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Monday, February 13, 2012

Delicious reminiscence

I miss Melbourne. I miss the people, the erratic weather, the streets lingering with so much culture and personality, my old apartment, the freedom, the life I once had, the food...


I am lucky to be living in Malaysia now, and we do have lots of delicious cuisines from different countries and culture. But for one, our Cafes here do not even come close to the ones in Melbourne, period.

This was definitely one of my favourite Cafes in Melbourne, and I always thought the name to be really cute. THREE BAGS FULL, isn't it such a cute name?

I actually didn't even need to look at the menu because I always order the same thing every time I go.

Firstly, my little friend's and my favourite: Chai Latte, with that generous layer of cinnamon sugar. 

Little Friend: Why is that tea pot on a podium??

Little Friend: I want to get on too!!!

 Little friend: This cup is soooo heavy >__<"

 Little Friend: *sweats* Finally!! Take a picture!!!

I LOVE smoked salmon but sometimes find them to be a little too salty. So this home cured salmon on corn fritters with avocado (and yes, I LOVE avocados too, I used to mash them up with a little honey and eat it with cereals) was PERFECT. I order this every time I go there.
 The salmon was cured in-house and it was tasty without being too salty or overpowering. The slight sweetness added by the accompanying corn fritters goes so well with the dressing while the rocket adds freshness.Not to mention the AVOCADO that adds the  creaminess. 

Literally salivating just thinking about this dish.

 And another delicious number, Eggs benedict. There is one that comes with spinach, Eggs Florentine I think, also delicious.

 Actually this dish is so common and most cafes in Melbourne do a very good rendition of this dish, so I never thought of it very highly. Until I am living in Malaysia, and failed to find a cafe that can properly poach an egg, or make a decent hollandaise sauce that I realise I have taken it for granted.

 Look at the velvety and rich hollandaise sauce gently clenching to the perfectly poached, yolks still runny eggs, on a crispy on the crust but fluffy bread.

Here's the contact details just in case you are interested:
Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St, Abbotsford.
Phone: 0394212732

 And another thing I really miss, if from this little Japanese resturant called J cafe. There was just a homemade taste about the food here that I love. 

For the 6+ years I have been going there, I ordered the same thing. Deep fried pork cutlet bento set. LOL, I really am the sort of person who is so loyal to one thing on the menu that I don't bother trying anything else. 

I do highly recommend this place!! The sushi burgers are what they are famous for and I love that as well, when I get takeaway from this place. The korokkes were one of my favourite dishes too.

167 Exhibition St
Melbourne 3000

It's difficult not to miss all these because of the way things are right now. But I just have to stay strong and keep believing that my dreams will come true one day and that if I lose sight of it now and give up, I will never ever reach it. 

Never, never, never give up!!!!

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. Melbourne misses you too!! Don't give up! :)

    Belly B :)

  2. I hope you can find a good cafe to go to soon! The food pics are gorgeous, love that you take Little Friend along too ^^
    I'm also the same, always ordering the same things when I go out~

  3. Your little friend is so cute ^^
    And i like your blog.
    All the photos just make me so hungry lol...

  4. Yum the food looks so yummy! Three bags full is such a cute name for a cafe! I love chai latte's but my favourite drink is an iced coffee, even in winter! xx

  5. Awww the food looks so good! I love love love eggs benedict! And the home cured salmon on corn fritters looks delicious! I also love avocado too! Salmon + avocado = heaven!

    Your little friend is adorable!

    Chin up. There's lots, and lots of lovely things about Malaysia too!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment! I think, from my twitter friends that the revlon lip butters are available in Singapore, but not the whole range? If you are planning any trips across the border maybe it'd be worth having a look XD

  6. sometimes I always ordered the same things to, if I go to my favorite restaurant. *w*

    Don't give up with everything dear, Fighting!

  7. Thank you so much :) I really appreciate people liking my stuff :)

    Cute pictures ♥

  8. cute photos! the food looks yummy! i love love deep fried pork cutlet

  9. Totally cute blog you are running around here!

    Btw i loved you comment on my blog!
    I follow you now, you'r amazing!

    Please go and follow me back at

  10. It seems to be a nice place and I love the name!

  11. It's okay, as long as u believe, the things u yearn for will actually happen.

    I've read ur previous post on leaving Australia after 6 years, high five, I left Adelaide after several years of living there, and now back in Malaysia, still wanting to go back and never gave up the hope.

    stay strong babe, u never know what's gonna bring you back someday :)


  12. Awww, how cute is the plushie? I think its hungry.

  13. ohhh what lovely toy!!!!!!
    with that delicious food I would miss it too!! :D


  14. Aw those are such cute & funny photos! the food definitely looks delicious! :)

  15. So cute :) love this idea and the food looks omg so good!

  16. looking at those food photos is making me hungry!! i love eggs benedict, but i agree with u that not all restaurants can poach eggs to perfection. your little friend is just way too cute!

  17. Well, definitely you make me want to visit Melbourne!!!
    How cute is your little friend? lovely and funny pics!^^

  18. oh god, everything look so gooooooood :3 what a lovely way to think

  19. mm eggs benedict, one of my fave dishes...and haha I love the little plushie, it's got the cutest smile! xD

  20. This is so cute! And yeah, never give up on your dreams.. what else would we go after without them?

  21. Lovely blog.

  22. This is adorable and the food does look good :)

  23. so cute & yummi- and thank you! :)

  24. I have never been to Melbourne/Australia before :c

    I live in boring Holland with no good decent Asian food so poor me haha!

    That is so cute with that little plushie while taken foodpictures :)


  25. so cute! and the food looks so yummy.

    xx from hong kong :)


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