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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chanel L'ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013 | Inimitable Waterproof Mascara (47), Stylo Eyeshadow (47 & 57), Rouge Coco Shine (467) & Le Vernis Nail Colour (647, 657 & 667) Review

With fall/autumn items slowly making its way into stores, I can't help but to admit that summer (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) is coming to an end. Although I live in a tropical country which means it's summer all year round, I too am excited for the arrival of summer because it means that the clothes and makeup are designed to be suited for the hotter climates. A very superficial reason I know but I am sure if you are reading a beauty blog, you will most likely understand. 

Although I tend to prefer summer makeup releases, I was not particularly drawn to many summer collections released this year. I have blogged about pieces from the Dior Bird of Paradise Collection (LINK) and 2 items from YSL summer 2013 Collection (LINK). After this post, I will review the Shu Uemura Eyeconic Collection for Summer 2013 and that will be the end of my Summer 2013 makeup collections coverage. 

Chit chat done. Let's take a look at Chanel L'ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013. 

All of the items released in this collection are as follows:

The first thought when I saw this collection was "no bronzer?". Instead, the piece de resistance in this collection to me is the new range of Stylo Eyeshadow (that has a unique cooling sensation) and the brightly coloured mascaras. Of course there is the usual lip products and le vernis nail color or it won't be a Chanel Collection will it?

The items that I picked up are the Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in 47 Aqua Blue, Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in 47 Blue Bay & 57 Black Stream, Le Vernis Nail Colour in 647 Lilis, 657 Azure & 667 Bel-Argus and Rouge Coco Shine in 467 Pygmalion.

This mascara has a plastic brush.
The Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in 47 Aqua Blue is a bluish green (muted light teal) shade. The formula of the mascara is very good as it gives volume to the lashes without clumping or weighing them down. I wore this mascara on holiday and I did not notice any smudging or drooping at the end of the day even when I went out and about all day in hot and humid weather. 

In terms of the colour, I find that it actually shows up true to color even on my dark lashes. I find that it required some building up if I want the "in your face" brightness as seen in the promo images but it was good colour payoff even with 2 light coats. I have tried applying it straight onto my bare lashes as well as over black mascara and the colour shows up well in both cases. Granted, 47 Aqua Blue is not the most vibrant and bright in the range but I think it's a good mid-point between subtle (deep blue & black) and bright (mint green and yellow). 

I have one complaint though. This mascara seems to dry out pretty quickly. I have only been using mine for a couple of weeks and the texture of the mascara is already noticeably dryer than when I first opened it.  


Left swatch is a single pass and right swatch is a single pass blended. From left: 47 Blue Bay (aqua blue with silver shimmer) & 57 Black Stream (black with silver shimmer)

I allowed the Stylo Eyeshadow to set after application (several minutes) and I rubbed it with my finger. As you can see, the colour rubbed off slightly but it was intact for the most part. 

As the product came into contact with water, it melted and washed off without any contact.
I dabbed a tissue over whatever colour that remained and more colour came off.
P/s I did not perform an oil test with this particular product. 

The Stylo Eyeshadow is described to be lightweight, long wearing and cooling (source). The Stylo eyeshadow is indeed cooling on the lids when applied, which I thought was nice since I have not tried any other eye shadow stick product that is cooling on the skin. The cooling sensation isn't too uncomfortable, just a slight cool tingle that disappears very quickly. 

The formula is pigmented yet very blendable, so it can work as an eyeliner or blended out as a shadow. I own 2 of the 6 colours but from swatches that I have seen online, all of the shades have some degree of shimmer/ glitter to them. The shimmers adhere pretty well to the lids and I didn't notice too many stray shimmer particles on my skin after application. The formula is also very smooth and buttery despite all the shimmers in it. 

I had very high expectations for this product because I have very high standards for twist up eyeshadow sticks, all thanks to my holy grail Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick Eye Colour (my review HERE). I wasn't sure if this formula is waterproof since it does not say so in the name or in the product description. Some bloggers say that it IS waterproof, some did not mention it at all. I ran the swatches under the tap and it completely melted and disappeared, so I guess it's probably NOT WATERPROOF. 

Considering its non-waterproof formula, the wear time is quite decent. Without a primer, it wore for over 4 hours without fading and with a primer, it can last around 8 hours on my oily skin. 


Left is a single pass and right is a built up swatch. 467 Pygmalion is a glossy watermelon pink colour.
The gorgeous glossy shine
Pygmalion Rouge Coco Shine is a gorgeous colour and the formula is also amazing in my opinion. The colour payoff is good as it shows up bright on the lips with a translucent glossy shine. The lipstick applies smoothly and it does not emphasize dryness or lip lines. This lipstick feels very lightweight on the lips and I think that it is slightly hydrating. 

Lasting power is not a strong suit for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. Lipstick with this sort of glossy slick and lightweight formula are not meant to be very long lasting anyways. Pygmalion lasts about 2-3 hours on me and if I don't drink/ talk too much. 

The photo doesn't do any justice for Azure & Bel-Argus. These 2 shades have such depth and dimension to it that is so gorgeous to look at in real life.

On my index finger: 647 Lilis (bright orange tone coral with a cream finish)
On my thumb, middle, ring & pinky finger: 657 Azure (metallic teal or blue depending on the angle and light)

On my On my thumb, middle, ring & pinky finger: 667 Bel-Argus (metallic blue that changes into a royal blue colour depending on the light and angle)

I have always loved Chanel's Le Vernis Nail Colour and I am very impressed with the colour and formula of all 3 of the Le Vernis Nail Colour released in the L'ete de Papillon Collection. 

In terms of colour, 647 Lilis is a gorgeous bright colour that will be so lovely to wear in hot weather. It has a cream finish that dries to a rather glossy look. I love how it looks against my light yellow tone skin as it made my hands look brighter. 657 Azure and 667 Bel-Argus are also absolutely stunning. The depth and complexity of these two shades are so gorgeous. The metallic finish is very reflective and these 2 shades seem to morph into different colors in different lighting and as my hands move so they are extremely eye catching and beautiful to look at. 

The application of these polishes are also seamless. They are solidly opaque with 2 light coats (I tried using 1 thick coat and I think that you can get away with that also). The polishes even out very nicely and there wasn't any apparent drag or unevenness. 

Chanel polishes also tend to wear very well on me (with a top coat). With these 3 shades, minor tip wear showed on the 4th day and I didn't experience any chipping until the 7th day of wear. 

 On my eyes: 47 Blue Bay Stylo Eyeshadow blended all over the lids & 57 Black Stream Stylo Eyeshadow blended in from the lashline up for a subtle smoky look. I also smudged a bit of black stream to the outer half of my lower lashline. 

On my bottom eyelashes: Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in 47 Aqua Blue.

On my lips: Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in 467 Pygmalion.

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  1. I'm with you. I wasn't blown away by the collections this year either. I love that lilis orange nail lacquer. So pretty. I have so many blues, I stayed away from this. You always do a really good job with your reviews. They're very helpful because you go into detail which I can appreciate.

  2. Such gorgeous Chanel products! The Eyeshadow crayons look great but what a shame that they aren't waterproof- especially at the price point they are at! The sheer lipstick looks so pretty too :)

  3. You always review the prettiest things :D

    I like the Azure color~

    nyuu }

  4. I did not expect the crayon eyeshadow to wash away so easily at all. I should have known though since Chanel did not name it "Stylo Eyeshadow Waterproof" :P

  5. Thank you for being so supportive of my blog ^-^ I have a thing for blue nail polishes so every time I see a new one released, I kinda convince myself that I "need" it. It's so bad -.-""

  6. hi, when did you get these babies? i tried to find pygmalion lipstick but it already sold out in penang :(

  7. that blue eyeshadow is stunning on you!! too bad they're not very water resistant ;c

    à la foliee

  8. Hi. I got these items over a month ago in a small counter in Subang Jaya. I saw on another blog that Guerlain Rouge Automatique in #143 is very similar in color.

  9. I wish it's water resistant too >-< but the wear time is not too bad though.


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