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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Majolica Majorca | 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Little Humming Book 1 Review

Majolica Majorca: A brand that I love for their amazing mascaras that can hold a curl on my stick-straight-curl-defying lashes as well being very smudge resistant on my oily mono lids. I had no idea that this brand has been in existence for 10 years until I stumbled upon the Little Humming Book 1 palette when I was wandering idly in a pharmacy/ drugstore. 

The Little Humming Book 1 is the first of several limited edition palettes that were released in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the brand. Visit the official Majolica Majorca website if you want to find out more~

This palette is shaped like a book and the cover is held close by an elasticated band. The packaging is made mainly from a cardboard material. 

The reason this palette is called the "Little Humming Book" is because it contains the scores and lyrics to a song. You can listen to the song HERE.

P/s: I find the song a teensy bit creepy so if you get scared easily (like me), you might want to wait till daytime to listen to it.

The last part of the book/palette houses two eyeshadows (Flower Dust & Green Shower), one cream eyeshadow base (Moonless Night) and one lipgloss (Tulip Bed).

Swatches from Left: Flower Dust Eyeshadow (Frosty baby pink with pink & white micro shimmers), Green Shower Eyeshadow (Frosty shimmery pastel mint), Moonless Night Eye Cream Base (Deep eggplant), Flower Dust+ Moonless Night (Frosty deep plum with pink and white shimmer), Green Shower+ Moonless Night (Frosty deep forest green with metallic teal sheen & mint shimmers) & Tulip Bed Lipgloss (Medium milky pink).

I think that the packaging of this palette is SO CUTE! A palette that is shaped like a book and actually contains pages?!! What's not to love? Aside from the unique packaging, the cardboard material also makes this palette lightweight and compact while providing decent protection since cardboard can absorb impact rather well. Trust me, I've dropped this palette quite a few times and it survived.

One thing I dislike about this palette is the fact that it is a mixture of cream and powder products. Firstly, it can get messy very quickly since the powder will get into the cream. Secondly, the cream products will dry up eventually but the powder eyeshadow will have a much longer lifespan. It'll get annoying down the road because only half the palette will remain usable. 

In terms of the quality of the product, I think that the powder eyeshadows are really good. Both eyeshadows are pigmented and they both apply smoothly and blend out well. The texture of the shadows is on the soft side but there was minimal fallout during application if I made sure to tap off the excess on my brush/ pat the shadows on with my fingers. However, the fly away shadow will undoubtedly get into the cream pans. 

The eye cream base, which is essential a cream eyeshadow base, is also lovely. It is smooth and buttery, very pigmented, and blends like a dream. When you apply the powder eyeshadow over it, it give such a pretty depth of color and nuance to the shadows. However, note that this is an eyeshadow base, not a cream eyeshadow. It needs to be set with a powder over top as it will not set by itself. It stays and looks great when powder eyeshadows are applied on top but it will move, smudge and fade very easily if you use it alone. 

The staying power of the eyeshadow without primer is so so. On their own, they can hang in there for only a few hours before fading. With the base or a primer, they can last for around 7-8 hours with slight fading only. 

The lipgloss is my least favorite part of this palette. One thing, it is quite weak in color payoff so it barely shows up on my lips. Secondly, the texture is quite thick, so you can feel it on the lips when you have it on. Also, it wears off so quickly. 

Eyes: Little Humming Book 1- Moonless Night Eye Cream Base on top lids and outer 1/3 of lower lash line, Green Shower Eyeshadow layered over base on top lids & Flower Dust along lower lash line. 

*I lined my upper lash line using the Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencil in Black. 

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  1. oh wow i didn't expect it to be so pigmented! the eyeshadows look gorgeous! I also don't really like when a palette includes cream and powder products because usually they tend to get messy..
    btw, I love your green ombre! <3

  2. I haven't tried many eyeshadows from Majolica Majorca but they are very good quality~~ Now I see why so many Asian bloggers rave about them.

    My palette is already very very messy >-<

  3. I found Little Humming Book 2 but I can't find the 3rd and 4th one in my local drugstore >-<

  4. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I could definitely seem myself purchasing this because of how cute it is!

    I think the cream shadows are quite pretty and the pigmentation is absolutely beautiful!

    thanks for the review. ^^

  5. How cute! The packaging is adorable

  6. oooh this collection is so girly and pretty! you created some gorgeous look with this..
    but more importantly - did you say their mascaras hold curls? even non-waterproof ones? if so, i would be all about them! :)

  7. The packaging is so cute * A *. I agree about the lip gloss/cream shadow being put with the eyeshadows >__<.

  8. I am not sure if Majolica Majorca actually makes non-waterproof formulas. I have used different ones over the years (all with the comb-like applicator) and it holds a curl very well. It's a pain to remove though.

  9. Cute packaging is so hard to resist >-<"

  10. The packaging is really what makes this so appealing, I think, it's super pretty :-) And can I just say what a pretty face you have!

  11. Is this not the cutest makeup kit I've ever seen?! Such a cute little thing - I love that you can actually flip through it like a real book <3
    Hehe, the music is cute - a bit creepy at night maybe 0_o
    Flower Dust and Moonless night layered together became such a gorgeous smoky shade!

  12. The packaging is so cute! I would buy this just for the packaging hehe.

    The colors in the package are really nice as well. It just sucks that they have both cream and powder together!

  13. oh mY! the packaging was so so adorable!! loving it ^_~

  14. The packaging is indeed very cute! And I love the colors
    as well c: a little bummer to hear about the texture! Xx

  15. The actual eyeshadows and base are nice~~ IF ONLY they actually keep the cream and powders separate!!

  16. I totally bought it for the packaging but the product turned out to be quite good :D

  17. The color combination is so pretty isn't it? To be honest, I didn't layer the cream and powder the first time I swatched the palette so I didn't think very much of it. Then I layered the eyeshadow over the base one day as I was just playing with my makeup and it was love~~~~

  18. I love pretty packagings so this palette is totally up my alley :D Thank you for your compliment. You are so sweet!

  19. *screams* majolica majorca is so adorable >w< the other day i went to hk, i was freaking out because i've been hearing a lot about majolica's famous mascaras so i was really excited when i found them in hk's drug store... couldn't choose which mascara though but i end up buying the lash king~

    pfft, seriously what is it with japan's cosmetics having adorable packaging, seriously.

    i really love the concept of these palettes! so unique and creative :3 too bad i don't usually wear eyeshadows (also because i don't know the art of playing around with i always rely more on lashes and eyeliner pfft lame :P) ....also, too bad majolica isn't available in where i live except from online purchase -__-;;

    those are some gorgeous colors there :3
    i like the lipgloss, hm... too bad it wears off pretty quickly. i like pale pink lipgloss but when i wear it, it doesn't show as much on my lips augh... (referring to candy doll's strawberry milk lipgloss)

  20. I thought the lipgloss was the prettiest thing! Too bad it's your least favorite.

  21. It's really sheer and I generally dislike lip products in powder palettes cause it gets so messy :P

  22. Woo I didn't even know they came out with this. Just followed you on gfc twitter instagram ^^


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