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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lancome In Love Collection for Spring 2013 | Blush In Love & Baume In Love Review

Hi everyone *waves apologetically*. I am still here and the blog is still up and running!!! The weeks leading up to Lunar New Year were quite frantic and I totally decided to relax a little too much during the Lunar New Year celebration (which JUST officially ended by the way). So, that's why the blog has been slightly neglected... but it doesn't matter because here I am~~~~ 


My comeback blog post will be on some products from a collection that I deem quite unexpected from Lancome. I mean, I have never actually paid any attention to Lancome's makeup releases because they just never seem to be too exciting. The In Love collection isn't anything revolutionary in terms of color scheme or formulas. However, in terms of packaging and the feel of this collection, it is definitely something interesting enough to pique my interest.  

The Lancome In Love collection contains quite an array of products, there's single shadows, a shadow palette, eye khol liner pencil, mascara, finishing powder, bb cream, blushes, tinted lip balms and a dewy mist. I noticed that the products in the collection varies depending on your location, so you might want to have a look yourself HERE (Lancome USA) and HERE (Lancome Malaysia).  

I picked up 4 items from this collection. I purchased both the Blush In Love in 10 Peche Joue-Joue and 20 Pommettes D'amour as well as 2 Baume In Love in 110 Rose Macaron & 120 Peach Melodie.


There's a mirror that can be pulled out completely. 

The packaging is cute in my opinion, but it IS made of cardboard so it will probably get worn and battered quite easily. That being said, the cardboard is rather sturdy and it can protect the powder relatively well. It has a very steady magnetic closure so I don't think there is a need to worry that it might flip open in your makeup bag/ travel bag. 

10 Peche Joue-Joue. 

 The light pink frosty colour is an overspray, so it will disappear with use.

From left: 1-centre portion (pale pastel pink with a hint of peach), 2-outer portion without overspray (peach tone pink that leans quite pink), 3-the outer portion with overspray, 4-all colours swirled together (light peachy pink), 5-blended.

20 Pommettes D'amour. 

From left: 1-centre portion (pinkish coral), 2-outer portion without overspray (bright bubblegum pink with a hint of lilac), 3-the outer portion with overspray, 4-all colours swirled together (bright cool tone pink, barbie pink color), 5-blended.

The texture of both the blushes are nice. The powder is smooth and finely milled, also it blends nicely onto the skin without any powdery look. In terms of pigmentation, I think that Peche Joue-Joue is on the subtle side. Even on my fair skin tone, Peche Joue-Joue only turns out to be a very subtle and natural color (after applying several layers), so I doubt if it will show up on skin tone deeper than mine (which is Chanel b20, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light intensity 2.0). Pommettes D'amour does provide better colour payoff and it is a shade that I think will work on a wide variety of skin tones. 

As expected of a sheerer/ less pigmented blush, Peche Joue-Joue has a weaker lasting power when compared with Pommettes D'amour. Keeping in mind that I have very oily skin, Peche Joue-Joue lasts for about 4 and a half hours and Pommettes D'amour can last up to 7 hours.

There's 4 Baume In Love released in this collection. From left: 100 Sugar Rose, 110 Rose Macaron, 120 Peach Melodie and 130 A La Folie Cherry (the names are different on the US website but the colours look the same). 

The Baume In Love is a sheer tinted lipbalm that is supposed to be moisturizing while providing the lips with a lasting stain of colour. 

"The formula is filler-free and contains a transparent ultra-shiny oil that optimizes the transluscency of colors and adds shine to lips.

When the texture is applied, its high content of light oils delivers a very smooth, thin and glinding film on the lips that provides a comfortable, lightweight feeling for the customer.

Protective jelly enhances its adherence on the lips. This adherence combined with its barrier effect optimizes comfort and protection of the skin from its external environment by maintaining moisture levels within the lips.

Shea butter has a unique composition compared to other plant-derived oils: it provides a naturally moisturizing effect and leaves the lips feeling soft." source 

I love sheer-tinted-lip-balms type product so I picked up 2 out of the 4 shades. I have 110 Rose Macaron (Urban Ballet in the US) & 120 Peach Melodie (Coral Electric in the US).

The Baume In Love has the same packaging as Lancome's Rouge In Love Lipsticks range. The bullet is quite small and compact, and it has a pink stitching design running down the back (so cute!!).

1st swatch is 2 swipes and 2nd swatch is a built-up swatch. From left: 110 Rose Macaron (sheer bright-tone pink)& Peach Melodie (sheer peach-pink).

The Baume In Love does leave a slight stain on the skin.

I am absolutely in love with the Lancome Baume In Love!! The formula is super smooth and it glides on so amazingly well on the lips. Although the colour looks super bright in the bullet, when it goes onto the lips, it gives a very translucent tint of colour with a gorgeous shiny, almost glowing look. I didn't expect much colour payoff but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it does impart a nice hint of colour on the lips. It is also very hydrating and moisturizing on the lips while being very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Baume In Love lasts for around 2-3 hours if I don't eat/drink/talk too much but I don't really mind the shorter wear time since it is so easy and effortless to be reapplied. 

I was wearing the 10 Peche Joue-Joue blush and 120 Peach Melodie Baume In Love in this photo.

Here, I was wearing the Blush In Love in 20 Pommettes D'amour and the Baume In Love in 110 Rose Macaron.

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  1. oooh, your comeback post looks really interesting! the love collection looks really nice and pretty! ^_~ I love the blush in particular =) You look gorgeous on last pic, love the lips, hair, everything! =)

  2. love the colors

  3. Lovely light colors dear! Nice collection.
    Hope you can visit me again dear :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  4. This collection is amazing! I love the glossy lipstick and the blush! ^_^
    Do you want to follow each other? ^_^ Kiss, Erica

  5. Sam @ Frills & ThrillsFebruary 28, 2013 at 1:42 AM

    Welcome back sweety, hope you've been well. This is such a stunning collection and I hope to get one or two of the blushes, love the first one. the lip shades are so vibrant and beautiful too. You look stunning

  6. ohhh I'm always a fan of Lancome! and sounds like your Lunar year celebration was too fun haha I'm jealous!

  7. The packaging is so cute! I especially love that blush! ^^ x

  8. love this make up and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow

    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be
    so glad :D


  9. love this make up and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow

    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be
    so glad :D


  10. looks like a really nice spring collection, love the pink lipstick!

    xx Kate

    The Style

  11. Amazing post! I love the Rouge in Love lipsticks as they're very creamy and last a long time. I'm really interested in trying the Blush in Love but I find the packaging seems a bit cheap although it's quite cute. Haven't heard of Baume in Love until reading our post and the colours look so nice! Would love to try it but I know it's going to be ridiculously pricy in Australia :( Also, thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours - new follower.

  12. I love the lipsticks. It's so gorgeous, cute, and so different! I hope it comes out here... hehe~

  13. that lipstick color is so juicy :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  14. that collection from Lancome is just sooo beautiful! the packing is the best I've seen and the pigmentation is amazing, that's not to love right!? :)

    and congrats on achieving 300 followers, keep up the amazing job hun!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  15. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following ^-^ I am always a bit iffy if a high end brand uses cardboard packaging but I can let this one slide since it's so cute and it is quite sturdy :P I really want to try the Rouge In Love lipsticks since I heard lots of good things about them. Although I am always a bit overwhelmed when I check out their display since there's so many colours to choose from. By the way, I can never get over how much cosmetics are in Australia. The mark up just seems so crazy.

  16. i am sooo glad you did a review on this collection. i showcased it but hadn't bought anything from it. the colors are very sheer. they look awesome on you. definitely in love with the packaging. welcome back! i did miss you! was so happy to see your comment the other day :D i always love your reviews

  17. Wow sweetie the blush looks so pretty.


  18. Adore this post, love. So fabulous! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

  19. awesome collection! you are so updated with the latest collection releases :D

  20. You should definitely try the Rouge in Love lippies! I have some swatches on my blog if you're interested :) The colours are lovely and they last quite long. And I absolutely agree - I don't understand why the mark up prices are so high... and retailers wonder why they're doing so poor lol

  21. Great products ! In love collection is very cute and pretty :)

  22. I love the look of the blush! I'm surprised Lancome went with cardboard packaging as oppose to something more fancy. It looks great nonetheless, 10 Peche Joue Joue wears really nicely on you! ;)

  23. Those lipsticks look soo moisturising! I love how bright they look in the tube, but go on a bit sheerer, it seems like it'd be great for more natural make-up days :)

  24. oh my! great products:) I want this blush! but I am on a blush shopping ban so I think I'll buy one of these lippies :)

  25. I just checked out your post on the Rouge In Love lippies! Midnight Rose is a gorgeous color~

  26. Considering the price of the blushes, I actually expect something better than cardboard but I still think it's cute. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  27. I love Emma Watson! She looks so good in that campaign!


  28. always being missed!! 300 and more to come my dear. Congrats! U keep it so interesting everytime. I like that i can read it without feeling length. To the point. Will loook forward to ur giveaway. I have liked ur fb btw :))

    issa x

  29. First time I hear about this line! It looks great and seems to be targeting a younger audience. Love that they chose Emma Watson as a model.


  30. great review dear! i think the shades are gorgeous! xx

    To Juliet

  31. The baume in love thingies look amazing *_*

  32. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD it's all good. life naturally gets in the way! i hope you had a great CNY!
    what a cute collection! so pink *O* love the lip products! moisturizing is definitely a plus :)

    congrats on 300 followers on GFC! too awesome!

    alex @

  33. I always love reading your reviews because they are just so helpful and informative! So many nice photos and your descriptions really help me decide which items I should splurge on next ;)

    Your hair looks AWESOME when it's all wavy and voluminous. Jealousss!! :P


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