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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes (#7 Miss Tangerine), Fantastic Gradation Cheeks (#4 Mix & Glow) & Fantastic Rouge Gloss (#1Party Pink, #3 Pixel Milky PInk & #5 Pixel Coral) Review

Hi everyone. I have yet another Etude House review for you today. I've always had some glosses from the LUCIDarling collection and I recently purchased an eyeshadow palette and the highlight powder in the range, so I decided to do a collective review on them.
The packaging is really nice in my opinion. It photographs so well too!!

I have the Fantastic Gradation Eyes in #7 Miss Tangerine, Fantastic Gradation Cheek in #4 Mix & Glow and Fantastic Rouge Gloss in #1 Party Red, #3 Pixel Milky Pink & #5 Pixel Coral.

 #7 Miss Tangerine. The colour sticker on the packaging is not very accurate... There's no pink in the palette -.-"
 The packaging is made of plastic and feels very light, so it can feel a little "not expensive" if you know what I mean. But, the packaging really makes up for it in the cuteness department! The colour is a pearly baby pink and the is a bow on the front.
Here's what the colours look like in the pan.

Swatches from left: top left colour (Frosty shimmery gold beige), bottom left colour (tangerine colour with gold sheen and gold shimmer), top right colour (red tone black with silver shimmers) and bottom right (tangerine colour cream shadow with a tiny bit of silver microshimmer).

I like this palette a lot! I have worn it several times in the past week, which is a very solid proof ^-^ Both of the shadows on the left are very smooth (although the shimmers can fall down, so just need to be a bit careful when applying) and the cream shadow is very creamy and dries down to a semi-matte finish. The top right (dark shade) is the only on that I am not overly keen on cause the texture is a little dry, so it can go on a little patchy. It can be blended out quite nicely so it's not too bad. 
The shadows stays on solidly for 4 hours or so and it will start to fade but not completely disappear. I took my makeup off at hour 8 and the the shadows can still be seen. 

 Fantastic Gradation Cheek in #4 Mix & Glow (which is essentially a highlight powder).
 The packaging of this is the same as the Fantastic Gradation Eyes but the colours of the bow and the case are reversed. 
Here's what the powder looks like in the pan.

Swatches from left: top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right. Rightmost swatch if when all 4 colours are swirled together.

As you can see, although the colours in the pan are beige, baby pink, pastel lilac and mint, they are turn out to be a pearly white colour when applied. If you look at the colours very very closely, you can see the nuances in the 4 colours, but you probably won't be able to tell once on the cheeks. The beige (top left) and mint (bottom right) give a frostier finish than the other 2. If you want to avoid picking up too much of the frosty finish, you can brush diagonally and only pick up the pastel lilac and pink shade, and vice versa. Having options is always good in my opinion.

I think this highlight powder is ok. The reason for it is that the colour of the powder is quite white, so it can look a little bit unnatural if you put on too much. I am fair so it still looks ok on my skin (will be absolutely fine on pale skin tones too) but this powder might not be the best choice for darker skin tones. My skin gets oily about 2-3 hours after I put on makeup, so I cannot tell you how long this lasted on my skin because I cannot tell which bit is highlight and which bit is oily (sorry if I gross you out). This powder does have a baby-powdery/florally scent by the way but it is not very strong.

 Fantastic Rouge Gloss in #1 Party Pink (got it a while ago as a free gift), #3 Pixel Milky Pink & #5 Pixel Coral.

From left: #1 Party Pink (cherry red with bright pink and silver micro shimmers), #3 Pixel Milky Pink (cool tone barbie pink with silver micro shimmers) & #5 Pixel Coral (coral with a little bit of very-micro silver shimmers). 

I LOVE THESE GLOSSES!!!! I own a lot of lip products but I have been reaching for these a lot in the past few weeks. These glosses are very pigmented and the colours do translate very well on the lips. Even though the shimmers are very apparent in the tube and swatch, they are not too noticeable on the lips and it mainly gives a glossy glowing finish. Despite having quite a bit of shimmer, the texture is smooth and not gritty at all.

This gloss has a sweet lolly scent which I really like because it reminds me of a candy that I love as a kid. I know some people might not like that but you cannot really smell it much once you put it on. The texture of this gloss is on the sticky side but the sticky nature means that it will stay on better on the lips. This gloss lasted for 3-4 hours on me when I didn't talk/ drink much, so I am SUPER  impressed since glosses do not normally last well on me. Although it's on the sticky side, it is not gloopy so it's not uncomfortable to wear. Did I mention that this gloss is quite forgiving on dry-ish lips and do not make my lips peel?

Some looks of me wearing the palette:

I used the cream shadow as a base and I lightly swept the tangerine colour onto my lids. I then applied the beige gold colour on my lower lashline to brighten up my eyes. I use Urban Decay's Corrupt 24/7 glide on eye pencil to tightline and on my upper lashline and I smudged it out with the darkest colour in the palette. 

I had the #5 Pixel Coral Fantastic Rouge Gloss on my lips and on my cheeks I had Mac's Modern Mandarin blush. I also used the #4 Mix & Glow Fantastic Gradation Cheek on the high points of my cheeks, on my nose bridge and on my chin.

 Here, I had the beige colour on my lids and on my lower lashline. Then I used Urban Decay's zero to tightline and the FITS Dramatic Rich liquid liner to line my eyes. In this picture, I was wearing the #3 Pixel Milky Pink Fantastic Rouge Gloss.

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. I love how it shimmers! =)

  2. I love your fishtail braid! :D Wow those glosses are sooooo pigmented! Hopefully when I go to Korea next year, I can pick up Etude House products c:

  3. Nice reviews! =) Those lip glosses looking amazing~

  4. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:

  5. omg the gradation cheek packaging is so cute! love the little bow haha. and those lip glosses sound really good. I'm always looking for lip stuff that doesn't worsen dry lips! :)

  6. I actually love the look of this <3 the colours are so pretty!

  7. I agree the packaging is super cute, the eye shadows seem pretty pigmented to and those lip colours are so pretty!

  8. How do you ge these Etude House products?! unless you live in Japan or Korea? o.O I miss it so much! I love this new series they came out it. I tlooks so nice on your skin because you have such nice complexion D:

  9. i love the colors of all the glosses. The eyeshadows look so nice.

  10. Love the packages as well! I looove the Shadow palette cases, sooo cute and pretty! ♥
    I love the black red tone shadow, it almost looks like as if there's a hint of purple on the swatch on your arm, it's pretty. )
    And wow at the podwer palette, the swatches on your arm, they honestly look alike O.o lol.
    And aww....I too have oily skin.... -.-, totally get you on, which is highlight part and which is oily part. :/ lol
    As for the glosses, I LOOOOVE THE RED COLOR! It's a fun red and pretty, I also love the pink, sooo barbie pink. :D
    Love the glosses on your lips, so pretty and glossy ♥!

    I love your make up review posts, it'll be cool if you did a video on make up :)


  11. i really like the gradation eyes palette! they're pretty colors.
    i also like the colors of the lip glosses.

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    Win a $50 giftcard to Shappy Apple! Come and join. :]


  12. I like the lip color. It looks really good on you.

  13. i am a packaging freak and the packaging is so darn cute!!!

  14. Great post, so helpful :D thanks for sharing!! you look so pretty

  15. wahhh u look so cute! thank you for the review~!!!


  16. omg they're so sparkly that they make me want to buy all of them!

    Couture Caddy

  17. I like the lip color. I dont usually wear lip gloss, but I should =)

  18. wow i have to say the packaging looks really nice~ good buy since your looove those glosses!

  19. Hey Liz! :D
    Thanks for your comment on my Designer for a day post! <3
    Awesome on getting a good camera and lighting, can't wait! :D


  20. This all looks really great. So pretty. Lovely new makeup like this makes me really excited.

  21. love the glosses and the make up looks great on you :)

  22. Seriously! I love all this etude stuff and Korean cosmetics! GREAT JOB!!!! xoxo

  23. Love it, the colors are amazing! And the packaging is awesome. X

  24. so much goodies! :)
    love ur blog's heading!


    Sandra @

  25. Nice post. With unique packaging and the glosses reminiscent of childhood candy, this seems like an interesting product. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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