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Friday, September 27, 2013

Canmake Cream Cheek Review | Clear Series CL01, CL02, CL03 & CL04

Hi everyone. Please take a moment to have a look at these little pots of gorgeousness. 

These Canmake Cream Cheek Cream Blushers are very well known in the Asian beauty-sphere for it's great pigmentation, texture as well as wallet friendly price tag (In Japan. If you are purchasing it in most other places, chances are you will be ripped off, like I was). 

I was recently on a hunt for these blushers because I wanted to review more Asian beauty products in addition to the seasonal luxury brands makeup releases that I tend to do most of. So I went out for a beauty product shopping spree & got a few things that I thought might be of interest to you guys. Needless to say I bought a ton of blushers. 

From what I know, 13 colours were released in the original (cream) formula but quite a few got discontinued. The Canmake Cream Cheek in the Clear formula is a relatively new release to the line with 4 colours in the series: 

  • CL01 Clear Red Heart
  • CL02 Clear Love Song
  • CL03 Clear Sunset (not listed on official site, I believe this one is limited edition) 
  • CL04 Clear Pink Joy

Here's the full shade range listed on Canmake's website for your reference:
I got the Canmake Cream Cheeks for RM43.90 from a Sasa store in Malaysia. You might think, RM43.90 for a blush, that is quite expensive!!!! Well, in Japan, it retails for only 580yen (609yen including tax). I have seen this being sold online from $10 to about $18, so if you decide to purchase this online, be sure to shop around for the best price. 

Even if it's more expensive, do I think it's worth the money? YES!!! It is that great.

The packaging: a small, simple clear plastic compact that is very light, with no mirror and a click in closure. The compact itself is rather small; about the diameter of a MAC mineralize eyeshadow. I am not sure how much product is actually in the pan because it doesn't say on the packaging nor on the website. 

Swatches (left is a single heavy swipe and right is what it looks like blended). From left: CL01 Clear Red Heart (cherry red) & CL02 Clear Love Song (medium pink).

Swatches (left is a single heavy swipe and right is what it looks like blended). From left: CL03 Clear Sunset LE (reddish coral) & CL04 Clear Pink Joy (pink with a fuchsia tinge)

The Canmake Cream Cheek is a multi purpose product that can be used on the cheeks and lips. According to the product description, the Canmake Cream Cheek has a gel texture that becomes dry after application. It contains emollient ingredients enclosed in a stretchy gel that prevents the skin from losing moisture as well as improve adherence to the skin. Also, it can be used over powder or cream foundation (source).

I think that these Canmake Cream Cheek has an amazing texture that is very smooth and buttery to the touch. It applies and blends very well on the skin and I have in fact tried using it over powdered skin and powder foundation and it blends out well without caking up the powder underneath. Once you blend the product out, it dries down almost instantaneously to a powdery finish. The shimmer-free texture also means that it will not emphasize large pores or uneven skin texture.

The colour payoff of the Canmake Cream Cheeks is amazing! You can apply a thin, sheer layer for that natural flushed cheeks or you can build up the colour for an intense blush look. 

The lasting power is quite good. I typically notice slight fading after 5 and a half- 6 hours but I have worn it for around 8 hours and there were still visible colour on my cheeks. 

On the lips, these Canmake Cream Cheek in the clear formula works more like a lip tint as opposed to an opaque creamy finish. They are a tiny bit drying on their own, so I have to layer a lip balm underneath or apply a gloss on top or it'll feel a bit uncomfortable. I find that this product fades quite quickly on the lips, barely lasting 2 hours. Also, if you eat/drink, it will most definitely rub off. 

All in all, I really like the Canmake Cream Cheek in the Clear formula (as a blush). I think that even for the higher price that I paid, the quality really made up for it. I have been favouring the no makeup makeup look and light makeup look lately so I have been using these blushers a lot because it looks really natural on the skin. I also have been dabbing some in the middle of my lips then topping it with lipbalm for an effortless, healthy tint. 

Cheeks & Lips: Canmake Cream Cheek in CL01 Clear Red Heart.

Cheeks & Lips: Canmake Cream Cheek in CL02 Clear Love Song.

Cheeks and lips: Canmake Cream Cheek in CL03 Clear Sunset.

Cheeks: Canmake Cream Cheek in CL04 Clear Pink Joy.

Thank you for stopping by~

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  1. oh wow they look lovely! i have only 1 blush from canmake, but I have only the powder one, not the cream one.. I think the quality is quite decent for the price. ^^

  2. Cute packaging, and nice colors

  3. I haven't tried their powder blushes actually!! I heard those are not bad as well. They are so cheap in Japan so it makes me a bit more reluctant to try out more products from them :P

  4. i want to try the clear formulation <3 will be looking for the CL01. i think they sell canmake in our country now but I don't think its as cheap like in Japan

  5. The Clear Cream Cheek blushers are really good so I hope you can find them where you live!! Hope you can get them for a good price ^-^

  6. Great review! I love how pretty Canmake products are!
    Now following you on BL (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  7. Oooh these are pretty, love the packaging too xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

  8. Oh really beautiful and cute blushes, btw very pretty the little change to your hair"

  9. Looks so pretty on you! I think it's pretty neat how you can use it on your lips too.

  10. I don't use blush but the packaging on those is so cute!

  11. you re so pretty

  12. These blushes look gorgeous! I love that each blush has a lengthy description of the shade <3
    They look perfect for the natural blush effect - I think I need to add a few of these to my collection soon ^_^

  13. I've tried one of their cream blushes and i didn't really think much of it but this clear range looks so natural!

    à la foliee

  14. I bought a few of their regular cream blushes but I haven't tried those yet. I looked up reviews online and the clear ones get much better reviews than the regular ones. The clear ones are really super natural looking~

  15. I love the effects of these on the skin. If you are getting some, make sure to get the clear ones. I haven't tried the regular cream blushes yet but most online reviews tend to favour the clear ones~

  16. Thanks. I appreciate multi purpose products like these blushes!

  17. Those photos were taken over time so my hair has faded in some of them. The green colour washes out very quickly.

  18. The packaging is simple but cute! I am interested to check out more Cnamake products~~

  19. That's the thing with lots of Asian brands isn't it? I wish they are more widely available because some products are really good.

  20. Most of the time, things are more expensive in Malaysia. I think it's because of government tax?

    Thanks for liking my natural makeup look~ The amount of makeup I put on largely depends on how much time I have left for myself to get ready. LOL

  21. so cute !!!!! and seems so sweet colors....i tried canmake eye gel liner only.....maybe gonna try this

  22. lovely blushes and the shades were so cute ^_~

  23. Awesome, thanks for the rec Liz!

  24. i've seen people saying canmake is one of the best brands to get your blushes and wow, now i'm a lot more curious about the brand, all thanks to this post haha. sadly, canmake brand isn't available here :( online shopping overseas isn't really my cup of tea so... sigh.
    anyway, i like all the shades offered by canmake :3 especially the love peach and marshmallow pink because i'm a sucker for pink/pale pink blushers :))

  25. How good are Canmake Cream Cheeks! I am late to get on the band wagon but glad I did =) CL 03 and CL 04 look gorgeous!

  26. i love the colour of the second swatch! <3


    please join my giveaway! it features cute handmade phone charms and lot other goodies ~

    k a t h e r i n e

  27. The color look so natural on your skin. Might go get one to try myself too.

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    Cassandra | Backtofive

  28. The clear formula ones make it look like the colour is coming from your skin. Very pretty & natural ^-^

  29. It's so pretty isn't it? ^-^

  30. Their blushes are definitely a more well known product in their range. I am curious to try out more items from the brand though~~

  31. Yeap!! The blushes are really good~

  32. I have never heard much about Canmake's gel line. Is it any good? This clear formula cream blush is really amazing.

  33. Hi, thanks for the review. In your opinion, between CL02 and CL04 which one is a cooler pink? Thanks in advance!


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