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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Review

Hi everyone. 

Do you know that I am on a never-ending quest to find a pencil-type liner that will not smudge on me? I have extremely oily (mono)lids, so pretty much any and every eyeliner product that I have tried will smudge to a certain extent. Some even give me panda eyes within minutes of application. 

The one eyeliner pencil-ish product (I say -ish because it is not technically a liner pencil) that stays put on my lids is the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour that I love and have reviewed here on the blog (LINK). I have since collected every permanent colour of the caviar stick eye colour because I love it THAT much.

When I saw an eyeliner in Watsons that carries the title of No 1 Korean Eyeliner, I know I had to put its name to the test.

I purchased the Clio Waterproof Gelpresso Pencil Gel liner in 1 Beige Shine, 2 Jade Green, 4 Dark Choco (I accidentally threw out the box), 5 Star Purple, 6 Metallic Silver, 7 Golden Black & 8 Chic Navy.

Outer packaging made of glossy thin cardboard with a picture of Lee Hyori (she is stunning!)

This is a twist-up pencil (twist more product up via the colour end).

The black end of the pencil is an inbuilt sharpener.

From this. 

To this. 

1 Beige Shine

2 Jade Green 

 4 Dark Choco

5 Star Purple

Swatches, 1st line is a single pass and the 2nd line is of several passes. From left: 1 Beige Shine (metallic champagne beige), 2 Jade Green (metallic teal), 4 Dark Choco (warm chocolate brown with golden shimmers) & 5 Star Purple (blackened purple base with purple shimmers)

6 Metallic Silver

7 Golden Black

8 Chic Navy

Swatches, 1st line is a single pass and the 2nd line is of several passes. From left: 6 Metallic Silver (metallic finish platinum silver), 7 Golden Black (creamy black with golden shimmers) & 8 Chic Navy (blackened base with royal blue shimmers).

In terms of colour, 1 Beige Shine, 2 Jade Green and 6 Metallic Silver have the most pronounced metallic finish. 4 Dark Choco & 7 Golden Black looks more creamy with shimmers through it while 5 Star Purple and 8 Chic Navy require several passes for the colour to show up vibrantly because the purple and blue mainly comes from the shimmer particles instead of the base colour.

As you can see, this eyeliner does not hold up well against rubbing. I have allowed the liner to sit for a couple of minutes on the skin so it would have a chance to set but it still rubbed off considerably.

This eyeliner is very waterproof indeed, I put my hand under running water for a minute or so and then I patted my hand dry with a tissue. Nothing came off at all.

I wiped it lightly after it's been wet and a little product rubbed off. Most of the lines were still intact.

I applied some cuticle oil onto the lines and proceeded to pat it dry with a tissue. Some colour came off but again, most of the lines were intact.

However, once the liner has been in contact with oil, it will pretty much rub off entirely.

All in all, I think that the Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner (what a very very long name) is a pretty good pencil gel liner. Some of the shades might not have the most opaque/ intense colour payoff but you can easily build up the color with one or two more passes. The texture is not super creamy so I find that you can feel a tiny hint of tugging on your lids, which is something I am not too thrilled about. The texture of these are blendable on the lids, so it can be used to create a smokey eye look or be used as an eyeshadow base. 

In terms of wear, it actually performs rather well on the lids. Without setting it, it stayed on my lids for 6-7 hours with a tiny bit of smudging and rubbing off near my lashline. If I set it with a powder, it can stay on my lids for 8 hours or so before it starts to deteriorate and rub off on the lashline. 

The Clio Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner is not No 1 in my books but it is still a pencil eyeliner that I really like. I have been using this eyeliner whenever I choose to wear a pencil because it does not smudge on me as much as other pencil eyeliners that I own. If this eyeliner does not rub off as easily and is a tad more creamy, I will like it a lot more.

 Here, I used 4 Dark Choco to line my eyes and then set it with a matte dark brown eyeshadow. I then used 1 Beige Shine on my inner lower lashline.  

Here, I used 7 Golden Black to line my eyes with a tiny bit of 1 Beige Shine blended in on my inner lower lashline.

*shameless selca* I used 1 Beige Shine in my inner lids and 4 Dark Choco at my outer corners as an eyeshadow (blended with a smudge brush). I then lined my eyes with a liquid eyeliner.

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Until next time. xoxo


  1. oh wow they look great! I don't really use eye pencil since I usually line my eyes with only black, but these colors look beautiful..are they expensive? the packaging looks nice!

  2. i think waterproof pencil is one of the most important thing, for me anyway. thx for sharing! i'm always looking for new waterproof eyeliners :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  3. Wow! Never heard of them but must be really good if they're the #1 Korean eyeliner! I will check them out. Hopefully I can see them in our local stores too hehe. :) Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    ★♡ Missin' My Outfit Posts? (^_^) ♡★
    Outfit Post: BAdA$$ Rocker Chic
    Chic, Rockstar, Edgy Party Look!

    ❤ ~Chai

  4. I'm on the lookout for eyeliners that don't smudge on my lids too! No matter how waterproof and smudgeproof they all claim to be, only one I have tried has come out at the top. These eyeliners look so pretty, I love all the different shades they come in- I quite like Dark Choco :) What a shame it didn't fare very well with the rub test but good that it lasted on your eyelids!

  5. Yay! I too love these babies! I've only two colors, the teal blue and the brown...I really want to get the green next! It is really a nice formula, no where as smudgy and normal pencils!

  6. OMG !! I love all colors ^^

    New post - Kisses ♥

  7. These metallic liners are really pretty colours! And the packaging is really sleek and cool. But yep, I do think that liners that tug less at the eyelids would be better.
    Thanks for the review ^^

  8. These are around $15.00 if I remember correctly. I think that they are quite expensive for a drugstore product but it works well on me so it's worth it ^-^

  9. What is your favourite eyeliner Karen? I would love to know ^-^ I have tried lots of supposedly waterproof and long-wearing liners and they all smudged on me quite badly. These perform so well compared to many that I have tried so it's thumbs up for me even though it's not perfect.

  10. Oh seetie all are really pigmented and beautiful colors!


  11. Beautiful job, I love a well made up eye!


  12. gah, the colors look so great (especially the purple one...definitely been eyeballing it) but when you said you've gotta tug on the eyelids it lost me :( the colors do look great!! hopefully you'll come across an eyeliner that comes on easier!

    by the way, i read your review on Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour when you wrote it way back when and told my sister about it! she has oily lids and so she bought one and she loves it :D it definitely stays on her eyelids! thanks again for the review + suggestion :D

    alex @

  13. Awesome liner, I wanna try it out :D

    I'm hosting a give away I hope you check it out,

  14. ah I love Hyori <3 have seen her ads for Clio everywhere, she does each look so well. you got such pretty colours! :)

  15. I am so happy that my recommendation work well for your sister!! I understand how tough it is to find an eyeliner that will stay on oily lids so I am always more than excited to share if I find one that works ^-^

    The Clio eyeliner is still a very nice eyeliner and I have seen lots of rave reviews about it online. I am quite picky with my eyeliners so the not-so-creamy texture did take off some points for me. The tugging is very very slight and minor so some people might not even mind it at all. LOL

  16. These colors are all so vibrant! They look great on you!


  17. The pencil gel liner sounds so interesting! I love that it has a sharpener on the end and the colours are so pretty.

  18. I'd love to try the purple one!

  19. antonella c'est moiJanuary 22, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    So cute kisses

  20. I've been on a look-out for a good pencil eyeliner which doesn't easily smudge. I tend to use liquid eyeliner as they smudge less and is easy to apply. :)These ones look pretty good. I might get the silver one. I've seen a lot of people apply silver or white eyeliner on their tearduct and I quite like the look as it makes the eyes look brighter.

  21. I've seen that ad with Hyori for these eyelinersa round and have been curious about how they perform! It looks like they're very waterproof and have withstood your numerous tests quite well :) The colours are really lovely too, especially the bronze!

  22. Thank you very much for this post. i have been looking for that type of liner for ages.

  23. Sam Frills & ThrillsJanuary 23, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    I am always also in search of a good pencil liner, i love all these shimmery shades, looks lovely on you hun!

  24. borsadimarypoppinsJanuary 23, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    wow beautiful!!!

  25. www.beautifulinmyway.comJanuary 23, 2013 at 4:47 AM

    amazing pencils <3<3

  26. Fabulous eyeliner. Looks ab bit like my new NARS eyeliner.


  27. really good info......

  28. great review!

    Would you like to follow each other?

  29. Love the color. Looks gorgeous.

  30. Your eyes are so beautiful ..

  31. These look great! Love eye liner that doesn't smudge.

  32. Gorgeous :)


  33. that`s a interesting review and I`ve never tried gel liners before but it seems to be good.
    maybe I will try this :)

  34. i suffer from the same thing! i was so impressed by your tests on these products. awesome! i love the glittery-ness about them. i'm always touching my eyes, so i would smudge them. hahaha but they are beautiful. excellent thorough review!

  35. Love the colors of these pencils! They are beautiful!


  36. Love the detailed reviews, and water tests! amazing <3

    Also, I am holding a Soprano Racerback Tank "GIVEAWAY" on my blog.

    I would love for you to come check it out and enter for a chance to win, as I am picking TWO winners!

    Have a lovely day :)



  37. The colors look amazing! i love the silvery color :)

  38. The silver one is amazing !

  39. wow, looks so amazing, i love the colours alot!! i definitely want to try them out, thanks alot for sharing :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ xo

  40. omg those gel liners are so pretty *o*
    I've been wanting to buy Clio eyeliners but I couldn't find it here in my country. =_=

  41. a possible fantasyJanuary 26, 2013 at 2:18 AM

    need the purple one! love your detailed reviews!

  42. Love the review, amazing colors. <3 I'm so jealous of your make up collection!


  43. I would love to be able to do my eyes like the pic on the box, so fabulous! Great colours and cool that it comes in the same packet.

    Couture Caddy x

  44. The Garage StarletsJanuary 28, 2013 at 8:58 PM

    Lovely make up

  45. Clio is not as widely available as some other Korean brands I think >-< I think you can get them online though :)

  46. :D drooling over makeup is perfectly normal~ lol

  47. Aww..thanks!! You are too sweet~

  48. Did you get the NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliners?? I have heard lots of good things about those!

  49. Yes, that's the one. Very happy with it.

  50. Great review!
    Lovely colours and I love the look you've created :)

  51. May I know where the location watson? I looking for sometime this brand but cant find it.

  52. love the post ! totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^

    my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !

  53. Thanks for the great review..Saya sekeluarga ambil yg haq sahaja.Lain2 tiada.Dulu kini dan selamanya.


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