

This foundation also performed very well in controlling oil. My skin normally get oily after 2 hours of applying makeup but with this foundation, it prolonged the non-oily phase of my skin for another one to one and a half hours. I think that this foundation actually looks best when a bit of shine has peeked through, because I think it is then that this will look the most natural. 

This foundation is ok in terms of overall longevity, I typically get 8 hours of presentable wear. I noticed that as my skin start to get oily throughout the day, this foundation tends to melt a little and my pores will start to get more and more visible as the day progresses.

Although there are some downsides to this foundation, I think that this foundation is still a really good one if you have oily skin and visible pores.

Good news to those who do not like fragrance in beauty products, this foundation does not seem to have a noticeable scent.

The description reads:"A pore-refining finishing powder in apricot color that improves the appearance of enlarged pores while creating a silky veil for the skin".

To use:"Dust lightly over face with powder puff applicator".

The puff applicator.

When you first open this powder, you need to twist open the bottom to remove the sticker that seals the puff so that the powder can get through.

The powder seeping through the puff.

This powder doesn't have much colour or coverage. 

First things first, I HATE THE PACKAGING OF THIS POWDER! I don't think I have ever said I hate something on the blog but I've said it. 

Opening the powder is a huge mess because the powder is so finely milled that you will basically set off a small powder explosion the moment you twist open the powder compartment. When you take off the sticker, more powder flies everywhere. If it's only a one time mess, I might let it slide. Instead, the powder compartment does not close tightly, so if you tap the container, the super fine powder can leak out of the compartment. I can only imagine the mess if you decide to put this in your makeup bag!!! (which is what I want to be able to do since powder is something that an oily skin girl needs to reapply rather often).

That is not the only thing, since this powder has an attached puff, every time you want to clean the puff, you have to open the powder compartment and risk a powder explosion all over again. If you are like me and you like to clean your puff after each use, it is an absolute nightmare.

I have since depotted this powder because I really cannot stand the packaging AT ALL!!!

The packaging is such a shame since the actual powder is actually quite good. As I mentioned, the powder is very finely milled so it does not look cakey/powdery/heavy at all on the skin. Although this powder does not have much coverage/colour, the apricot tone actually helps to make the skin looks a bit brighter. Over foundation/ bb cream, this powder makes the skin smooth and silky looking. As the product description claim, this powder can be used to achieve a velvety matte look. Shine control is average (just like some of my no frills loose powders).

Note that this powder also has a soapy floral scent. 

To demonstrate how the Skinfood Black Egg Pore primer, foundation and finish powder work, I have a special guest on the blog today.

Meet Ms Orange. Like me, she is troubled by enlarged pores and shiny skin.
Ms Orange with nothing on her skin.

 After applying the Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer. It might not show up too well in the photos but in real life, Ms Orange's skin did not look as shiny and you can see the primer leveling out the pores slightly.

After buffing on the Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation in #1 Light Beige. You can see that the coverage is not too heavy since Ms Orange's natural skin colour is still very prominent. However, can you see how matte her skin looks? Her pores are also no longer visible.

Last but not least, after applying the Skinfood Black Egg Pore Finish Powder to get this silky matte skin.

Just in case you want to see what these products look like on human skin, this is what the Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer, Black Egg Pore Foundation in #1 Light beige & Skinfood Black Egg Pore Finish Powder looks like on me.

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  1. ooh, its so cute, everything comes in a egg shaped packaging and your skin was so flawless! ^_~

  2. Your review is so good and detailed! I love it!

  3. Thank you :) I just leave the foundation out on my makeup table instead of putting it in my drawer because it's so cute.

  4. Thank you!! I am glad you liked my review :D

  5. Your reviews are always on point. I love reading them. I can't say that enough. WOW! I know you were disappointed in this products, but the last picture of you looks great. I need lots of coverage, so I don't think the foundation would work for me in covering things up. I've never seen these products, so this was really informative to me. Great job! I hope you add a Bloglovin button to your site, because I would love to follow your blog through it. I can keep up with your posts that way. Please consider.

  6. altho im not that interested in these products, but it was very interesting to read your review! ^-^

  7. I am happy that you found this review interesting!

  8. Thank you for your lovely compliment! I just added a Bloglovin' button on my site ^-^

  9. im all about simple and easy..i think the powder getting a mess with the cleaning of the puff would drive me mad and up the wall! lol. love your effortless hair in the last photo dear <33


  10. The food like packaging is really cute! My main concern is dry flaky patches so this range isn't for me. I liked the look of the foundation though :)

  11. This range (especially the foundation) probably is not the best for people with dry skin. I adore the egg shape packaging :)

  12. Thank you ^-^ that was my hair on a good day. LOL

  13. hehe the packaging alone makes me want to try it! Thanks for introducing me to this...its so cute!

    Couture Caddy x
    twitter / instagram / facebook

  14. Thank you for reading my review ^-^

  15. oh we are dealing with the same problems.. I am currently using liquid gold to improve my skin and it makes my skin extremely oily (oh I didn't know that my skin could get any more oily.. oh well..) and I really don't know what to do because this liquid gold really helps me skin:(

  16. I have heard lots of good things about liquid gold but I didn't know that it can make your skin oily >-<

  17. the packaging is cute! u are so funny yet ingenious to test the products on an orange! LOL! looking lovely & cute as always <3


  18. Very interesting packaging and design! Would love to try as the quality looks quite good on these photos.


  19. Oh sweetie that product looks really georgeus!

    I´m following you in FB sweetie I hope your follow me back there!


  20. You're so cute using the orange, Ms. Orange, as an example! :) I really like the packaging.

  21. LOL that was actually really smart to use the orange as a model! the packaging is cute as always and you look great with the products on! as if you didn't even need them in the first place :)

  22. what a lovely packaging :D !! would love to try more skin food products ^^

  23. The black egg product packaging is so adorable!

  24. That is so sweet of you to say this ^_^ but I definitely need a lot of help at covering pores or I will feel quite self conscious about it. Hence the appearance of Ms Orange instead of a close up on my own face >-<

  25. Awww! Adorbs. And I love how you used an orage as an example. Hehe! That was really cute to put eyes and eyelashes ;p

  26. Hey Liz, this is my first tiem visting your blog ^^

    Great review. I've been to the skinfood store a few times but I can't believe I totally past this! The packaging is cute and I think I'm going to try out the primer :) I know how it feels to have oily skin, sucks >.<. Have a great weekend.~

    P.S.- I followed you on twitter and bloglovin dear, hope you can return the favor ;)

    Dawn @

  27. This is really one of the cutest packaging I have ever seen! The products look and sound very good!

  28. I tried doing it without the eyelashes and eyes but the orange looked a little "naked" if you know what I mean. LOL Glad you liked what I did ^-^

  29. That's super cute that you used the an orange to demonstrate! Hehehe!

    I saw this when I was in Korea and thought the packaging was super cute - but sorry to hear the powder packaging doesn't work for you.

    Great review btw! xx

  30. I couldn't think of anything else with shinier skin and more visible pores than an orange. LOL. I am glad you think that it's cute ^0^

  31. I didn't know this product comes in this egg shape packaging. that's really nice..also the little brush inside the foundation is super! And I love your idea with the orange!!:D

  32. The packaging is slightly bulky but it is still very sure. I am glad you like the orange idea~


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