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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Post featuring fisheye 2

I love taking photos..

This is a new beginning to my journey with my arsenal of lomo cameras.. as well as my beloved fujifilm natura classica.. my instax and my lumix digital camera.. (hopefully i can add a DSLR and several superheadz camera to my collection in the near future)

I love toy cameras.. because i love seeing the world in a different light.. who knew that consistent imperfections and unpredictable flaws could be so exciting ♥ 
my first ever lomo shot
My first ever lomo shot


En route to KFC 


Groovy people


KO Crew's busking session 


Illusion of longer legs


The new additions to my UFO catcher wins.. mcDull in orange, strawberry and pineapple outfits

Keep walking.. don't look..


Wannabe pineapple meets real pineapple


Special mango and strawberry smoothie.. bliss on a hot day


I am a happy girl ^0^ The orange mcDull was adopted by the owners or Tropicana juice bar on elizabeth street.. look out for him among all the real oranges the next time you are there ^__^

That is it so far.. please stay tuned for more.. I wanted to include more photos into the blog but i have an exam on thursday that i am not nearly prepared for..

until next time 

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