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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura | Christmas 2012

Hi everyone. It's 10 days till Christmas~~~ Although Malaysia is not overly Christmas-sy, I am very much looking forward to my family's Christmas dinner. Our dinner last year was a great success so we must come up with something better to top it this year. I am looking at recipes online to get some ideas but if there are any recipes/ dishes that you guys recommend then please let me know in the comments!! 

Also, I still have another 2 Christmas/ holiday collections to review so I will try to step up my game and test the products quickly so that I will hopefully be able to review them all in the next couple of days. *fingers crossed*

Getting back on topic, I will be talking about the Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura collection today. You might want to go grab a drink because this post is potentially quite lengthy.

"once upon a time, while the town was being decorated for Christmas with ornaments a small miracle took place in the atelier of Karl Lagerfeld’s castle.“mon shu girl” escaped from his sketchbook - a “dessin” come to life! spreading colorful times and holiday sparkle to girls around the world. mon shu girl dons Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic look and awakens the sleeping beauty that lies deep within. this holiday season, shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld send a miracle of color and beauty that is a gift for every girl." source

This collection was centered around "Mon Shu Girl", who is dressed in Karl Lagerfeld's iconic white shirt and black tie while wearing Shu Uemura's makeup product. A little random fact, did you know that Karl Lagerfeld uses Shu Uemura's color makeup in his illustrations because he thinks that no other brand in the market offers such beautiful colours?

For more information on this collection, CLICK.

In this collection:
  • 2 Karl for Shu Eye & Cheek Palette in Smoky Velvet & Prestigious Bordeaux
  • Karl for Shu Painting Liner in Blackish Satin Purple
  • Karl for Shu Premium Eyelashes
  • Karl for Shu Mini Eyelashes
  • 4 Karl for Shu Rouge Unlimited in Mon Shu Red, Parisienne Pink, Celebrity Beige & Luxe Burgundy
  • 3 Karl for Shu Nail Colour in Karl Black, Shu Shu Red & Royal Beige (not released in Malaysia)
  • Karl for Shu Special Nail Stickers (This product is listed on Shu Uemura US site source but I can't find any more information online and this is not available in Malaysia either)
  • Mon Shu Mini Brush Set
  • Shu Eyelash Curl & Karl
  • Karl for Shu Shu Baby Premium Mini Makeup Box 
  • Tsuya Skin Base Youthful Radiance Mousse in Mon Shu Girl Packaging 
  • Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium AIO Advanced in Mon Shu Girl Packaging

Shu Uemura's palettes are always incredibly well executed in my opinion. I like Shu Uemura collections so much that I actually went to the store the day this collection came out in Malaysia to pick it up. I am a very dedicated makeup addict I tell you~~ By the way, I have reviewed Shu Uemura's fall 2012 Chocolat Donna collection if you are interested (LINK).  

Here's everything that I got from this collection. 

I purchased the Karl for Shu Premium Eyelashes, the Karl for Shu Mini Eyelashes, the Karl for Shu Smoky Velvet Palette, the Karl for Shu Prestigious Bordeaux Palette, 3 rouge unlimited in Celebrity Beige, Parisienne Pink, Mon Shu Red and lastly, the Karl for Shu Shu Baby Premium Mini Makeup Box (which was a gift to me).

The cookies and shopper bag were gift with purchase.

Outer box.

The actual box. It comes in a sturdy white box with Mon Shu Girl on it.

Handmade lashes with tiny red crystals on black and white fabric (the website here says it's fabric but it's hard, almost thin card-like).

The design is on both sides of the lashes.

These lashes are beautiful to look at! In real life, the red crystals glistens so beautifully as the lashes move. I collect Shu Uemura's lashes so this is one that I am very happy to add to my collection. 

There's little crystals on the lash band.

This is the more wearable lashes released in this collection and again, I think that these lashes are gorgeous. These are demi lashes so even with the red accent and crystals, these lashes are still very wearable in my opinion (Perhaps not for everyday but I think that these will be excellent for a party look). These lashes are light, easy to apply (as per other demi lashes) and it looks incredible on the eyes. *Scroll to the end of this post if you want to see how it looks on the eyes* 

The packaging.  

The mirror in this palette is in the shape on Mon Shu Girl's silhouette. Not the most practical but it is nonetheless a very adorable touch.

Each of the palettes comes with a dual ended sponge tip applicator and a dual ended brush. 

The sponge tip applicator is acceptable but the brush is quite meh. The bristles are soft but it's just not quite dense enough to pick up the product properly. The bristles on mine are also splaying when they were brand new.

Top row: G1 (Silk smooth eyeshadow) & G2 (Silk smooth eyeshadow)
Middle row: G3 (Pressed eyeshadow) & G4 (Pressed eyeshadow)
Bottom row: G5 (Pressed eyeshadow) & G6 (Glow on blush) 

 The eyeshadows. From left: G1 (deep charcoal with violet and silver glitters), G2 (olive green with gold shimmers), G3 (metallic greyish silver), G4 (light mint green with a slight sheen) & G5 (glittery cool tone platinum gold).

The Glow On Blush. G6 (deep pink with gold micro shimmers).

G1 & G2 are in the silk smooth eyeshadow formula. These shadows have a creamy and soft consistency (almost feel like a cream shadow) with excellent colour payoff. Both of these shades are glittery but the creamy texture enables the glitter particles to adhere well so they both apply very smoothly without much fallout.

G3 & G4 are in the pressed eyeshadow formula and both of these have nice colour payoff and the texture are fine and smooth. Both of these apply and blends well, with little fallout if excess powder are tapped off when you apply it. G5 is very glittery so it is very prone to fallout. The colour payoff is also not quite as good as the other shades since it's very sparkly so you need to pack on the colour if you want the colour to show through instead of a sheer sparkly wash.

The eyeshadows' wear are quite impressive, wearing for over 6 and a half hours without a primer without fading.

G6 is a beautiful pink blush shade with a very soft and fine texture. The blush is very pigmented but it is such a blendable formula that it can be built up for an intense payoff or sheer out to a natural flush. The blush also lasted for over 6 and a half hours on me without fading, which was amazing considering how oily my skin is.

*p/s The background colour is silver but since it glares at the lens, I had to adjust the exposure for this photo, hence it appears a little grey.
Top row: B1 (Silk smooth eyeshadow) & B2 (Silk smooth eyeshadow)
Middle row: B3 (Pressed eyeshadow) & B4 (Pressed eyeshadow)
Bottom row: B5 (Pressed eyeshadow) & B6 (Glow on blush)

The eyeshadows. From left: B1 (blackened purple with pink, violet and silver shimmers), B2 (bronze brown with gold and pink shimmers), B3 (grey tone lilac pink with silver shimmers), B4 (satin finish deep peach beige) & B5 (glittery gold with a subtle coral peach base).

The Glow On Blush. B6 (rosy pink with gold shimmers)

Similar to the Smoky Velvet Palette, B1 & B2 in the Prestigious Bordeaux Palette are in the silk smooth eyeshadow formula. Both of these shadows are very creamy and silky with amazing pigmentation. These shadows apply smoothly with little/ no fallout, blends amazingly and wears well on the lids.

The pigmentation of B3 was not as intense as I would like but it is by no means sheer. In terms of B5, the base colour is very subtle so unless you pack on the colour, you will not see the base colour too much and what you will get is a gold glitter wash. I did noticed some glitter fallout when I applied B5. Other than that, the texture of the shadows are all finely milled and smooth and are very blendable and buildable.

The quality of the shadows in this palette are quite consistent. These shadows wore for almost 7 hours without a primer.

B6 is a beautiful rosy pink color with tiny gold glitters. The texture of this blush is also smooth and finely milled and it is very pigmented. Similar to G6 in the Smoky Velvet Palette, this blush can be blended out to a natural finish or build up for an intense finish. Wear time of this blush is also excellent as it stayed on my skin for nearly 7 hours with little fading. 

I picked up the Karl for Shu Rouge Unlimited in Celebrity Beige, Parisienne Pink & Mon Shu Red. Luxe Burgundy is a beautiful shade but it's a colour that I don't think I will wear much at all.

 The design of the lipstick bullet.

 From left: Celebrity Beige (mid tone coral orange), Parisienne Pink (cool mauve tone pinkish nude) & Mon Shu Red (bright tomato red). Left is a single pass and on the right is 2 swipes of the product.

According to the product description, the rouge unlimited formula is supposed to deliver rich moisture and long lasting comfort (source). I think that these lipsticks do live up to its claims.

The consistency is very smooth and slick so it glides onto the lips very well. These have a very glossy/ translucent look but the colour payoff is good. In addition, these do feel hydrating on the lips so they are very comfortable to wear. If you want a tint-like effect, you can dabbed these onto the lips and blend it out or you can apply a thicker layer for a more glossy and opaque finish. These lipsticks are not very long lasting but it is only expected for a lipsticks with a slick and hydrating texture. I typically get around 3 hours of wear time with these.

The Karl for Shu Shu Baby Mini Makeup Box. This is a very expensive item in the collection so it's definitely a collector's item.

The silver body is made of recycled paper with steel and aluminium metal parts. Since the body of the makeup box is made of recycled paper, I do feel like you have to be careful not to get it wet. However, the main body is still sturdy and well-built.

 The red handles are made with synthetic leather.

Side view.

 What it looks like when it's opened. 

The trays are quite small so you won't be able to keep items like pencils or brushes in it.

However, one advantage with the smaller trays is that you can place taller items upright in the bottom compartment.

As I said before, I feel like this is a collector's item because you are definitely paying a premium for the design and exclusivity. This makeup box cost RM1500 in Malaysia and $325.00 in the US (I received this as a present, so I am very lucky indeed). There were only 3 pieces of this makeup box in Malaysia and they were sold before the collection arrived but my local Shu Uemura store managed to order another one in for me. I missed out on the Shu Uemura x Aya Takano mini makeup box released in 2010 (which is still the cutest in my opinion), so I really wanted to get my hands on this. The fact that this makeup box is aptly named "Karl for Shu Shu Baby" makes me feel like this makeup box is meant for me. *a girl can dream*

 I received some Mon Shu Girl cookies and a shopper bag with my purchase.

 The shopper bag is a good size, as seen in comparison to the palette.

The bag of the shopper has the back view of Mon Shu Girl. 

My only complaint is that the bag is so thin. I think it will be a lot more practical and useful if it were a little bit thicker.

I drew inspiration from the look donned by Mon Shu Girl so my eye shadow were placed in a rounded shape and my eyeliner were thicker towards the middle without any extension past the eye to make my eyes look rounder.

I used the Smoky Velvet Palette for this look, with G2 (top right) all over my lids in a round shape as a base. I then used G3 (middle left) to blend out the edges of G2. I then dabbed G4 (middle right) onto the middle of my lids to add dimension. I proceeded with lining my eyes with a pencil eyeliner and I smudged out the line with G1 (top left). After that, I patted on G5 (bottom left) onto my inner lower lashline. Finally, I curled my lashes, applied mascara and the Karl for Shu Mini Eyelashes to complete the eye look.

I wore G6 (bottom right) Glow On Blush on my cheeks.

Mon Shu Red Rouge Unlimited blended out. It gives a gorgeous stain-like effect.

 2 layers of Mon Shu Red.

I did my makeup with the Prestigious Bordeaux Palette in a similar shape to the previous look.

I had B1 (top left) all over my lids in a round shape as a base. I then used B3 (middle left) on the inner half of the lids. After that, I used a mixture of B2 (top right) and B4 (middle right) on the outer lower corners of my eyes. I lined my upper and lower waterline with a gel pencil eyeliner and I used a liquid liner to line my upper lash line. To brighten my inner lower lashline, I used a little bit of B5 (bottom left).

I had B6 (bottom right) Glow On Blush on my cheeks.

The look with Celebrity Beige Rouge Unlimited.

The look with Parisienne Pink Rouge Unlimited.

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  1. Great comprehensive review hun! Seems like a lovely Xmas collection. I really like the packaging especially the eyeshadow palettes! The lippies also look gorgeous especially against your skintone. And the red accent on the lashes looks so pretty and dainty. They're subtle yet distinct. Was fun reading this post!

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  3. The collection seems really cool Liz! Love the set, actually. I thought the shades were actually dark in theme because of Mon Shu girl but it seems it has a variety. But still lovely! And I love Mon Shu girl! :)

    Happy weekend dear!

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