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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winter in Japan Part 3: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea

Hi everyone   I am back for the third installment of my Japan trip with this post featuring the happiest place on earth (well.. at least for me it is).

Disneyland and Disneysea 

Even till this day, I am in love with EVERYTHING Disney. I have at least 2 pieces of Disney Merchandise on me at all times, I have quite a healthy collection of Mickey clothing, and 4 out of 5 of my all time favourite movies are from Disney.

So... evidently the Disney Resort part of the trip was the most anticipated itinerary for me, and it was nothing short of amazing!!! We spent two days at the Tokyo Disney Resort and spent a night at the Disney Resort Hotel, which I think was the best hotel that I have stayed in in my entire life!!!

My brother was the designated photographer of the day but I haven't gotten the photos off him till this day (6 months after the trip). So... we will just have to make do with my random photos here and there. I had a not-so-good camera back then.

Having lunch at the cafe and the burgers there were excellent!! I suppose it was extra special to me because I can never get pork or shrimp burgers in either Malaysia or Melbourne. Not to mention that the nuggets were Mickey-shaped  

After hours of lining up and going on rides, we had this for afternoon snack. Steamed bun in the shape of Mickey's hand. I know it could be a little morbid but it was really yummy!! 

One thing that was really impressive about Tokyo Disney Resort was definitely the people. The whole time that I was there, I did not see a single child yelling/ throwing tantrum/ rolling on the floor/ attempting to run away from their parents. Besides that, while lining up for rides, prams were nicely parked in rows with personal belongings left in the prams. And with thousands of visitors each day, the entire park (including the toilets) was super clean. I can assure you that where I am from, none of that will ever happen. Impressive?

We went back to the hotel to freshen up before heading back to Disneyland for the moonlight parade (I would show you pictures but yeah.. I don't have them >_<). We also went for the daytime parade and it was indeed so magical~~~

 We stayed in the Snow White Room because I shamefully begged my brother to book this one instead of the normal room. I can assure you it was worth every single penny because the room was absolutely amazing!

Disney toiletries that they expect you to take home as souvenirs because you can also find a very good quality Disney paper bag in the room for you to sweep goodies into. Too bad my mom took them before I even woke up the next morning.

And the room had the most amazing lighting for cam-whoring. Say hi to my camera charm that is about 2 times bigger than my camera itself.

We wanted to go to another restaurant in Disneysea for dinner, but that meant I would not be able to go to the gift shops. So in the end we decided to have dinner at Disneyland instead so I can go on my usual gift shop frenzy shopping spree.

The view of the Disneyland station while walking back to the hotel. Isn't this view just so magical? 

Another magical thing about Disneyland is that they sell alcoholic beverages at the hotel convenience store. On the left was Calpis Sawa (weird name I know, but it was essentially something like a strawberry flavoured alcoholic yoghurt drink). On the right was the star of the night, peach flavoured beer (kinda like a cider) and it was just the best!!

For those of you who don't know, I collect makeup and I am very much a makeup and beauty enthusiast. This was the "Bite of an Apple" blush from the MAC venomous villains collection and I simply had to take a photo of the Evil queen with the seven dwarfs in the background. 

Day 2. Getting ready for Disneysea. 

We didn't manage to get on that many rides at Disneysea because despite going there on a Monday, there were a lotttttttt of people. You can easily spend hours lining up for the more popular rides like Journey to the Center of the Earth or Indiana Jones. So I recommend going on a weekend because the theme park is opened longer during weekends so at least you get to spend more time there. There close at around 5pm on a Monday and that is hardly enough time to explore the park (Disneysea was gigantic).

 Guess what we found? It's the Magellan Restaurant that we wanted to go to yesterday before my shopaholic-less chose to go shopping instead of making the trip across the resort to come here.

The food: was superb. I was pleasantly surprised to find such sensational fine dining food in a theme park. 
 Entree selection (and no, I don't remember everything, my memory is horrible). In the little shot glass there was something like a consomme gelee, absolutely breathtaking. Melts in your mouth to turn into the most flavourful consomme. Sauteed mushrooms at the bottom right corner that was jam packed of earthiness and umami. And top left corner there was prosciutto with bread stick (what's not to love?)

 Seafood cerviche entree. It was light, fresh and the flavours of the incredibly fresh seafood will speak for themselves.

 Tonkatsu Main. The meat was very tender and nicely seasoned. The coating was crunchy. The demi-glace sauce was velvety and flavourful. Absolutely delicious.

 My brother's fish dish. I don't remember what this was... but I knew it was awesome too.

 Creme Brulee. I think that a good creme brulee is not easy to come by. This was one of the best that I have tried. The cream was smooth and rich, with nice hints of vanilla. The sugar was nicely caramelised but not to the point that it tasted bitter. Perfection!!!

Raspberry sorbet. It was VERY RASPBERRY-EY. Very delicious, piquant and not too sweet.

The interior of the restaurant was very beautiful too. It has a very luxurious feel to it. This artwork on the ceiling was so pretty!!!

The last part of the day was pretty hectic. My eldest brother and I decided to go on the "Tower of Terror" ride before leaving and ended up being late for the cab that we booked to take us to the next hotel. We ended up having to run back to the station, rushed to take the train back to the Disney Resort hotel and skipped the gift shops in the process. (and I was so looking forward to getting a Duffy and Shelliemay). Not to mention my dad was kinda furious because he simply hates it when people are late, he is the fifteen minutes early type person.

After all the mad rush, we went to Tsukiji (the famous fish market area) for my favourite food of all time: SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My top 2 favourite sushi. Ikura (salmon roe) and Uni (sea urchin). Words alone cannot suffice to describe the amazing-ness of these 2 sushis. I simply love them!!!!

 From the top: Chu-toro sushi (tuna belly that melts in your mouth and burst with flavour). Buri (some sort of fish that is only available in the winter time, apparently they build up a lot of fat in winter that turns their flesh white, making the flesh more tender and packed with flavour). and more Uni sushi  

And this is my number 3 favourite sushi. Nama hotate (raw scallop). THIS, is how nama hotate should taste like, so incredibly sweet with slightly firm yet tender flesh.

The meal was so awesome because my dad say down and said "order whatever you want". That meant we didn't have to look at the price   and ended having one of the most luxurious meals of the trip.   you daddy!!

This is it from me so far.
I have something different planned for at least the next 2 posts, so please stay tuned and check back for more updates.

Until next time. xoxo


  1. Hi Lizchewy, thanks for stopping by to see me! Your trip to Japan looks amazing - all that food is making me hungry!! Scallops are my favourite but have never tried them raw.
    If you love my blog, please follow & I'll follow you back xoxo

  2. Woahhhhh I am so jealous!!! Never been to the Disneyland in Japan before and NEVER STAYED IN DISNEY HOTEL before too!!!! Love the Mickey Hand bun haha :)

    Belly B :)

  3. Hi Adele!! Thanks for stopping by!! I thought I already followed you but I clearly haven't before (another classic scatter brain moment of mine), but I do now!! Love your blog!!!

    I love all types of sushi and raw scallops are definitely a must try if you can accept raw food!!

    Hi Bellie!! Disneyland in Japan is really awesome!!! everything is sooo magical!! and the hotel is so amazing!!!!! best hotel ever!!!


  4. Oooh I would ❤ to go to Disney right now! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi Alicia!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    Disney is amazing!! it always make me feel like a kid all over again!!


  6. lovely pictures it looks amazing I want ot there LOL and love that haburger with the mickey gloves it looks really fun my dear

  7. hi Virgit!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my posts!! Every comment makes me so happy!!

    Disneyland in Japan is amazing!! I somehow am convinced that everything in tokyo Disney is so much cuter!!! but it might get a little confusing because everything in Japanese.


  8. aaaah disneeeylanddd! my favorite. and oh my goodness. a bun shaped like a mickey mouse hand! that's genius:p

  9. I love disneyland so so much too!!! I wish I get to spend more time there and explore more~~

    I felt so bad to have to bite Mickey's hand but it was so yummy



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