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Thursday, July 11, 2013

YSL Summer 2013 Collection | Marrakesh Sunset Palette & Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder in 30 Terre Halee Review

Hi everyone. Have you ever made an impulse purchase just because something got sold out very quickly/ got so hyped up? I did exactly that when I saw the YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette a while back when I went to Singapore for a meeting. I knew that this palette was sold out on the US website so when the SA brought the palette out saying it JUST came in, I had to get it right?

I also picked up the Terre Saharienne Bronzing Power in 30 Terre Halee because the SA recommended this particular shade for contouring. You should note that my rationality was partially knocked out of me due to makeup-induced excitement since I had so much fun swatching all the Glossy Stains and gorgeous YSL lipsticks.

So the gist of all this faff is, I bought the Marrakesh Sunset Palette & the Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder in 30 Terre Halee, which I will review for you now.
Other products in the YSL Summer 2013 collection includes (source):
  • 3 La Laque Couture Nail Lacquers in 14 Violine Surrealiste, 36 Vert Dorient & 37 Taupe Mauresque
  • 2 Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A levres Glossy Stain in 14 Fuchsia Dore & 31 Corail Alla Prima
  • 2 Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre Lipsticks in 114 Rose de Saba & 115 Brun Sultan
  • Dessin du Regard Crayon Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in 10 Violet Massa
  • Terre Saharienne Powder Matte Bronzer in 10 Terre Ambree & 20 Terre Ocree
  • 2 Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry Shadow in #13 & #20
According to, the Marrakesh Sunset Palette is the only limited edition item in this collection. Other products released in this collection will be added to the permanent range in their respective category (source)

On the left: Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder in 30 Terre Halee. On the right: Marrakesh Sunset Palette.

Both of the products are in limited edition packaging. The palette size of the Marrakesh Sunset Palette & Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder is the same although the bronzing powder came in a bigger box.
This palette came with two dual-ended sponge tip applicators.
The plastic sheet/separator thing has the YSL logo etched on it. I really appreciate the attention to little details like this.
Top left shade: deep brown with golden shimmers.
Bottom left shade: peach with subtle shimmers.
Center shade: champagne tone beige with frosty sheen and shimmer.
Top right shade: violet purple with blue and purple shimmers.
Bottom right shade: dirty yellow gold with gold shimmers.
The YSL Marrakesh Sunset palette is a beautiful palette to look at. The tribal inspired golden packaging is a gorgeous design but the palette itself is very light. I would prefer the palette to have a bit more weight so that it wouldn't feel so plastic-ky. I think that there is a nice mixture of neutral shades and brighter tones which makes it wearable but still true to the summer-brights-vibe. I would like the palette better if some shades are matte though, since an all shimmery eyeshadow combination can make my lids look a bit puffy. 

The eyeshadows in this palette are traditional powder eyeshadow and they are NOT the wet/dry eyeshadow formula. Now, the texture of the eyeshadows in this palette did not impress me. First of all, the pigmentation of the eyeshadows are quite weak. A single layer of product will yield a slightly sheer look and if you want more intense colour payoff, it is essential that you use a base and apply several layers of product. Also, the eyeshadows are on the dry side and they can be prone to fall out. The shadows also have the tendency to apply unevenly (most noticeable in the brown and purple) but it's not a huge issue since the finish can be blended for an even look. 

Although I have my complaints of the formula, the wear time of these eyeshadows are quite good. I applied them over a primer and they lasted over 7 hours with just a little bit of fading around the edges. 

This particular palette might be quite difficult to get hold of at the moment but the main reason that I decide to still review this is to share the idea that not everything that is hyped up/ sold out will be AMAZING. I have been doing beauty reviews for over a year now (plus I collected makeup before that) and I buy & try a lot of beauty products. Most of the time, my purchase decision tend to be affected by reviews or posts that I read online. 

For someone who writes beauty reviews, if I get something and it doesn't work well for me, I see it as good content for my blog since I think it will be helping someone out there to make a better informed decision when they are buying a product. For a regular consumer who might not have quite so many products, I think that you would much rather spend your money on something that is great/ works well on you no?

I think what I am trying to say is: do your research, go to the store and try out the products if possible so that your hard-earned bucks can be spent on something that you love. Following trends/ hype/ hunting down a sold out product might be fun (or not) but at the end of the day, it would mean nothing if a product doesn't work well on you.

The Terre Halee Bronzing Powder is the darkest of all three shades and it is a red-tone brown. (This bronzer is matte by the way, the specks of shimmers are leftover from swatching the eyeshadows.)
The SA suggested this shade for me because I said I wanted a bronzer that's good for contouring. He suggested that I go with 30 Terre Halee because he thinks that the other two shades might look a bit orange on my skin. Well, this shade doesn't make me look like I work in Charlie's chocolate factory but this bronzer can look too stark against my fair skin so I have to be extremely careful when I use this. I need to use a very light hand, ensure that I take off the excess product and I have to buff the product onto the skin very well. I only use this bronzing powder to contour and it works well for that. 

Texture-wise, this bronzing powder is lovely. It has a smooth and fine texture & it has great colour payoff. It also blends very well and it doesn't leave a powdery look on the skin. The matte finish makes this bronzer more versatile since it can be used to contour, bronzed up the skin or used on where the sun will naturally hit the skin for a healthy look.

Gorgeous packaging always a plus! Although the packaging itself is also quite light so it doesn't feel as luxurious as it could have been. 

Eyes: YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette- peach color all over the lids, brown close to the lashline and on the outer corners, gold tapped onto the middle of the lids and the champagne beige colour on the inner corners and lower lashline.

Cheeks: Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder in Terre Halee to contour the outer perimeters of my face only (not on the hollows of my cheeks).

I was literally trying to hold an annoying piece of hair out of my face and thought this photo looks quite nice. LOL 
 Eyes: YSL Marrakesh Sunset Palette- peach all over the lids, purple to line the eyes quite thickly, brown on the outer lower lashline and champagne beige on the inner lower lashline. 

By the way, do you like my green ombre hair color? 

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  1. Whoa, love your hair colour! Thank you for the review - the palette looks absolutely gorgeous, but you're right! Trends and hype don't mean nothing if it doesn't work well for you. I've got too many palettes right now anyways, so I'll probably skip on this gorgeous palette. C:

  2. wow the eye shadow palette looks amazing, too bad the pigmentation isn't really good.. for the price tag, it should be impressive T.T
    the bronzer in other hand, looks well pigmented.. ;)

    I love your green ombre hair!! I want ombre hair as well but I don't think I have the gut to do it in green.. >.<

  3. ooh seems like the ysl palette is not really worth buying after all...i don't get why some people hype up products that aren't so great. I'm looking for a good bronzer for pale skin too! so far I haven't found one that I like yet, most bronzers are on the warm/orange undertone and I think I need a cool/neutral brown for pale skin

  4. A good bronzer for paler skin tone is so difficult to come by. It's especially so when most Asian brands that cater to lighter skin tones do not actually carry bronzers (at least not where I live) >-<

  5. I eased myself into the green hair actually. I first got subtle brown tone ombre-> brown blonde ombre-> blue highlights at the ends mixed in with subtle brown ombre-> then only did I get this blue green ombre colour ^-^

  6. I've got quite a few palettes too so I mainly get products that I think people will be interested to see on the blog.

  7. I like the peach color. If only these weren't so expensive :( Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin'? I shall follow you right now ^-^

    - kat

  8. i love what you included in this review. as a fellow beauty blogger i can appreciate it this. people work really hard for their money and want to know if a product works or not. as beauty bloggers we bring this to them (our honesty). i know many beauty bloggers have helped me. i've only use YSL touche eclat and the next thing i was going to try was the foundation. i've never ventured into colors from them. the eye shadow palette looks pretty but i'm glad you told me the pros and cons of it. the bronzer came out nice on you. i would've thought it would be too dark. that's why it's good to go in and get their advice. another great review! love it!

  9. haha your green ombre looks cool! love the pretty packaging. and it's great that you put your honesty forward- personally when I look up reviews of something I always think it's a bit dodgy if I can't find any negative comments...

  10. Beautiful! :) These are so so luxe. You look great!

  11. YSL! Awesome! Beautiful! Nice effect on you dear! Also very extravagant ahaha! Very classy but I'd love to have it too :)

    How are you dear? Hope you're doing fine.
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  12. I always appreciate and love your honest and detailed reviews liz! :D You gave a really good tip which is to try the product out in the store first before buying it! Sometimes i get sucked in with the hype too and just start buying online without trying out the product hahah. Sorry to hear the forumla for the eyeshadow palette isn't that great. Though, i do LOVE how the bronzer looks in the packaging and in your photos! Loving fab hun~

    Joyce @

  13. Thank you for the lovely comment Joyce!! I am glad that you can see where I am coming from!! I try to be honest but objective when I review a product because the whole point of my blog is to help provide information that will be helpful to someone out there ^-^ I do buy a lot of products without having a chance to test them out a lot of the time too since there are a lot of products that I want to try but isn't available where I live.

  14. The green in my hair is a lot less bright now since it washed out pretty quickly. Reading beauty blogs have helped me a lot in the past when I had little blue about cosmetics. I want to be able to do the same for others so I have to be honest or it just wouldn't be right.

  15. I have learned so so much from reading beauty blogs too!! Integrity in my reviews and posts is something that is extremely important to me! ^-^

  16. Love this post! Following you :) Hope you can check out my blog!

  17. Ah another beautiful impulse inducing review from you! XD I was totally gonna comment on how pretty the packaging looks, but scratch that.

    LOVEEEEEE the green ombre! I tried to go purple ombre but my hair's too damaged for a full bleach session. Did you DIY or was it done at a salon?

    *goes back to perving on the packagings*

  18. Sorry for replying so late! I had to bleach my hair to colour it green so I did it at a salon because I don't have the courage nor the skills to bleach my own hair! I am so addicted to dyeing my hair bright colours but colours like this wash out very quickly though!! Purple ombre sounds so cool~~~


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