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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Revlon lip butters (025 Peach Parfait, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 096 Macaroon, 075 Lollipop, 070 Cherry Tart, 085 Sugar Plum, 020 Brown Sugar & 030 Fig Jam) review

Hello everyone. I am sure anyone of you who follows beauty blogs or beauty youtubers or just have been out and about lately would have undoubtedly heard of this product I am about to review for you today. Yeap, I am talking about the Revlon lip butters. These have been out in the states for months now and as usual, it just freshly landed on my shore. 

Malaysia is supposed to get the Revlon lip butters in store in March 2012 but Watsons and Guardian pharmacy already have them in store the last time I checked (I went to a few just to be sure). Malaysia and Singapore only have a limited range of colours available, at the moment it's only 8 out of the 20 available shades (what a shame >__<) and these lip butters are priced at RM24.90 each. 

From left to right: 025 Peach Parfait, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 096 Macaroon (UK exclusive shade), 075 Lollipop, 070 Cherry Tart, 085 Sugar Plum, 020 Brown Sugar and 030 Fig Jam.

Let's take a closer look at the lip butters.

From left to right: 025 Peach Parfait, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 096 Macaroon (UK exclusive shade), 075 Lollipop.

From left to right: 070 Cherry Tart, 085 Sugar Plum, 020 Brown Sugar and 030 Fig Jam.

From left: 020 Brown Sugar, 025 Peach Parfait, 030 Fig Jam & 070 Cherry Tart 

From left: 075 Lollipop, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 085 Sugar Plum & 096 Macaroon

Here's how they look like on the lips. p/s. Please forgive my frizzy hair and the unflattering lighting. I planned to shoot these photos in daylight but it started raining (more like a thunderstorm, hello tropical weather). Since I wanted to get this post up asap, I shot them anyways in the most unflattering lighting in the world aka overhead florescent lighting.

My bare lips. My lips are naturally quite pigmented so bear in mind that these lip butters might look slightly different on your lips depending on your natural lip colour (especially with the sheerer shades).

020 Brown Sugar
Brown sugar is a brown nude colour that is not very pigmented. It does show up a little on my lips. The finish of this is not balmy like the others but it is rather frosty looking, almost bronzy.

025 Peach Parfait
 This colour is one of the most sought after shades when this product first launched in the States (according to the beauty youtubers I follow, this shade was supposedly sold out and hard to find). 
I wear this the most out of all the shades I have. This is a very good everyday peachy pink colour since it's not too bold and it goes with lots of different makeup looks. When you look at it in the tube, the glitter particles are clearly visible and you can kinda feel them on your lips.  

030 Fig Jam
This shade looks like a deep brown in the tube but in fact it is very sheer and turns out more like a berry colour with a brown tone on the lips. The finish of this is very much like a tinted lip balm.

070 Cherry Tart
 Cherry tart is a balmy red colour, it does show on the lips but it is not very opaque. I would recommend this colour if you want to try out a red lipstick but is afraid that it might be too bold/ hard to pull off.

075 Lollipop
 Lollipop is a fuchsia pink colour (it looks almost purple-like to me). Lollipop is one of the more pigmented ones out of the bunch with micro shimmer particles that are not very noticeable. This colour might not work for those who prefer natural looking lip colours, the cool tone nature of this colour also might not work for some skin tones.

080 Strawberry Shortcake
 Strawberry Shortcake is a cool tone bubblegum pink colour. This applies quite sheerly, so it doesn't look too pale on the lips. It has a glossy finish but there is no noticeable shimmer.

085 Sugar Plum
 Sugar plum is a mauve pink colour. As you can see in the swatch, it is quite sheer on the lips and it only appears as a mauve tinge on my lips.

096 Macaroon
 Macaroon is a reddish colour that has a mauve undertone (it gives a dark pinkish red look). It is semi pigmented on the lips, it can definitely be built up for more colour payoff.

Overall, I like the Revlon lip butters. I think that the quality is good for the price. I personally like sheer lip colours, so I don't mind the shorter wear time (about 3 hours or so if I don't talk too much/eat/drink). These are easy to reapply throughout the day because they are not too opaque so there is no need for precise application. There is also no obvious scent/smell, and the packaging is cute but nothing that screams luxury. 

You have to keep in mind that not all of these are created equal, so some shades are more pigmented and some are sheer and balmy. I don't find that these moisturizes my lips, so it definitely would not do the job that a lip balm can do. However, they do not dry my lips out or make them peel. Some have compared these to Chanel rouge coco shine, but I think that Chanel's packaging is more sturdy and luxurious, and the texture of the rouge coco shine is more silky and smooth. The Revlon lip butters can feel a little tacky on the lips.

All in all, I like the Revlon lip butters and is definitely interested in trying out other shades. I also recommend that you check out swatches online if you are interested in purchasing because some of these can appear quite different on the lips than in a swatch on your arm.

On a side note, I am wondering if any of you gets annoyed by stickers on products that are ridiculously difficult to remove? Like so.

You know what I mean right? If you try to peel them off, it just leaves this sticky mess that annoys me to no end. And I just do not like using my products with the stickers on it (Yeah, I am kinda anal like that). 

I am here to share my newfound secret with you guys. I found a way to remove the stickers cleanly. 
TADAHHHHH. No sticky residue. 

 Step 1. Peel off the end of the sticker to remove lipstick tube.

Step 2. Use a hairdryer to blow at sticker for about 50 seconds to a minute while avoiding burning your fingers.

Step 3. Peel the sticker off and it should come off cleanly without leaving any sticky mess behind. 

Have you tried out the Revlon lip butters? 

This is it from me so far. 

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Until next time.xoxo


  1. Thanks for the sticker tip, I will definitely try that next time as I have lots of lipsticks with sticky sides as the sticker has left some tacky residue behind! I love the look of these lip butters, especially macaroon and cherry tart. I usually prefer more opaque and matte lipsticks, I think revlon have another really great line of lipsticks but the name escapes me at the moment. I will probably try these too, no doubt. xx

  2. The lip colors looks really nice on you!

  3. Thanks for the review! The lippie names are so adorable - because I love sweets, I guess!
    I think I like the strawberry shortcake shade the most :)
    I wonder how they retail for here in Australia? I should go check it out when I can~

  4. Wow, lovely colors. I really like the peach parfait one!

  5. Great to see some swatches of the colours I don't have.. (not that I haven't seen them a million times already, being a massive fan haha). They all look great on you!!
    That sticker tip is helpful! I had a bit of trouble with a couple of mine, but for the most part they peeled off smoothly with minimal residue.

  6. I reaallly want the strawberry short cake >__<
    and you look lovely!

  7. love all the colors on you! i need to step my game up on lipstick colors! thank you for the review and sharing!

  8. Love the lipsticks reviews. Love all of the colors. They all look amazing on you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. love all of the colours!
    they all look great on you :)

  10. Hi, I just use an eraser to remove the sticky residue of the stickers. Works everytime for other things too, and Hi-5 fellow Malaysian~ I am actually still choosing the colors before I purchase any haha thanks for the review!

  11. Very beautiful colors! :)


    Comment or/and follow! (:

  12. Such a great post! :)
    And they all look really good on you!

  13. The Lollipop and the strawberry Shortcake looks the best on you :3


  14. Hello doll,
    first of all I’d like to thank you for having visited and commented on my blog. I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting...and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;)
    I'd like to invite you to visit mine and follow each other if you please. I’d be very delighted!I'm already following!
    I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often.


  15. wow you got so many of the Lip Butters, so envious! :P Macaroon looks gorgeous on you, it seems like it could be used for everyday looks and going out as well! and haha that sticker tip sounds genius. definitely going to try this next time!

  16. I love these!!!


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