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Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 weeks in Beijing (part 1)

Hi to whoever is still reading my blog~~ Sorry for not posting an update for so long. I have been rather busy, broke and thus do not have the mood/ money (for films) to take photos. I was initially going to do another post with some photos of dancers that I took a while back, but i feel like doing a post featuring something more recent first. 

So, during this winter break, I was part of the 19 students that participated in Melbourne Uni's Global Business Practicum subject. This means----> I was living in Beijing for 2 weeks working on a study project for a company. I enjoyed the food, and sightseeing, the shopping to a certain extent~~ but not so much for the weather and culture shock. But all in all, I had heaps of fun and enjoyed the trip so so much.

Can you guess where I was?

I was visiting the Forbidden Palace 故宫. This was my third visit there, but i don't remember much from my previous visits cause they were so long ago and i was too young back then to be interested in Chinese histories and all~~

There was supposedly a pair of these creatures that was supposed to be guardians in the palace. The male ones have their paw on a ball? and the female ones have their paws on a cub.

The weather might look nice but it was 40 degrees T^T nearly had a heat stroke..... The sky looks beautiful though.. Now i wish i brought my fujiiflm natura classica along.. (but i have no more high iso films so as soon as i am not so broke i am definitely going to get some fujifilm iso 1600 films off ebay)

We also went to the great wall of China, but a rainy and foggy day might not be the best time for it. I wished i was there when it was sunny so we could have taken the slide thingy down the wall. I must go back for that!!!
Props to the 4RMB plastic raincoat for keeping my dry-ish. I really do think that garbage bags are of a better material than that.. 

Wet, steep, foggy + slippers, never a good combination

We also went to the olympic park and saw all the stadiums. But i went during the day so it's really not all that impressive. I did buy some olympic souvenirs two years after the game *have no idea why i would do that*. For your information, some of my friends went back at night and apparently it's very very pretty at night.

Some other random shots here and there..
That is my supervisor, my project team and my company contact at the entrance of the office.

A 37th floor view in Beijing. And no.. that is not fog cause it was hot as that day..

First time on holidays~~ 

hey.. hey.. look at all the raw meat!!!
-.- what are you supposed to do with it???

oooo.. you mean you dunk them in the pot and boil them??

umm ummm.. let's eat~~

This is it for part 1 so far. I didn't have that many photos cause somehow everyone is not nearly as into camwhoring as me... But... i will be back with part 2 soon *i promise* with my food shots during the trip, which i think is definitely the highlight of this trip.

Until then.. mwahhhh 

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